Tomorrows Horsemen will  strengthen the future of the equine industry by working directly with individual emerging trainers, developing the skills they need to provide for their futures. Working with a series of professionals, experts, and specialists, participants will develop their knowledge in the fields of business, leadership, and communication.

Program Goal: To protect the future of the equine industry by teaching practical business applications that will result  in  long-term financial stability for equine professionals, their families, and their businesses. 

Class of 2021

The National Snaffle Bit Association is proud to introduce the class of 2021. Ten individuals have been selected to participate in this ground breaking program investing in the future of the show horse industry. 

From top left NSBA welcomes: Adam Smith, Pilot Point, Texas; Cody Parrish, Pavo, Georgia;  Denton DeBuhr, Eldora, Iowa;  Houston Huff, Evansville, Indiana;  Jessi Irion, Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Second row Kaley Marie Riel, West Newton, Pennsylvania; Katy Krshka, Yukon, Oklahoma;  Marissa Phillips, Dorsey, Illinois; Richard Andrew Van Hook, Nokesville, Virginia; Shannon Curl-Holbin, Omaha, Nebraska.

This program is funded as a special project of the NSBA Foundation with thanks to the Mary F Atkinson Family Trust for providing funding for the program. 


  • Participants attend 2 day 2 night workshops during the two-year course
  • Expenses covered by NSBA Foundation include travel, lodging, meals and course study material
  • Lecture and interactive discussion format
  • Interaction with business and industry experts
  • Two year course will combine in person meetings as well as web based sessions 

Learning Outcomes

  • Proven methods to improve communication, customer service and customer retention
  • Visioning - develop business plan that aligns with Small Business Association standards
  • Develop direction for future growth, marketing plans and diversification of services
  • Best practices from program mentors for business planning, strategic development and positive managerial practices
  • Networking  - develop business alliance to overcome common industry challenges
  • Insurance, contracts and employer responsibilities

Dates & Locations for 2020 Workshops

  • February 10 - 12, 2020 - DFW Area
  • April 27 - 29, 2020 - Gurnee, Illinois - Cancelled
  • December 7 - 9, 2020 - Gurnee, Illinois - Tentative
  • 2021 dates and locations to be determined

Additional questions and all reference materials should be directed to the NSBA office: NSBA   1391 St Paul Ave   Gurnee, IL 60031   847-623-6722