Antonia Dinulescu, of Plano, Texas, has been named the recipient of the NSBA Foundation’s Youth Scholarship for 2020. Antonia plans to use her $2,000 scholarship to pursue a career as a neurosurgeon while attending the University of Texas - Austin.

Antonia is a recent graduate of Hockaday School, an all-girls school located in Dallas, Texas, where her love of arts and language has been as profound as her love for science. As a freshman, she pursued self-study of Chemistry during the summer, to be placed directly into AP Chemistry as a sophomore. Through her advanced studies, she pursued two internships in 2019; as a trial researcher at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and researching autism at Texas Child Neurology.

Antonia also completed Honors Business French (designed to allow students to live and work in a French-speaking country), in addition to speaking Romanian in her home. In addition to her rigorous course schedule, Antonia pursued the arts through ceramics, orchestra and private piano lessons, including becoming a key violinist in the Hockaday School orchestra.

An avid equestrian who has ridden for more than a decade, Antonia began competing four years ago under the guidance of Shane Christensen, where she has become known for her fiery passion for English events and pursuit of perfection, as well as being ‘an iceberg in and out of the arena.’ She has earned a Youth APHA world championship in Novice Working Hunter as well as APHA reserve world titles in Novice Equitation Over Fences and Hunter Hack.

Antonia leads two very different lives, as an American teen and as a direct descendent of Romanian immigrants, who remain deeply connected to the Romanian community in this country, as well as with family members in Romania. “Antonia’s perspective on the world is as broad as her interests are, and she comes to you highly equipped to forge meaningful connections, to build bridges across various student populations, and to excel academically,” noted Elizabeth Jones, Antonia’s college counselor at Hockaday School.

NSBA congratulates Antonia on being the 2020 NSBYA Scholarship recipient!

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