Although Hot N Blazing was laid to rest in February at the age of 22, his owner, Courtney Battison, is ensuring that Blaze’s legacy will carry on. The late stallion graces the November cover of The Way To Go. Learn more about his legacy in this month’s Cover Story. We explore the life of Carl Yamber, who has become the 32nd member of NSBA’s Quarter Million Dollar Club of riders who have earned more than $250,000 in NSBA lifetime earnings. Getting paid to show your horse is just what happens when you enroll foals in NSBA’s Stallion Incentive Fund program. We explain how this program works. The National Snaffle Bit Association recently welcomed four new NSBA judges to its roster, and is accepting NSBA judge’s applications from current breed judges in all of the alliance associations affiliated with NSBA. The ebb and flow of the life of horses is perhaps what keeps us all going. We talked to NSBA members about the part they play in the life cycle of a show horse. We also visit with a number of futurities and shows around the country. All this and much more are in the November issue of The Way To Go!

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