NSBA Judges Application
Judges Exam - September 5, 2018 in Gurnee, Illinois

*** New Judge Applications are due in the NSBA office by May 1st. ***
  • NSBA Membership: Applicant must be a current NSBA member in good standing member for at least one year prior to the year in which you apply.
  • Applicant must be at least 25.
  • Applicant must complete and submit the NSBA Judges Application by May 1st.
  • Applications names will be published prior to the Judges Committee review.
  • References: An application must have a total of six (6) references:
    • Two (2) Personal References from current NSBA members
    • Two (2) Show Management references applicant has worked for in the past
    • Two (2) Judge References from a NSBA Judge

    References will be completed and returned to the NSBA office by the person who completes them. All references must be in our files prior to May 1st or the application will be considered incomplete and will not qualify for review. No member of the Judges Committee may be used for a reference. Reference forms are included with this application and also available on the NSBA Website.

  • After the application deadline, the Judges Committee will review all completed applications. Following the Judges Committee review, applicants will be notified as to whether they have been invited to the applicant testing. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed by Judges Committee.
  • Approved applicants will be test in Gurnee, Illinois September 5, 2018. A confirmation letter with exact dates and times of required sessions will be sent to all approved applicants. Applicant testing will include a current year closed rulebook test, video testing on all NSBA disciplines and a personal interview session.
  • The scores earned at the judges' school will be reviewed by the Judges Committee at their next scheduled meeting. The Committee will solely determine if an applicant's qualifications approve him/her for holding NSBA judging credentials.
  • If you are approved for judging status, your name will be added to the permanent judges list & it will be mandatory to attend a re-certification session within your first year as a NSBA Judge.
  • NSBA application fee of $100 is non refundable.