Finegan Paint Horses will stand their talented APHA stallion Endless Potential to the public for the first time in 2019. Learn more about this young stallion in the Cover Story. In this month’s Stallion Issue, The Way To Go talked with stallion owners, including those with stallions standing for the first time in 2019, about what it takes to stand a stallion to the public. And, since owning a stallion can be a long-term investment with a long wait to produce a product, experienced stallion owners share their advice. Jason Martin has become the 28th member of NSBA’s exclusive group of riders who have earned $250,000 in NSBA lifetime earnings. Learn more about how he achieved his accomplishment. Stephanie Lynn discusses how New Year’s resolutions focused on outcomes versus processes can lead to greater success. You’ll find all this and much more in the January The Way To Go!