The International Buckskin Horse Association has voted to add Equestrians With Disabilities classes to its 2020 World Championship Show and will seek NSBA approval for them. The decision was made during their 2020 convention, held March 12-14 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

IBHA plans to host EWD Showmanship and Horsemanship classes at the 2020 World Show, which will be held July 27 through August 1 at C Bar C Arena in Cloverdale, Indiana. The show will also feature an added money Green Western Pleasure and added money Green Hunter Under Saddle in addition to a full slate of IBHA and Dual-Approved NSBA classes.

Officers and Executive Committee Announced

The association announced that Jan Thompson, of Iowa, has been named Executive Vice President of the association, and current president, Mike Stadler, of Colorado, will serve a second three-year term as president.

The 2020 IBHA Executive Committee added two new members – Pat Osenga, of Wisconsin, and Sam Mitchell of Idaho. They join existing members Ed Anderson, Wisconsin; Ben Grandstaff, Ohio; Laurie Kristoff, Illinois; Denise Kurtz, Indiana; Delores Kurzeja, Indiana; Deanna O’Keefe, Indiana: and Mike Stadler, Colorado.

Hall of Fame Inductees

The association inducted two members posthumously into the IBHA Hall of Fame.

The late Fred Thompson, of Iowa, was introduced to the horse show world by his wife, Jan, and quickly became a staple of the Heartland Buckskin Association as well as IBHA. He would become a member of the executive committee for both organizations and served as IBHA executive vice president. He was long known as a cheerleader for the buckskin breed as well as for his warm welcoming of members new and old. The award was accepted by Fred's wife, Jan.

The late Eugene Zimmerman, of  Minnesota, served as the equipment judge and back up judge at the IBHA World Championship Show for more than 20 years and was the first face of IBHA that many members met. In addition to his work as the World Show equipment judge, Gene was instrumental in supporting the youth of the association as well as the Miss Buckskin World queen contest, and led the movement to form a miniature division within IBHA. Gene served on several IBHA committees and was IBHA executive vice president at the time of his death. The award was accepted by Gene's wife, Irene.

Growing Charter Clubs

Attendees learned that three new charters are forming in various regions of the country. The East Coast Buckskin Association, based in Pennsylvania and surrounding areas, and North East Buckskin Horse Association, located in Maine and the New England states, are newly formed charters in the Northeastern part of the United States. North East Buckskin Association is pursuing two IBHA-approved show opportunities with other breeds for 2020, while East Coast Buckskin Association is currently finalizing its nonprofit paperwork.

The Mid America Buckskin Association, representing Indiana, which had been inactive in recent years, has been revitalized and is already planning its first show for September 2020 in Rochester, Indiana.

 World Show Live Feed, Theme

President Mike Stadler announced that the association has entered into a contract to produce a live video feed for the 2020 IBHA World Championship Show and Warm Up To The World circuit. The live feed will be free to all viewers. A link to the feed will be provided on the IBHA website once the feed is live. Exhibitors will also be able to purchase videos of their classes at the show.

Convention attendees chose the theme for the 2020 IBHA World Championship Show. This year’s theme will be “Party Like A Rock Star: Buckskins Rock.

Walk Trot Trail Approved

IBHA delegates approved the addition of Walk Trot Trail in 2021 to the list of Walk Trot classes offered by the association. Walk Trot Trail will join Walk Trot Horsemanship, Walk-Only Showmanship and Walk Trot Western Pleasure as IBHA-approved classes.

Scoring Workshop

In addition to discussing rule changes, elections and updates, IBHA convention attendees learned the revised scoring rules and penalties for Showmanship, Horsemanship and Western Pleasure, which are now based on a 0-100 score.

IBHA Judges Butch Watson, Dan Grunewald and Todd Foltz led a review of the new score sheet, as well as penalties for various faults, and walked members through videos of individual pattern performances and how they would score them. Resources on scoring and judging of a variety of classes that are available to exhibitors, as well as scribes and potential scribes, were shared with the group.

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