Sandra Morgan’s stallion Im Willy Fabulous has lived up to his name in the show ring, and now the duo turns their attention to the foaling season and breeding shed before they return to the ring later this year. They grace this month’s cover and you can learn more about them in the Cover Story. The landscape for stallion owners and managers has changed dramatically in the last 30 years. The Way To Go looks at the statistics and talks with stallion managers about the changes they’ve seen. NSBA’s leadership provides a broad range of experience to the 2024 board and we look at their backgrounds. Be prepared for the 2024 show season by reviewing the rule changes in the NSBA Handbook that are outlined in this issue. In this month’s Sound Advice, Kamiah McGrath and Stephanie Lynn review ways to be successful with your 2024 competitive goals. The Foundation Feature examines the NSBA Foundation’s deep commitment to education. All this and much more can be found in this issue of The Way To Go!

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