The National Snaffle Bit Association  is pleased  to announce a new partnership with Pulse Veterinary Technologies, LLC (PulseVet), the Official Shock Wave of the NSBA.
“It is a privilege to partner with the NSBA at this level,” company Founder and CEO Adrian Lock said. “PulseVet strives to educate the equine community, from veterinarians and clinicians to owners, trainers, riders, and support staff, on the vastly different modalities marketed as ‘shock wave’ and the clinically proven benefits specific to PulseVet’s shock wave systems. NSBA and PulseVet share a commitment to the optimal care and support of the horses they work with, and PulseVet is proud to provide a modality that can keep horses at their peak condition, whether that be preparing for competition or rehabbing from an injury.”

“NSBA is proud to partner with PulseVet in providing opportunities for NSBA members to give their horses optimal care as they pursue their goals in and out of the show ring. Working together, we look forward to keeping the industry healthy,” said Dianne Eppers, NSBA Executive Director.

The global leader in veterinary shock wave technology, PulseVet was founded in 2009 and is the manufacturer of the ProPulse® and VersaTron® shock wave devices. PulseVet’s shock wave therapy, a non-invasive, focused high-energy sound wave, has been clinically proven to treat tendon, ligament and muscle injuries, osteoarthritis, degenerative joint disease, navicular syndrome, chronic back and neck pain, fractures, and wounds. PulseVet is proud to work with leading veterinary clinics, universities, and rehabilitation centers worldwide to help horse owners, trainers, and clinicians achieve optimal equine performance and healthcare.

Established in 1983, the National Snaffle Bit Association has expanded from its roots of the pleasure horse to recognize various disciplines and eight breed associations in competition. NSBA’s mission is to grow the show horse community through various equine programs and events where every activity benefits horses, breeders, owners and exhibitors alike.