Lana Markway, who graces this month’s cover, has a knack for training her own Non-Pro horses to great success in APHA and NSBA events. Meet her in this month’s Cover Story. Since in June we focus on fathers, The Way To Go asked NSBA members to share the journey and the advice they received from their dads about the horse industry. Bill and Cindy Cosentino have been named the recipients of NSBA’s prestigious Jack Benson Award. Learn more about their involvement in the industry and especially NSBA. We also learn more about the NSBA Foundation’s Tomorrows Horsemen program and talk to some of the participants. Since NSBA members have been missing the camaraderie of horse shows, we take a historical look at things heard at the horse show. In this month’s Foundation Feature, learn how the NSBA Foundation is exercising its core as it adapts to the changing social, economic and management situations faced in 2020. All this and more in the June issue of The Way To Go!

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