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OMIQHA The Warm Up Show
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OMIQHA The Warm Up


April 13-14, 2019


NSBA Approved Judges


April Devitt


Casey Devitt


NSBA Approved Classes


NSBA Dual Approved AQHA Events


2 Sets of NSBA Points


NSBA Dual Approved - Class Name

Youth Ranch Riding

Amateur Ranch Riding

Amateur Western Pleasure

Amateur Select Western Pleasure

Novice Amateur Western Pleasure

Youth Western Pleasure 13 & Under

Youth Western Pleasure 14-18

Novice Youth Western Pleasure

Amateur Hunter Under Saddle

Amateur Select Hunter Under Saddle

Novice Amateur Hunter Under Saddle

Youth Hunter Under Saddle 13 & Under

Youth Hunter Under Saddle 14-18

Novice Youth Hunter Under Saddle

Amateur Trail

Amateur Select Trail

Novice Amateur Trail

Youth Trail - All Ages

Novice Youth Trail

Amateur Western Riding

Novice Level 1 Amateur Western Riding

Youth Western Riding - All Ages

Novice Level 1 Youth Western Riding

Amateur Showmanship At Halter

Amateur Select Showmanship At Halter

Novice Amateur Showmanship At Halter

Youth Showmanship At Halter 13 & Under

Youth Showmanship At Halter 14-18

Novice Youth Showmanship At Halter

Amateur Western Horsemanship

Amateur Select Western Horsemanship

Novice Amateur Western Horsemanship

Youth Western Horsemanship 13 & Under

Youth Western Horsemanship 14-18

Novice Youth Western Horsemanship

Amateur Hunt Seat Equitation

Amateur Select Hunt Seat Equitation

Novice Amateur Hunt Seat Equitation

Youth Hunt Seat Equitation 13 & Under

Youth Hunt Seat Equitation 14-18

Novice Youth Hunt Seat Equitation

Amateur Performance Halter Geldings

Amateur Performance Halter Mares

Amateur Performance Halter Stallions

Youth Performance Halter Geldings

Youth Performance Halter Mares

Youth Walk-Trot Showmanship At Halter Small Fry Dual Approved

Novice Amateur Walk-Trot Western Pleasure

Youth Walk Trot Western Pleasure Small Fry Dual Approved

Novice Level 1 Youth Walk Trot Western Pleasure - All Age

Novice Amateur Walk Trot Hunter Under Saddle

Youth Walk Trot Hunter Under Saddle Small Fry Dual Approved

Novice Level 1 Youth Walk Trot Hunter Under Saddle - All Age

Novice-Level 1 Amateur Walk-Trot Trail

Youth Walk Trot Trail Small Fry - Dual Approved

Novice-Level 1 Youth Walk-Trot Trail

Novice-Level 1 Amateur Walk-Trot Horsemanship

Youth Walk Trot Western Horsemanship Small Fry Dual Approved

Novice/Level 1 Youth Walk/Trot Western Horsemanship

Novice-Level 1 Amateur Walk-Trot Hunt Seat Equitation

Youth Walk-Trot Hunt Seat Equitation - Small Fry Dual Approved

Novice-Level 1 Youth Walk-Trot Hunt Seat Equitation

Location Eden Park Equestrian Center, 2607 Blayney Road, Sunbury, OH 43074

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