The final Friday of the 2022 NSBA World Championship Show and Breeders Championship Futurity saw several world champions and futurity champions named as well as the crowning of a dominate Ranch Riding trainer and the 2022 NSBA Markel Insurance Breeders Championship Futurity Yearling Sale.

Remembering June Warren

For the second year in a row, Amber Hanson Pickard was crowned the champion in this class. This year she showed Big Game Changer to the win. “BeBe is by Good Better Best and out of Artfully Blazing. We watched her be born and she’s been with us the whole time. We bought her as a two year old from Burt and Michelle Husky, and she’s pretty special to us,” Amber said.

“We had followed her Longe Line career and started working with her in April of her two year old year. She was a Congress champion last fall as a two year old. She is so strong, and has so much self-cadence, and she keeps her top line so consistent. On top of it, she loves her job, and that makes her so easy to train and show.”

As part of the Breeders Championship Futurity Three Year Old Open Hunter Under Saddle class, NSBA awards the June Warren Memorial trophy each year in memory of the late June Warren, who was an NSBA past president and strong advocate for the Hunter Under Saddle discipline within NSBA. Reserve champion in the class, Dawn Baker, remembered June. “June was a fierce competitor, and she showed some incredible horses,” Dawn said.

“I will always remember her showing The Last Detail. She made such huge contributions to NSBA and AQHA, but I will always remember her for the many Congress, AQHA world championships and NSBA world and futurity championships that she had – she won everything.”

Hunting Championships

Christina Shanahan couldn’t help but give her gelding, All The Good Things, a kiss after his win with Keith Miller in the irons for the Color Breeders Championship Futurity 4-6 Year Old Open Hunter Under Saddle.

“Buster is four years old and by Give Me The Goods and out of the Skys Blue Boy mare, Skys Rock Star,” Keith said of the AQHA and APHA registered gelding.

“He has a great personality, and you can see it in his expression when he shows. He trots so bit and sweepy, and canters soft. When you ride him, it’s like cantering on a cloud. We just showed him at the APHA World Show and he won the Junior Hunter Under Saddle there unanimously.”

Keith Miller also won a world championship title aboard Ridin On Chrome for owner Kelsey McArthur during what proved to be an extremely busy morning for the trainer. They showed in the Color Three Year Old Open Hunter Under Saddle. The three year old gelding named Patton is by When In Chrome. “We got him as a yearling, so we’ve had him for two years now,” Kelsey said. “I love his personality. He’s so sweet and loving, and he’s great to be around.”

As a show horse, Patton excels. “He is so floaty, and he just sticks himself out there. He has this beautiful long neck that really helps him show well too,” Kelsey said. “And Keith is a master at getting them to great performances.”

In the Green Hunter Under Saddle, Beth Case piloted CoolKrymsunLadyLike to the win for the Laurel Champlin Family Trust. “She’s by VS Code Red, and out of Cool Krymsun Lady, and we have had her at Highpoint over the Winter,” explained Beth.

“Charlie Cole was working with her in Trail, and he kept telling me that he thought she could long trot, but I wasn’t convinced. Soe he asked me to ride her, and she really is a Hunter Under Saddle horse. She’s won classes in Florida, Kentucky and now here. She’s very easy-going, and she has a big step for as small as she is. She is a big strong three year old, and she is fancy, just like her barn name, Fancy.”

Evie Doles had to do a victory lap by herself because her horse, If Im Honest, left the Ford Truck Arena to show in, and win Western Riding with Chris Jones after going straight to the Mustang Arena after showing to win the Breeders Championship Futurity 4-6 Year Old Limited Non-Pro Hunter Under Saddle.

“He’s six years old, and I’ve had him for two years now,” Evie said. “I call him Magical Moose. He is an amazing horse, and he makes it so much fun to show. In this class, I just mainly focused on staying out of traffic jams, because it was a big class. He has the best mind of any horse I’ve ever shown, and he’s just Mr. Perfect. He’s really the jack of all trades, and we love him.”

Sandra Morgan’s two year old stallion Im Willy Fabulous continued his undefeated streak at the NSBA World Championship Show, with Tami Thurston showing him to unanimously win the Breeders Championship Futurity Two Year Old Open Hunter Under Saddle.

“When they go out there and give you their heart like that, there is nothing else like it,” Tami said. “I could have been announced last, and I would still be crying because he was just so good, even better than the last time I showed him.”

Western Winners

Jay Southerland had a team cheering for him in the Color Breeders Championship Futurity Two Year Old Limited Open Western Pleasure. He showed Made Some Money for Darren Putnam, who bred and raised the gelding, as well as new owner, trainer Becky Schooler.

“He’s by Machine Made and out of Put Me On The Rail, who is by Extremely Hot Chips and out of an RL Best Of Sudden mare,” Darren said. “He was the first foal for this mare too. All he wants to do is be a show horse.”

“I started him at the beginning of January, and he has just been one of the easiest horses I’ve ever had,” added Jay. “I just got along with her so well. She has the character of a person almost.

“I would ride her a little lighter and spend more time petting on her and giving her peppermints – she’s a little spoiled. But she’s like my child. I think her overall profile is great and she’s so slow legged that she gives you a great presentation. The Putnams have been my eyes with her since the beginning and helped me a great deal with her.”

Kristen Galyean and VS The Fireman added another win to their list of accomplishments at the 2022 NSBA World Show, this time winning the Breeders Championship Futurity Three Year Old Non-Pro Western Pleasure. “He was so good, and so easy to show – that’s how it’s supposed to be. You don’t have to overcome any flaws with him, you just show him,” Kristen said.

“He is a lot like his dam, VS Lady In Red, and I think maybe even a little stronger. Wes and I have five or six foals a year, and we were drawn to him when he was born because he was just made so perfect – his hips and his hocks just sit up under him so that he was made to do this. He is a lot of fun to show, and he’s grown into even more than we ever thought he would.”

Austin Gooding earned his first NSBA world championship title in Color Senior Western Pleasure aboard Been There Scene It. The duo showed for Michelle and Sheila Bauer. “I’ve won the BCF before, and was reserve world champion, but I had never won a world championship until now,” Austin said.

“We bought him from Mike Hachtel three years ago. He is nine years old and we call him Winston. My dad and I swapped back and forth with him and we’ve been showing him over the past three years. He was great in the class. I showed him a little more forward in this class since I had some open spaces and was able to find good spots. He was really good over his top line out there. I’m super excited to win this.”

Betty Jo Carr showed Knockin It Out to her first win at the NSBA World Show, winning the Breeders Championship Futurity 4-6 Year Old Limited Non-Pro Western Pleasure. The six year old mare is by No Doubt Im Lazy and out of ZIppin The Breeze.

“We bought Pippa in Venice in 2020,” Betty Jo said. “She’s just so cool. I just decided to go out there and try to get the best ride we could and take what she gave me. It was a big class, and I worked to get good spots on the rail, and it all worked out.

“What’s even more exciting is we have a yearling and a weanling out of her by Machine Made, and we have more babies coming. We’re pretty excited to see what’s in the pipeline.”

Sara Simons added to her long list of world and futurity championships at this year’s NSBA World Show by winning the world title in the Color Three Year Old Open Western Pleasure. She showed Made Me Famous for Cathy Ryden for the win. “We call him Andy the orphan,” Sara said. “Darren Putnam raised him and we bought him as a yearling. We just showed him at the APHA World Championship Shows and he was a four-time world champion there. He has a super strong top line and a beautiful neck that just profiles really well.

“We are showing in the Three Year Old Western Pleasure classes this year, and we plan to start on Trail and his All Around career next year. He will be going to the Championship Show this fall.”

Bud Lyon's Day In Ranch Riding

It will be hard for trainer Bud Lyon to top his afternoon in the Ranch Riding classes at the 2022 NSBA World Show. Not only did he win the Junior Ranch Riding aboard Sumac Gunnabeflashy for owner Leslie Lange after winning the Ranch Rail world title yesterday, but he also won the top four placings in the Senior Ranch Riding as well.

“I had talked to Bud at the AQHA World Show last year and asked him to find me a Ranch Riding project for this year,” explained Leslie Lange. “He found this gelding and he’s just been great. ‘Romeo’ lives with Bud, and everyone in the barn loves him. He’s really Mr Personality, but he’s also the horse that rubs his halter off in a minute, tears up the stall mats in his stall and when he sleeps, he snores.

“The pattern today for the Junior Ranch Riding had a lot of transitions and parts to it – there were a couple of places that you could get trapped with a young horse, but it was a good test and we were lucky to come out on top.”

In Senior Ranch Riding, Bud’s stable of horses top the top four spots. He showed Whiznboonsmal to win the world championship for owner Madison Hayden, Crowd Pleasure to the reserve award and Chex Out My Dough to third, both for owner Kerry Papendick, and Lil Trash Talk to fourth.

“I don’t even know what to say about this day, other than I’m fortunate to have such great clients and horses that support me, and a great crew of people who help make it happen. I’m just extremely grateful,” Bud said.

“Whizinboonsmal was born in Canada, and is by Pepto Leap and out of a Topsail mare. Madison had shown him to some NRHA and AQHA titles, and I started coaching her on Ranch Riding a few years ago. I kept telling her this horse needed to be a Ranch Riding horse, and so we started working on it. He’s a pretty handy horse.”

The NSBA World Championship Show and Breeders Championship Futurity continues through Sunday, August 21. To view complete show results, the link to the live video feed or learn more about the show or NSBA, please visit

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