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ID Foal Year Sex Name Sire Dam Current Owner Microchip Height
L073563 2019 Stallion WSA Best Pass Player Pass The Legacy On WSA Kissins Nooption Karena M Cymbaluk
L051921 2014 Mare WSA Custom Cocodream Pass The Legacy On KCS Custom Chip Sonia Stevens
L050539 2014 Gelding WSA Dream Machine Pass The Legacy On Your Good Machine Jack Chambliss
L060168 2016 Stallion WSA Good Bars Legacy Pass The Legacy On WSA Gisella Good Bar Belle Uren
L049934 2014 Gelding WSA Good Lopinlegacy Pass The Legacy On WSA Gisella Good Bar Tina Corrigan
L120163 2021 Stallion WSA IO You Pass The Legacy On Yours Only/Your Only Kelly J Hagelin
L064146 2017 Mare WSA Kiss My Pass Pass The Legacy On WSA Kissins Nooption Karena M Cymbaluk
L059854 2016 Stallion WSA Leathal Legacy Pass The Legacy On Leathal Combination Karena M Cymbaluk
L054287 2015 Mare WSA Livin Dee Dream Pass The Legacy On Leathal Combination Karena M Cymbaluk
L077192 2020 Stallion WSA Livin Ona Prayer Pass The Legacy On Leathal Combination Tom and/or Gail Craun
L060170 2016 Stallion WSA Made U A Legacy Pass The Legacy On Your Good Machine Karena M Cymbaluk
L068590 2018 Stallion WSA Midas Well Pass Pass The Legacy On An Awesome Ten Karena M Cymbaluk
L068591 2018 Stallion WSA No Trespassing Pass The Legacy On WSA Kissins Nooption Karena M Cymbaluk
L058212 2016 Stallion WSA Pass Me A Bud Pass The Legacy On Invest In the Sas Crystal Fryer
L053163 2015 Mare WSA Pass On The Sas Pass The Legacy On Invest In the Sas Sophie Erpelding
L068593 2018 Mare WSA Pass The Butter Pass The Legacy On WSA Gisella Good Bar Karena M Cymbaluk
L064040 2017 Stallion WSA Pass The Chips Pass The Legacy On Sweet Contessa Karena M Cymbaluk
L073562 2019 Mare WSA Pass The Peaches Pass The Legacy On Leathal Combination Karena M Cymbaluk
L073561 2019 Stallion WSA Pass The Sweets Pass The Legacy On Sweet Contessa Karena M Cymbaluk
L068592 2018 Mare WSA Pass The Whiskey Pass The Legacy On Invest In the Sas Karie S Boman
L109022 2016 Mare WSF Lemoncello Champ Corryfee Watershed Farm LLC 985111001964507
L029588 2010 Gelding WSR Flymetothemoon Only In The Moonlite Prettiest Jet Yet Rylee Ellen Murray
L044685 2009 Mare WSR Miss Behaving Invitation Only Behaving On Impulse Jennifer L Corea
L034559 2009 Stallion WSR Only The Lonely Invitation Only Zip Zap And Snap Jennifer L Corea
L003663 2008 Mare WSR Pure Country Pure Dynamic Behaving On Impulse Kathrin Retthofer
L044686 2008 Mare WSR Pure Country (new name) Pure Dynamic Behaving On Impulse Jennifer L Corea
L034560 2010 Mare WSR Shes Agolddigger Zippos Mr Good bar Impulsions Gold Jon Barry
L122859 2007 Gelding WT Lawry Liocalyon Gentry Foley Family Farm 981020029046260
L086650 2012 Gelding WT Limited Edition Lio Calyon Lirona Amanda Thompson 965000000318600
L079472 2003 Gelding Wubo Rose Oklund Atellarose Karen Young 528210002001080
L069771 2018 Gelding Wun Bad Azz Machine The Best Machine Wun Dee Bar Mindy Erskine
L053871 2015 Mare Wunder Woman Batt Man Heartstring Gal Julie Huppe
L073101 2017 Gelding Wutiluvaboutsunday One Hot Chocolate Duplicated Irons Chelsey Marie McCrary
L107826 2012 Mare Wuv My Mercedes Cromed Out Mercedes Wuv Maia P2 Capital LLC
L005250 2009 Gelding WW Sudden Impulse RL Best Of Sudden Ironclad Invitation Suzanne Tyler
L086403 2018 Gelding Wyatt Westporte Girona Meadowood Farm LLC 933000032002516
L086513 2009 Gelding Wyatt Undocumented Undocumented Michele Muenzenmay 985112011159624
L115346 2015 Gelding Wyatt Earp HF Orlando Cuhr Miriam Gail McClure-Adam 981020017202024
L065327 2016 Gelding Wyatts Hittingthebar Its A Zippo Good Bar Radical Ambitions Emma Schaefer
L121840 2004 Mare Wyndara Widmark Brienza Henrietta Hall 981020023292911
L054863 2015 Mare Wyne Me N Dyne Me Full Medal Jacket So Hot I Trot Gerald or Brenda Mansur
L081230 2012 Mare Wynmore Bailey Legal Flying Diamond The Bailef Hilin Peredur Wynmore Farm LLC 985141002316840 13.1 1/4
L070339 2018 Mare Wynter Love Affair Good To Know Ablazing Hot Diesel Autumn D Thomas
L075648 2015 Mare WYO Shiny N Pretty WYO Sparky Shines Whippets Triple Lady Sherryl Stovall
L073510 2019 Stallion X Potential Machine Good Machinery Gottalotta Potential Janet Thorley
L003235 2010 Gelding X Rated Iron/Ironic HBF Iron Man The Smidge Affair Lauren N Bork
L052914 2013 Gelding Xclusive Rights Only Hot Ones Only Just Stunning Caitlyn Maria Carstens
L034561 2005 Stallion Xotic Investment Investment Terms Xotic Streaks Linda Eppes/Stephanie Black
L068038 2018 Gelding Xpect To B Impressed Riginal Cinch Brand Impulsive With Erin Estella Estus
L069670 2019 Mare Xtra Alidocious Allocate Your Assets Xtra Hot Irons Gabrielle Kostiuk
L075154 2020 Mare Xtra Better Best Good Better Best Xtra Hot Irons Gabrielle Kostiuk
L056498 2012 Gelding Xtra Diamond N Town Hollywoodstinseltown HA Ruby N Diamonds Kath Loan Koranda
L122184 2021 Mare Xtra Dry Martini The Best Martini Lope Up Like Dis Todd D Yoder
L121166 2017 Gelding Xtra Electric Wimp Wimpys Little Step Electrinicki Rhonda Brown
L003802 2008 Mare Xtra Fancy Investment Artful Investment B Fancy Dirty Sue Robyn K Ewing
L103257 2016 Mare Xtra Glowing Spirits Wimpyneedsacocktail Sparkling Radiance Julie B Rogers
L001647 2008 Mare Xtra Hot Irons These Irons Are Hot Ima Lady By Choice Gabrielle Kostiuk
L066556 2018 Stallion Xtra Hubba Hubba Hubba Hubba Huntin Xtra Hot Irons Gabrielle Kostiuk
L125309 2017 Gelding Xtra Jackontherocks Wimpyneedsacocktail HA Ruby N Diamonds Hannah Clifton
L122617 2018 Gelding Xtra Oldfashionedluv A Sparkling Vintage Memorable Affair Debbie Kuffer
L064447 2015 Gelding Xtra Ordinary The Next Detail Hot Lovin Marshia K Musick
L126080 2018 Gelding Xtra Special Okie Wimpys Little Step Xtra Voodoo Dora Tamara L Smith
L034562 2006 Stallion Xtra Sweet Art I Sweet Tee Nee's Avenger Sandy Vargo
L070949 2014 Mare Xtra Voodoo Chuka Shiners Voodoo Dr Chuka Chic P Brown DBA Brown Drby Stables
L110090 2018 Stallion Xtra Walk This Way Wimpys Little Step Jokes Smartime Terry Garrett
L025690 2006 XTRASWEETSENSATION Zippos Sensation Kay La Mae Gary/Deborah Wartick
L002199 2009 Stallion Xtravagant Lifestyle Set For Life Vested Diva Kim McCool
L060782 2017 Mare Xtraxtrareadalboutit Allocate Your Assets Xtra Hot Irons Gabrielle Kostiuk
L071720 2019 Mare Xtreamly Sweet Chips Extremely Hot Chips Only Sweet Dreams JoLynn Mallory
L046534 2008 Gelding Xtreme Art Artful Investment Debit (TB) Kristina L. Rothers
L047933 2007 Mare Xtreme Asset A New Perspective Regal Asset Indiya Savehearrt
L025691 2005 Gelding Xtreme Krymsun One Hot Krymsun Private Pleasures Sherri L Hennis
L029098 2011 Gelding Xtreme Power Extremely Hot Chips Flashin My Assets Cheryl A Mullikin
L104423 2019 Gelding Xtreme To A Tee Xtreme Classic Style Shes A Cool Lad Mary J Kirkham
L048721 2013 Gelding Xtreme Zip Extremely Hot Chips Zip N Therapy Audra Levitte
L099408 2020 Mare Xtremely Glamorous Extremely Hot Chips Only Glamorous Denise Hawkins
L116774 2021 Mare Xtremely Hot Blonde Extremely Hot Chips Lil White Dress Connie K Kaiser
L051917 2013 Mare Xtremely Hot Tootsee Extremely Hot Chips Tootsee Roll Ava Newsom
L064254 2017 Gelding Xtremely Sweet Extremely Hot Chips Ms Best Of Sudden Emilee Yost
L125621 2022 Mare Xtremely Xtra The Extreme Machine Xtra Hot Irons Gabrielle Kostiuk
L053865 2015 Stallion Xtremelyhot Extremely Hot Chips My Krymsun Slippers Lakeshore Performance Horses LLC
L055177 2015 Mare Xtremelyhotvalentine Extremely Hot Chips Tootsee Roll Michael R Laplace
L051516 2014 Stallion Xtremey Good Rodder Extremely Hot Chips Ima Good Rodder Randy Ratliff
L055843 2014 Mare Xtremly Hot Diamonds Extremely Hot Chips Ima Diamond Loper Brenda Thompson
L062593 2017 Gelding Xtremlysophisticated Extremely Hot Chips Sophististar Only Pamela Hunter
L073206 2019 Gelding Xxtreme Extremely Hot Chips Ms Flashy Goodbar Barbara A Bouma
L071790 2019 Mare XXX Factor The Wow Factor Choice Rewards Jessica Ann Kopp
L086212 2017 Gelding Xzpecial N Im Special De Muze Paula Dina Mazzola 276020000377843
L109950 2009 Gelding Xzplendor Chairman La Silla Gitza MB Annie Marvin 752098100463067 17.1
L051122 2013 Mare Y Not A Famous Blonde Oh Y Not One Famous Blonde Patti A Gertner
L051165 2012 Mare Y Not Be Impulsive Oh Y Not One Famous Blonde Amy Kennedy Reynolds
L051449 2014 Gelding Y So Blue Its All About Blue Made Pretty Fancy William Welty
L076572 2020 Mare Ya Best Be Good Good Better Best Short On Details Rebecca M Hogan
L027903 2012 Mare Ya Best Get Dressed RL Best Of Sudden Western Shady Lady Nina Conners
L034563 2005 Mare Ya Gotta Hot Lover Blazing Hot Ya Gotta Lover Kathy C Hunt
L059962 2016 Gelding Ya Need A Makita Mechanic Peppermint Goodie Jill R Blieu
L124400 2022 Mare Ya Snooze Ya Looze Too Sleepy To Zip RR Cant Invite Me Michael E Warren
L055098 2015 Mare Ya Think Im Good CR Good Machine Ya Think Tori White
L107676 2015 Gelding Yaafour Poet's Voice Whatizzit Hannah Hobbs 985101045224085
L067789 2016 Gelding Yabba Dabba Hoo Hot Ones Only Captive Dancer Gemma L Kaye-Hudson
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