The red carpet was rolled out as celebrities of all types showed for a special celebration held at the Milestone, in Denton, TX.

The occasion was a party to celebrate Jason Martin and Charlie Cole’s 50th birthdays. The two trainers combined their star-studded event with a fundraiser for the AQHA and NSBA Trainer Crisis Fund programs. In lieu of gifts, Jason and Charlie asked attendees to make donations.

Queen Elizabeth, Princess Di, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and her many lookalikes were seen. Elton John, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Cleopatra, John Travolta together with Olivia Newton John, Morticia and Gomez, Roy Rogers and Forest Gump were also among the celebrity sightings. A couple of nuns tried to bust the party up but Cinderella would have no part of it. There was even a Kardashian caught visiting with the Trump family, Donald and Ivanka, Melania in tow.

Hosted by Sigfrid and Roy, the event raised over $7,000 which will be divided between the NSBA and AQHA Crisis Funds. Like all that they do, the team put on a great performance, one enjoyed by all who attended. The NSBA wishes Jason and Charlie a Happy Birthday and thanks them along with everyone who donated to these very worthwhile programs.