The A Sudden Impulse Futurity and AQHA show continued at the World Equestrian Center-Ocala on Friday, with several Limited and Novice horses and riders taking center stage, while AQHA competition continued as well.

‘Cash’ Brings The Cash In Limited Open Maiden Three Year Old Pleasure

Dustin Eickenhorst showed Yes No Maybe Soo to win the Limited Open division of the Three Year Old Maiden Western Pleasure Futurity. They earned a first place prize of $15,000 for owner Kimber Mitchell.

“This is my first Western Pleasure horse ever,” Kimber said. “We decided to buy this horse as an investment, and he was a great match for Dustin. He’s such a wonderful horse.”

“The first time I rode him he felt amazing, and I loved his personality,” Dustin said. “We just got along great. He can jog, and he has so much self-carriage and rhythm, and he has a lot of expression too. He’s gotten better and better all week, and he was great for this class. He did everything I asked him to do and he never said no.”

Dustin has worked with the gelding, by Allured In Chocolate, for just four months, but has big plans for him. “We will be taking him to the NSBA World Show, and probably a few other futurities,” he said.

Cole Baker and ‘Bugs’ Take Novice Horse

Cole Baker piloted Flo Rida to win the $23,000 Added NSBA Three Year Old and Older Limited Horse Western Pleasure. They showed for JR and Melissa Cook and earned $6,087 for the win.

“We bought this horse in Venice, Florida, and I’ve shown him for three or four shows now. He won in Virginia, and he’s just becoming a great show horse,” Cole said. “He’s easy – he loves his job.

“I’ve been showing him in a hackamore because he’s just three, but since this class had older horses in it, I decided to put him into a bridle, and he handled it like a champ. It was one of those days where he stayed with me through the whole class.”

Cole will campaign the gelding, who is by No Doubt Im Lazy, in three year old and Novice horse events, while Melissa Cook is taking the reins in Non-Pro events this year.

‘Peeps’ Wins Non-Pro Novice Horse Novice Rider Hunter Under Saddle

Ashley Hannagan piloted her five year old gelding Al Ive Ever Wanted to win the $1,000 Added NSBA Maturity All Age Novice Horse Novice Rider Non-Pro Hunter Under Saddle. They earned $459.85 for the win.

“He’s by Allocate Your Assets, and I’ve had him for about a year and a half,” Ashley said. “He’s got a great personality, and we’ve just connected with each other from the beginning. Natalie Henderson had him really well prepared for me, and I felt really confident going into the class. Really, we just wanted to have a good ride, and we got that.”

The gelding known as Peeps was born on Easter, which gave him his barn name. “We will be showing in Novice Amateur and Amateur Hunter Under Saddle, and Natalie will show him in Green Hunter Under Saddle," she said.

Liz Baker and ‘Rocko’ Win Three Year Old Limited Open Hunter Under Saddle

In a strong class of three year olds, Elizabeth Baker showed Al Be Good To Go to win the $2,000 Added Limited Open Three Year Old Hunter Under Saddle. They earned $865.44 for owners Richard and Elise Cognetti.

“We bought him at the Congress last year,” Elizabeth said. “He has so much self-carriage, and he just loves to do his job. He always has his ears up the whole time and he does everything you ask of him. He also has great owners who allow us to do everything we can to have him performing at his best.”

Known as Rocko, the gelding will campaign at the Premier, the NSBA World Championship Show and the Congress as well as the AQHA World Championship Show. “Elise is 83 years old and she’s planning to show him in the Non-Pro,” Elizabeth said. “She had told me this will be her last show horse, and she wanted to get a good one.”

Kathy Tobin and Roanie Win Limited Non-Pro Trail

Kathrine Tobin and her red roan gelding Suddenly A Good Bar mostly show Trail these days, but the 18 year old gelding and his rider were on their game to win the $2,000 Added Limited Non-Pro Trail, earning $1,291.83 for the win.

“We used to do Horsemanship, but now Trail is his only class, but it’s our favorite class,” Kathy said. “The pattern today really flowed, and I felt like our lope overs were really good in the class. We also love being able to earn some money in the classes here. When you travel all the way from Arizona for this show, it’s even more welcome.”

Shannon McCulloch And Harry Win Limited Open Three Year Old Maiden Hunter Under Saddle

With a horse she and her sister Erin bought in the NSBA Yearling Sale two years ago, Shannon McCulloch showed to win the $15,000 Added Limited Open Three Year Old Maiden Hunter Under Saddle.

“He’s by Living Large, and he took a little while to grow up, so we saved him for the maiden class,” Shannon said. “Erin does all of the training with him at home and she has done a great job getting him ready – we’ve worked together for 30 years so I can follow her well in her training program. I love his trot and how good minded he is.”

Shannon is excited for the gelding to show for some of the NSBA Sale Graduate money at this year’s NSBA World Championship Show.

Susan Roberts Shows Start Ur Engines To Win Select Amateur Western Pleasure

What started out on a whim a few months ago has turned into Susan Roberts’ newest Select Amateur mount. She showed Start Ur Engines to win the $2,000 Added NSBA Amateur Select Western Pleasure, earning $899.42 for the win.

“I showed Richard, or Start Ur Engines, at March To The Arch just for giggles, and it went pretty well,” she said. “I showed him in the Non-Pro Maturity the other day for the second time and we were fifth, and today was our third time to show together. I haven’t had a connection with a horse like him since I showed Abby, and he just makes me so happy.

“He’s pretty simple. He pays attention to my legs and listens to me – he’s kind of a point and shoot kind of horse. I love showing him. We’re going to be showing him at Berrien Springs and the NSBA World Show and later the AQHA Amateur Select World Show.”

Blake Weis And Hot Lopin Lily Continue Winning

With world championships and Horse Of The Year honors behind them, Blake Weis and Hot Lopin Lily continued their winning ways on Friday by earning the top spot in the $5,000 Added NSBA Junior Trail. They earned $2,405.04 for owner Caroline Cavallo.

“She is just the sweetest horse,” Caroline said. “Blake has got to show her a lot over the past couple of years, but I am starting to show her more in Non-Pro and Amateur classes too. We won the Non-Pro and the Amateur Trail here, and she’s really becoming a great Open and Non-Pro horse for both of us.

“In the pattern today, she was just really forward over the poles and didn’t touch a pole. She really just floats over the course. Blake had a beautiful ride on her, and I think they were eight points ahead of the second-place horse. We were thrilled with the score. We are just riding the wave of her last year as a Junior horse this year.”

Cheyenne Augsburger and Scamper Win Non-Pro Senior Trail

Cheyenne Augsburger has been with her show partner Huntin For Candy for six years, and they have become a well-tuned duo in Trail. They proved their skills in the $2,000 Added NSBA Sixe Year Old and Older Non-Pro Trail, earning the first place prize of $1,071.05.

“The pattern flowed really well, and there were lots of right lead lope overs in it, and that’s our better lead,” Cheyenne said. “He listens so well to me that he’s just so fun to show. He’s the best horse in the world. I’m just happy to be able to show him, because he’s had some health issues and we weren’t sure we would be able to show him again for a while, but he’s doing great now.

“We mainly focus on Trail but sometimes we show Western Riding too. It’s very cool to get to earn money in the futurity classes too. It’s really special to win this class with him.”

Other class winners on Friday included the $2,000 Added Youth 14-18 Western Pleasure champions Battarang and Lane Kail, and $2,000 Added Youth 13 & Under Western Pleasure champions Made In The Dark and Clara Ashlock.

The A Sudden Impulse Futurity continues through Saturday, April 30. To view complete show results, please visit the Horse Show Tracker app or go to

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