2016 NSBA Boot Camps Wrap Up

For The Love of The Horse

The National Snaffle Bit Association was pleased to be able to host three successful Boot Camp clinics for riders of all ages across the country. This year was the first year that the clinics were hosted, providing an opportunity for participants to work alongside top NSBA professionals in multiple events.

Boot Camps took place in Gifford, Illinois; Laurinburg, North Carolina and Loveland, Colorado over the course of two or three days. Each clinic had there own set of top horsemen and horsewomen that provided riders with the opportunity to not only improve their riding skills, but also reminded them why they began riding – for the love of the horse.

Gordyville USA, located in Gifford, hosted the first NSBA Boot Camp June 21-23. Top professionals at the first camp included Whitney Lagace, Blake Weis, Kevin Dukes, Patty Campbell and GiGi Bailey who instructed 43 riders over the course of three days. The next clinic took place in Laurinburg, North Carolina at St. Andrews Equestrian Center where Sandra Vaughn, Ryan Cottingim, Debra Jones Wright, Carla Wennberg and Keith Miller spent three days teaching 23 riders from the east coast.

Suzy Jeane, Tommy Sheets and Sara Simons wrapped up the first year of Boot Camps at The Ranch in Loveland, Colorado where they instructed 26 riders during the two-day camp. NSBA’s Director of Operations, Stephanie Lynn, also instructed at all of the camps.

In those few short days, participants had the opportunity to soak up the knowledge from these fourteen professionals who each brought their own knowledge and experience from all over the country, however one ideal seemed to ring from every professional, the long term health and welfare of the horse is the only way to earn your seat at the winner’s circle.

Participants were encouraged to work hard, try their best and turn mistakes into opportunities, but also to make sure to appreciate every minute of the journey. From the long hours and sweaty saddle pads to the blue ribbons and hard losses, every moment they had the chance to work with their teammate, their horse, should never be taken for granted.

Everyone who attended left with a greater sense of appreciation for their horse family and especially their teammates. Meeting new friends, creating new connections and having a better understanding of the fundamental skills that lead to success, the NSBA Boot Camp attendees left knowing that life is a journey best spent with those who share their passion.

Look for updates as new information becomes available for 2017 NSBA Boot Camps!