The NSBA Foundation is accepting applications for both the NSBA Foundation Scholarship and the T. Joe Jeane Memorial Veterinary Scholarship. The window for applications is December 1 – February 1, 2023.

The NSBA Foundation Scholarship is a $2,000 scholarship awarded annually to an NSBA Youth member. The recipient will receive $1,000 the first year, and the next installment will be awarded the second year. More information, and the application can be found at .

 The Foundation's scholarship fund relies strictly on donations, and accepts donations of any size as well as special memorial scholarship contributions to present the award each year.

T. Joe Jeane Memorial Scholarship

The T. Joe Jeane Memorial Scholarship is a multi-year scholarship awarded to a NSBA member following the completion of their first year of veterinary school. The T. Joe Jeane Memorial Scholarship is a $12,000 scholarship distributed equally over the remaining three years.

The T. Joe Jeane Memorial Scholarship Fund was created to support the NSBA Foundation’s continuing educational goals for the NSBA membership. The award is presented once every three years to one deserving second year large animal veterinary medicine student, attending an AVMA-accredited institution that meets the qualifying eligibility requirements. $4000 will be distributed annually over the three-year duration, and the funds will be paid directly to the institution. More information, and the application can be found at .

Established in 1983, the National Snaffle Bit Association has expanded from its roots in the Western Pleasure discipline to recognize various disciplines and eight breed associations in competition. NSBA’s mission is to grow the show horse community through various equine programs and events where every activity benefits horses, breeders, owners and exhibitors alike.

The National Snaffle Bit Association has more than 20,000 active members and more than 44,000 registered horses across its eight alliance breed organizations. In 2021, NSBA members earned more than $13.6 million in monetary awards at NSBA-sanctioned horse shows. The association sanctioned nearly 600 horse show events and close to 200,000 horse show entries last year.

NSBA experienced a very successful beginning in 1983. Based on the interest and response throughout the entire country, the NSBA is projecting unprecedented growth figures in the number of participants, events available, and award purses.

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