A big day of futurity, Amateur and Masters classes brought a masterful end to the performance classes at the 2018 All American Quarter Horse Congress on Saturday.

Andy Cochran, Bret Parrish Gets First Masters Wins

Andy Cochran piloted Whatgosaround for Capital Quarter Horses to win the Masters Two Year Old Western Pleasure Futurity for maiden horses, earning the $25,000 first place prize. The gelding was one of two full siblings shown by Capital Quarter Horses to Congress championships this year.

Hillary Roberts showed the roan filly Whats On Ur Mind to win the Two Year Old Non-Pro Western Pleasure Stakes earlier in the week. Both horses are by VS Flatline and out of Whats cookngoodlookin. “That was one of our goals, to win the Masters, with one of our babies,” Hillary said.

“We had a hard decision thinking which one to show in the Masters,” Andy noted. “You don’t see two full siblings make it in the same year hardly ever. It just so happened both of them made it and really came on strong. Either one of them could have done it. We just sort of closed our eyes and picked one, to be honest. These farm-raised horses are sort of special.”

The striking bay gelding is known as Tex. “He’s a horse that doesn’t take a lot of riding. Coming in here, I was a little nervous because it’s a long time mentally for a horse to be here and not show until the end,” Andy said. “I really didn’t know how to prepare him. So I just went off of what I do at home, and slowed down and rode him in the middle of the night, pulled him out of the stall, cleaned him up and got him ready.

“It’s very nerve-wracking to show these maiden horses because you really don’t ever know what you’re going to get. The Congress did a good job this year adding the carpet to the bleachers and it’s a lot quieter this year.”

Bret Parrish piloted Moonlite Made Me to win the Limited division of the Masters Two Year Old Western Pleasure Futurity for owners Robert and Lisa Thomaier, earning $5,000 for the Limited win. They finished fourth overall in the class, earning another $4,500.

“She’s a Machine Made filly out of a daughter of Only In The Moonlite,” Bret said of the mare. “She’s so good minded, and has been so trainable. Plus she has such excellent self-carriage. Tonight she was so focused, and she did everything I asked her to do.”

The class placings were:
1 – Whatgosaround, Andy Cochran for Capital Quarter Horses, $25,000
2- Minute Made, Clay Arrington, $12,500
3- Sloww Motion, Gil Galyean, Candice Hall/Corey Seebach, $5,000
4- Moonlite Made Me, Bret Parrish for Robert and Lisa Thomaier, $4,500
5- KM Martini Time, Casey Willis for Masterson Farms, $4,000
6- Do I Look Lazy, Jay Starnes for MPH Enterprises, $3,500
7- Extremely Salty, Rusty Green for Ruth Rowe, $3,000
8- Shootin The Breeze, Katy Jo Zuidema, Kathryn Frederick, $2,500
9- Vital Intuition, Randy Wilson
10- Metamorphic, Brian Cox for Tammy Conroy
11 – KM Tea For Two, Blake Britton
12- Better B Sweet, Jason English, James Howard

Dawn Baker Notches Second Masters Title, Rosie Sheffer Earns First Masters Limited

It was a very good day for Dawn Baker. Earlier in the day, her husband Brian had won the Three Year Old Western Pleasure Futurity, and Dawn ended the day by guiding Onn Cloud Nine to win the Masters Two Year Old Maiden Hunter Under Saddle Futurity, showing for Beth Hartman.

“We call him Goose,” Dawn said of the gelding, who is by Iron Enterprise and out of A Walk In The Sky.

She had no fear about showing a maiden horse in the class. “He is so easy, and I just trusted the product I had. I started him in February, and I’ve loved him since day one. It’s just always been easy for him. I think the judges liked his strength, his rhythm and he’s pleasant. He has good expression. It was awesome. Kind of like his name – Onn Cloud Nine!

“He’ll show in the Non-Pro next year, and we’ll just keep going down the road with him.”

Rosie Sheffer showed Willy Big Dreams to win the Limited division of the Masters Two Year Old Hunter Under Saddle Futurity. She showed for Jessica Stremich.

It was a successful first Masters experience for Rosie, who bred Willy Big Dreams with her own mare. “This horse is by Willy Be Invited and out of Another Dreamy Detail,” Rosie said. “We had a wonderful ride. I couldn’t have asked for more.”

Although it was her first Masters, Rosie is no stranger to the winner’s circle here, having won a Congress championship on a half sibling as well.

Class placings were:
1 – Onn Cloud Nine, Dawn Baker, Beth Hartman, $10,000
2- Walk Hubbout Hubba, Beth Case, Breanne Porter, $5,000
3- Old Southern Money, Keith Miller, Lisa Benson, $4,000
4- Willy Big Dreams, Rosie Sheffer, Jessica Stremich, $3,500
5- Nothinbut A ZzzThang, Katy Jo Zuidema, Sara Nimigan, $3,500
6- Quiet Riet, Alyse Roberts, Elisabeth Roberts, $2,000
7- Kiss Me Next, Allison McDonald, Dena Jackson
8- Hoo I Am, Amanda Ringer, Cathrin Gutmann
9- Shes Blazen Hot, Erin Lieurance, Robert Paluso
10 – My Wish, Ryan Painter, Angie Highland


Beth Case and Couture Blue Genes Take Three Year Old Hunter Under Saddle

As they’ve done often this year, Beth Case and Couture Blue Genes took the top spot in the Three Year Old Hunter Under Saddle Futurity. They showed for Debbie Hodde.

“We call him Prescott, and I got him last year in September and he wasn’t started yet, so he got started late,” noted Beth Case. “We started showing him in February. He’s been really good. He’s been great the whole time we’ve been here, and he was great today. She won the Limited Non-Pro with him last week. I also won this same class with his mom, Only Blue Couture!

“He’s one of my favorite horses I’ve ever had. I really think he’s one of my best three year olds I’ve ever had. I’d put him up there with Zee Yellow Jacket and Mechanic. We’re going to the World Show and then next year he’ll be a Maturity horse.”

First Congress Trip Brings First Championship for Stacey Carlton

Stacey Carleton had her first ever trip to the Congress this year, and although she wasn’t sure where everything was on the grounds, she found her way to the winner’s circle in the Two Year Old Non-Pro Hunter Under Saddle Stakes with her APHA gelding, All Good.

“We call him Jamison,” Stacey said. “He’s by All Time Fancy and he’s a paint. I saw him online after he won the Pinto World. He wasn’t very far from home so I just went and saw him. I bought him right before the NSBA World, and his owner Allie Littlefield finished out the NSBA World with him in the Longe Line. I took him home after that.

“I started him, and I had asked Beth Case if she had a two year old for the Paint World and when she didn’t, I asked if she could help me with him, so I took him down there and worked with her. We had a really good Paint World.

“I just love his expression. He just puts his ears up when he’s showing, and it’s just easy for him. I usually buy them younger and sell them, but he’s kind of a once in a lifetime horse for me, so it’s going to be hard to sell him. We showed in the Limited division the other day and were having a great go, but he stumbled and three of the four judges saw it. They were really nice about it and came by and told me they liked my horse but saw the fall.”

Rachel Tresbech and No Doubt I Shine Win Non-Pro 4-5 Year Old Trail

Rachel Tresbech and her gelding No Doubt I Shine won the Congress NSBA and Southern Belle Breeders Four and Five Year Old Trail Stakes. It was Rachel’s first time to show in the Non-Pro and a futurity-type class.

“I showed in the Novice classes before. For this pattern, I really focused on the side-pass, and then just my spots. I knew I had to go really slow to get my four and five strides,” Rachel said. “I think he really plused on the first lope overs, and he just has a lot of expression. This is a No Doubt Im Lazy, and his barn name is Mako.”

Tim Kimura designed the pattern, and noted "It's a pattern that you have to sustain your gear for a long time - the trots are really long and the lopes are really long, and there was a lot of steering too. We got to go in the bigger pen and let them show. This was one of those showy patterns.."

‘JJ’ and Laurel Champlin Double Winners In Amateur Select Events

Laurel Champlin and her 11 year old gelding Look N Hott were double Congress champions on Saturday. They won both the Amateur Select Hunter Under Saddle and Amateur Select Hunt Seat Equitation.

“I think this was our most exciting win here at the Congress ever,” Laurel said. “I’ve had JJ for seven years. I got him when he was four. We won the Hunter Under Saddle here last year, and we won here when he was four.

“I was happy for Sandra Morgan when she won the Select World last month, but it makes me work harder when I get beat, so I would say I had to work for my win. He’s sweet, lovable, kind, and he just keeps getting better. I got him ready myself this morning. I feel like I’m at the point that I need to learn to prepare him myself.”

Jeffrey Johns and Lopin For A Chex Are NSBA Western Riding Champs

Jeffrey Johns showed two horses in Amateur Western Riding, and finished first in the NSBA and reserve overall with Lopin For A Chex and sixth with Its A Good Pleasure.

“I was really happy with my go, especially with the weather today. My Arizona blood isn’t used to this weather and our horses aren’t used to it either,” Jeffrey said. Lopin For A Chex is known as Lazy and was purchased from Kaleena Weakly. “We bought him as a five year old and started on Western Riding and Trail. He’s been a family pet ever since. He’s 11.

“We did Pattern 4, which is my least favorite. I’m really happy we made it through. You have go right by the end gate when you start, and you have to slow down and it’s hard to get them going. I was just happy we did well.

“Western Riding is my favorite event. It’s fun, because it’s such a partnership with your horse. This is 50/50 with you and your horse. You have to set them up, and it can be a challenge in different sized arenas. My other horse is a bigger horse with a bigger stride and it’s more challenging to get your strides in with him.”

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