Aaron Vale and Major

No one picture can describe an arena this grand. The lights set high above the NSBA Grand Prix Saturday night, with the evening air warmed by an Ocala breeze. One listens to the pleasant, soft, chitter chatter, “Another clear round! That makes five!”

Everywhere I look, I feel the electric buzz of youth and fun emulsified on the wind, combined with laughter and smiles. Behind me sits a legend, a humble man, whip in hand and watching his fellow competitors picking their smooth lines. Counting 1,2,3, they canter forth, throwing their hearts over fences much bigger then horse and rider combined. Gasps are heard, as a rail goes down. Soft, sorrowful claps are for the rider done for the night and making his way to the out gate.

With a quiet chuckle, a legend has given his whip to a familiar young boy to play whilst a quick glance returns to the arena. He evokes a homely spirit, friendly and non-dominating. The crowd goes wild, another clear round! The legend claps along too, happy to just exist.

He leans down to the young boy, who is wildly amused with his whip. Allowing him possession of it a little longer, he starts pleasant small talk with the boy’s parents. Five minutes go by. The legend sits patiently. No more clear rounds thus far. The crowd has become distracted and seems louder, hungrier.

As another rail falls, the legend leans down to the young boy and gently asks for his whip by saying, “I might need that to win this tonight.” He smiles and pats the young green-eyed boy on the back, as if they are in agreement.

The legend, with unsullied riding attire, leaves as innocuously as he first appeared amongst the sitting crowd. Many in the seats are the fellow dreamers that will stand and roar at his substantial win. With an amiable smile and a thumbs up to all the faces young and old, Aaron Vale heads to the exit gate aboard the all-powerful Major.

Aaron and Major indeed do win the night’s Grand Prix challenge, adding another win and more earnings to the newest NSBA Quarter Million Dollar Club member’s record.

Written anonymously, by a resident trainer attending as a spectator, MH

NSBA’s most recent Quarter Million Dollar Club recipient, Aaron Vale wins the $75,000 CapitveOne Advisors Grand Prix on Saturday July 10, 2021

$75,000 CaptiveOne Advisors Grand Prix Results:

1. Major, Aaron Vale (USA), Don Stewart Sleepy P Ranch LLC: 0 | 0 | 38.692
2. Blue Movie, Rowan Willis (AUS), Rowan Willis: 0 | 0 | 40.955
3. Wellington Grey Goose, Rowan Willis (AUS), Rowan Willis: 0 | 0 | 43.891
4. Prescott, Aaron Vale (USA), Thinks Like a Horse: 0 | 4 | 42.297
5. Jack Straw, Camille Maddrix (USA), M&M Sporthorses: 0 | 8 | 44.916
6. Quatar, Jamie Taylor (USA), Jt Equine LLC: 0 | 8 | 46.759
7. ABC Quantum Cruise, Diego Bilbao (ESP), Wyndmont Inc.: 1 | 83.873
8. Essenar Crixus, Callan Solem (USA), Elan Farm: 4 | 78.660
9. Its The Senator 111, Peter Petschenig (AUT), Peter Petschenig: 4 | 79.744
10. Cinven CR, Bryn Rose Sadler (USA), Showcase 81, LLC: 4 | 79.911

For the show’s full result visit www.worldequestriancenter.com