2022 Stallion Incentive Fund Breeding Sale

- Starts on October 1, 2021 at 12:00 AM CST.
- Breeding fees start at half the advertised price, plus $100, and will be available to the highest bidder up to the "Buy It Now" price through traditional online bidding.
- Traditional online bidding ends November 1, 2021 at 8:00 AM CST.
- Stallions not sold through traditional online bidding period will then be available to "Buy It Now" at half their advertised fee, plus $100.

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Located in: Gurnee, UNITED STATES
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Start date: 11/10/2021 09:14
End date: 07/01/2022 00:01
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Payment is due at time of notification of winning bid. As winning bidder, you understand and agree that by entering this contract, you shall be subject to and bound by the National Snaffle Bit Association (NSBA) by-laws and rules. Payment accepted through PayPal. All applicable fees shown on this listing are in addition to the bid price unless otherwise indicated.
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Owner: Lauren Maupin
Agent: Christi Christensen
Advertised Breeding Fee: $1,000
Chute Fee: $500
Shipping Fee: $285
Canada Shipment: $550

5 Panel results: Negative, LWO/n

Standing at Highpoint Performance Horses

  • NSBA World Champion
  • NSBA Reserve World Champion
  • 2 Time BCF Champion
  • 3 Time BCF Reserve Champion
  • 2 Time APHA World Champion
  • 6 Time APHA World Show Futurity Champion
  • 2 Time Southern Belle Breeders Champion
  • Tom Powers Futurity Champion
  • 8 Time PtHA World and Reserve World Champion
  • 3 Time Paint Congress Champion
  • 4 Time Color World Series Futurity Champion
  • 3 Time NSBA Year End High Point Winner
  • 2 Time NSBA Year End Reserve High Point Winner

NSBA requires current membership to purchase a stallion.

The breeding will sell under terms expressed in stallion owner’s current year service contract, except when in contradiction with that of NSBA. In that case, NSBA contract will take precedence.
In consideration of one dollar and other good and valuable consideration, we the owners of the stallion recorded above, sell, transfer, and assign to NSBA, a Breeding Service for the year 2022, to the above named stallion. It is expressly understood by all parties to this agreement that this breeding service is assignable only by NSBA, pursuant to the terms and conditions of its Stallion Incentive Fund Program for the year in which said breeding applies, said terms and conditions being incorporated herein by direct reference thereto. All parties to this agreement are further bound and agree to all of the following terms and conditions:
1. Mare owners shall be entitled to one return privilege in the following year for the same mare, if said mare does not produce a live foal that stands and sucks in the year following the first breeding pursuant to this contract, or in the event of the death, or vet-certified breeding unsoundness of said mare, a substitute approved by stallion owner may be bred.
2. That should the above named stallion die or become unfit for breeding purposes and said mare has not been serviced by said stallion, then any monies paid by mare owner to NSBA shall, upon proper verification of the above named stallion owner, be given credit to purchase another stallion fee in the succeeding NSBA Stallion Service Sale. If credit balance remains, credit will be issued for the balance the second year. Should the above named stallion die before the breeding sells, the breeding can still be purchased for half of the advertised stud fee plus $100 administrative fee to make foals eligible for a Stallion Incentive Fund License. After the current foaling year, any stallion may be paid into the SIF program for a Grandfather fee of $800.
3. The mare shall be in a healthy and sound breeding condition and a veterinarian certificate shall accompany all dry mares. Failure to furnish this certificate will be authorization to have the mare examined by a veterinarian at the mare owner’s expense. The mare owner herby gives permission to have the mare treated by a licensed veterinarian and have normal veterinarian services performed for anything which might insure the mare’s well being, including as many pregnancy examinations as deemed necessary by the veterinarian.
4. In order to qualify for this breeding service, the mare must be halter broken.
5. The stallion owner agrees to diligently try to settle the mare, If, however, she does not settle, the stallion owner nor attending veterinarian will be held responsible.
6. A Breeder’s Certificate shall be furnished to the mare owner upon payment in full of all board and veterinarian expenses owed and birth of live foal.
7. The breeding will sell under the conditions as set forth in the NSBA Stallion Incentive Fund Program Nomination Form/Breeding Contract completed by stallion owner or agent, which is outlined below in #8. NSBA acts only as agent in this sale and will not be responsible for accident, sickness, or death to any stallion, mare and/or foal. Stallion owner and mare owner hold NSBA harmless in the event of a published error of these fees. This contract will supersede and the mare owner’s payment to the NSBA is in acceptance of these terms. All fees below are subject to verification by the National Snaffle Bit Association.
8. Mare owner is responsible for the following fees as applicable:
Chute Fee, Mare Care, Collection Fee, Container Deposit and Shipping Fee.
9. The successful purchaser of the breeding herby consents to NSBA affixing their name to this contract and by presentation of a mare pursuant to the stallion service which is sold through this program the mare owner agrees to all terms and conditions herein.
10. When the stallion service is sold, the stallion and mare owners will receive one(1) copy of NSBA’s breeding contract with the name of the mare owner inserted. The mare owner acknowledges that delivery of the mare for breeding constitutes in and of itself acceptance of all the terms and conditions of this agreement.

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