The National Snaffle Bit Association Board of Directors recently approved a new scoring system for the Longe Line classes to go into effect January 1, 2021. Working through the NSBA Judges Committee, the new system aligns the Longe Line with scoring systems already in place in other classes where each performance is judged on a basis of 0 to infinity with 70 denoting an average performance.

 “The purpose of the longe line class, is to demonstrate that the horse has the movement, manners, expression, attitude and conformation to become competitive under saddle. It is important to remember that in this class, like all others, the score reflects the horse’s performance on that day,” David Dellin, NSBA Judges Committee chair advised.

“Each evaluated element will receive a score that will be added or subtracted from 70 and is subject to a penalty that will also be subtracted,” noted Bill Kaven, from NSBA Judges. “The 0 to infinity system will make interpreting the scores more understandable to exhibitors.

The range has not changed, just the numbers used to reflect the judge’s evaluation score for each maneuver. Conformation, Jog/Trot, Lope/Canter and Manners/Attitude will be scored from a +3 being Excellent, +2 being Very Good, +1 reflecting Good and 0 representing correct. The negative scores, -1, -2 and -3, represent Poor, Very Poor, and Extremely Poor respectively. The Walk and Use of Circle will be scored on the following basis ranging from +1½ to a -1½ representing the range from Excellent to Very Poor. 

“The score sheet has also been orientated in the same manner as other score sheets, with the scores being recorded horizontally across the page. This will help the functionality of the score sheet for judges, their scribes and the exhibitors,” Bill continued.

The new score sheet and a full description of the Longe Line class rules will be available on the NSBA website

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