The National Snaffle Bit Association is proud to present the Breeders Championship Futurity! This program is designed to appeal to all pleasure horse breeders, owners, trainers, and exhibitors, by offering a full slate of classes and paybacks. The Breeders Championship Futurity (BCF) is held each year in conjunction with the NSBA World Championship Show.

Classes Offered

A variety of classes are offered during the Breeders Championship Futurity. Enrolled horses are eligible to show from their yearling year to their six year old year. 

In 2017, the Color Breeders Championship Futurity was established as a separate program to the BCF.  The Color horse classes are provided for horses registered with NSBA Approved Color Breed (APHA, PtHA, ApHC, IBHA, ABRA, PBHA), including breeding stock horses, except for those horses registered as PtHA Solid Bred. Starting with the 2019 foals, a solid bred/breeding stock is considered a color horse only if the sire or dam has regular registry papers with one or more of the following associations: APHA, ApHC, ABRA, IBHA, PHBA and POA. PtHA solid registered is not considered a color horse unless it is also registered with one or more of the aforementioned breed associations.


An exhibitor may show as many horses in as many classes as they are eligible for in each division. NSBA membership is required for all owners and exhibitors.

Payback of Purse

The Stallion nominator receives 20%, the foal nominator receives 10%, and the foal owner received 70% of foal earnings. In the event the foal ownership changes, the original nominator will receive the 10% earnings. Each year, over $200,000 is paid out during the BCF. The payback schedule for each foal crop year will be paid out as follows (after program expenses).


To be eligible to participate in the BCF Program, a horse must be sired by a stallion who was nominated to the BCF during its foaling year. If eligible, horses may be enrolled at any time beginning as weanlings, through their three year old year. Weanling enrollments begin at a one-time payment of $125 and increase with the age of horse. The BCF also offers a sliding scale for multiple foal enrollments. Upon completion of an enrollment, foal owners will be sent a Certificate of Registration. This certificate will need to be presented in order to show in any BCF classes.

Certificate of Registration

Once the enrollment form has been received and validated, and a copy of the breed registration papers have been forwarded to the NSBA office, a Certificate of Registration is mailed to the foal owner. The Certificate must be current when the horse is shown. Any changes in information will need to be forwarded to the NSBA office, along with a transfer form. The fee for changes, including those listed below, is $35. Please note that a copy of the horse's registration papers, showing the current ownership, must accompany the transfer form.

  • Change in ownership
  • Change in the name of horse
  • Loss of original certificate

For more information about the Breeders Championship Futurity program, please contact Sue Ellen Kaven at NSBA office 847-623-6722 or E-Mail Registration