2017 World Show Qualifying List


2017 World Championship Show Qualifying

Qualifying for the 2017 NSBA World Championship Show will be done through participation in NSBA Dual Approved or Special Event classes. The horse and rider (or horse, in Open division classes), are required to participate in the corresponding class a minimum of five (5) times within the qualifying period. The qualifying period for the 2017 NSBA World Championhip Show began May 1st, 2016, and will end April 30th, 2017. A World Show Class Invitation will be sent to the owner for each class that fulfills the qualification requirement. Those who have not completed the qualification requirements may still enter with payment of an additional $150.00 qualification fee.

Only those exhibitors and horses eligible to show in Novice or Green classes in 2017 will be eligible for a Novice or Green class entry at the 2017 NSBA World Championship Show. If you have any question regardig your Novice or Green eligibility, please contact us.

To view a list of qualified horses click here. This list is through shows processed and may not include all shows to date. 

2017 World Championship Show Qualifying Classes:

  • Open Ranch Riding
  • Non Pro (Amateur & Youth) Ranch Riding
  • Green Western Pleasure
  • Junior Western Pleasure
  • Senior Western Pleasure
  • Amateur Western Pleasure
  • Amateur 50 & Over Western Pleasure
  • Novice Amateur Western Pleasure
  • Youth Western Pleasure
  • Novice Youth Western Pleasure
  • Green Hunter Under Saddle
  • Junior Hunter Under Saddle
  • Senior Hunter Under Saddle
  • Amateur Hunter Under Saddle
  • Amateur 50 & Over Hunter Under Saddle
  • Novice Amateur Hunter Under Saddle
  • Youth Hunter Under Saddle
  • Novice Youth Hunter Under Saddle
  • Green Trail
  • Junior Trail
  • Senior Trail
  • Amateur Trail
  • Amateur 50 & Over Trail
  • Novice Amateur Trail
  • Youth Trail
  • Novice Youth Trail
  • Green Western Riding
  • Junior Western Riding
  • Senior Western Riding
  • Amateur Western Riding
  • Amateur 50 & Over Western Riding
  • Novice Amateur Western Riding
  • Youth Western Riding
  • Novice Youth Western Riding
  • Amateur Showmanship At Halter
  • Amateur 50 & Over Showmanship At Halter
  • Novice Amateur Showmanship At Halter
  • Youth Showmanship At Halter
  • Novice Youth Showmanship At Halter
  • Amateur Western Horsemanship
  • Amateur 50 & Over Western Horsemanship
  • Novice Amateur Western Horsemanship
  • Youth Western Horsemanship
  • Novice Youth Western Horsemanship
  • Amateur Hunt Seat Equitation
  • Amateur 50 & Over Hunt Seat Equitation
  • Novice Amateur Hunt Seat Equitation
  • Youth Hunt Seat Equitation
  • Novice Youth Hunt Seat Equitation