AQHA/APHA Stallion Smokin Custom Crome graces the November/December issue of The Way To Go. Learn how he became an unlikely, but successful, show partner for Kristin Patton in this month’s Cover Story. In this special lifestyles issue, we look at what’s involved in living in an equestrian community and where they are located. In this month’s Sound Advice, NSBA members share what it means to be part of the horse community. Since success for a foal starts with the programs for which it is eligible, NSBA has a great foundation – and we review the SIF, BCF and Color BCF programs. Born through love of family and community, Murphy Trailer Sales finds success the good old-fashioned way. Learn about how they’ve grown the company and their family. With stallions Allocate Your Assets and VS Code Blue, Katherine Tobin has developed the dream team when it comes to breeding horses. Learn more about her line-up. The Way To Go also looks at the unusual APHA and AQHA stallion Living Large. Like a stone ripples in water, NSBA members can turn ripples into big waves of support for the NSBA Foundation. In this month’s Foundation Feature, we detail the many ways to do so. All this and more in this issue of The Way To Go!

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