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ID Foal Year Sex Name Sire Dam Current Owner Microchip Height
L058106 2013 Gelding Waitin Ona RV Woman Radical Rodder Ill Be Dun Won It Jean M Davidson
L126846 2022 Stallion Waitin Ona Valentine VS Goodride Certain Valentine Becky George
L077526 2020 Mare Waitin Til Morning Wait A Darn Minute Sleeping In The Bar Brenda Lindvall
L067593 2018 Mare Waiting On A Kiss Kissin The Girls Zippopass Mnms To Me Melissa Riehl
L028979 2010 Gelding Waiting On A Woman The Good Ranger A Sudden Susie Tami Mekeel
L128000 2022 Mare Waiting On Gold Wait A Darn Minute Masquerade N Gold Sabrina Freter
L053451 2015 Mare Waiting On Moonlight RL Best Of Sudden Moonlight Mania Jenny Thomas
L027783 2012 Mare Waiting On My Cowboy How Bout This Cowboy Zippos Cowgirl Sonja & Keith Hilburn
L128162 2022 Gelding Waiting On My Invite Invitation Only Ms Flashy Goodbar Barbara A Bouma
L001274 2008 Mare Waiting On Payday Protect Your Assets Ima Good Penny Kim Stonerock
L002811 2005 Mare Waiting On Sweetie Impulsions Sweetie Sabre Meredith Weaver
L051605 2014 Mare Waiting Ona Cowboy How Bout This Cowboy Who Could Be Certain Jody White
L069819 2016 Mare Waitn Ona Suggestion Open For Suggestion Fash On Charlie Christina Harris
L087957 2020 Mare Waittellyouseemetrot Theres No Telling Trot On In Hannah E Means
L060130 2016 Mare Wake Up For Candy VS Flatline Too Sleepy For Candy Susan Juroe
L034446 2006 Mare Wake Up Miss Moxy Mr Moxie Man Awaken The Hero Jason/Jessica Stender
L059347 2016 Mare Wake Up To Strut Strutin On The Range HRZ Wake Up Suzy Brenda M Ackerman
L067023 2018 Mare Wakemeupbeforugogo The Rock Im Just More Fun Melodie Nelson
L063170 2011 Mare Walk Away Hocus Hocus Pocus Hotrod Dont Walk Away Partners For Progress NFP
L046828 2013 Mare Walk For Chocolate Huntin For Chocolate Dont Walk Away Doug J Jacobs
L062995 2016 Gelding Walk Hubbout The Sky Hubba Hubba Huntin A Walk In The Sky Alexandra J Hodson
L078624 2020 Mare Walk It Off Heart Stoppin/VQH Heart Stoppin As She Walkin Away Joe and Kay Kimmel
L132620 2020 Mare Walk Like An Angel Un Forgettable Medical Angel Madeline Johnson
L074958 2019 Gelding Walk N After Midnite Good Better Best A Walk In The Sky Jeffrey T Stanley
L125853 2022 Mare Walk On Bye Outlaw Enterprise Will Be Sky Walkin Ann Lapacinski
L128654 2022 Stallion Walk Out Wicked No Doubt Im Lazy Krymsun Truffle JKH Quarter Horses LLC
L076060 2020 Mare Walk This Way The Mile High Club Will Be Sky Walkin Rachel Wehner
L002499 2009 Gelding Walkable Sky Blue Walker Lukeable Catherine "Katie" O'Connell
L034447 2005 Mare Walkalongwithhocus Hocus Pocus Hotrod Donnas Dainty Walker Doug J Jacobs
L076294 2015 Gelding Walkers Only One N Only Sleepin Up The Line Ellen Bivins
L058575 2016 Mare Walkie Talkie I Got Em Talkin Marcis Choice Laurie Roden
L063935 2017 Gelding Walkin Da Money Walk Ionlylopeformoney As Shes Walkin Away Anita J Moore
L051419 2014 Gelding Walkin N Moonlite Only In The Moonlite RL Suddenly Abbey Michele L Bogucki
L071309 2019 Gelding Walkin Onthe Wildside All The Wild Details Fancy Lil Black Dress Jenny K Nelson
L055563 2007 Gelding Walkin R Investment Huntin An Investment Cake Walkin (TB) Alyssa Zirbel
L052252 2014 Mare Walkin The Sweetline VS Flatline The Sweetest Version Katie Jo Jones
L025211 2008 Gelding Walkin To The Party Sky Blue Walker Six Packin Annie Natalie Anne Regelman
L083621 2020 Mare Walkin Willy Good Good I Will Be A Walk In The Sky Michael S Edwards
L052525 2014 Gelding Walkin With Swagger No Doubt Im Lazy As Shes Walkin Away John P/Carla McMullen
L025212 2005 WALKIN WITH THE LAW Sky Blue Walker Shes Testing The Law Kayla Carlisle
L089092 2007 Gelding Walking Boss Undocumented Undocumented Georgia Belle Teepell 985111002421533
L133159 2023 Mare Walking Onn Sunshine Good Better Best A Walk In The Sky Anya Elise Danielson
L054169 2015 Gelding Walking The Line VS Flatline Suddenly A Cool Lady Melinda Laughlin
L034448 2006 Mare Walking With Invy Green With Invy Street Walker Tilly Debra Jo Flowers
L062918 2017 Gelding Walkingawkin Gorgeous A Masked Asset Sunnydayromance Linda McFarland
L034449 2007 Mare Walkinonthewildside Certain Potential Walkin After Midnite Jerry Winstead
L118930 2021 Mare Walkn After Midnight Zippos Blue Goose Last Lil Principle Kathy Speck
L025213 2006 Gelding Walkthelyne A Good Machine Mosly Zippo Gerald & Stephanie Hathaway
L073424 2019 Gelding Wall EEE Willybuptonogood Endless Breeze Jamie L Migliori
L001719 2008 Stallion Wall Street Mogul Blazing Hot Zippos MS Goodbar Gerald or Brenda Mansur
L128390 2022 Mare Wall Street Scandal Invite The Invester/Invest In The Invite The Dancing Machine Antoinette Thomassy
L048982 2013 Gelding Wall Street Sensation Zippos Sensation Good Miss Winnie Fritz J Trybus DVM
L034450 2010 Stallion Wall Street Walter Potential Investment Zippos Desert Storm Brad Evert Johnson
L119468 2017 Mare Walla Roosta Chic Walla Walla Whiz Magnificent Chic Joan M States
L109745 2016 Mare Walla Walla Miss Walla Walla Whiz Missin My Friend Rein Maker Ranch LLC
L130495 2015 Gelding Walla Whiz N Affair Walla Walla Whiz Cowgirl Affair Secota Horses LLC
L058005 2009 Mare Walla Whiz Wanda Topsail Whiz Walla Walla Wanda Anna Capaldi
L124095 2019 Gelding Walla Witha Gun Walla Walla Whiz Chexy Gun Randle Marchman
L083299 2003 Gelding Walleroo H Numero Uno O'Kristy Karissa Elaine Cassidy 528210000384597
L127265 2022 Mare Walletfulofsingles Best Get Your Wallet Arts Solo Portrait Sarah Williamson
L111249 2007 Stallion Wallstreet RC Cardento R.Z. Calettina Retto Guy McElvain 752098100338650
L066884 2014 Gelding Wallys Gun Affair Walla Walla Whiz Gun Affair Debbie Kuffer
L104820 2003 Mare Waltzing In Reeboks Reeboks Kid Blazing Last Waltz Anna P Foote
L054634 2015 Mare Wambam Thank You Mam Only In The Moonlite LDR Look My Way Angie Rigdon Cannizzaro
L086647 2006 Mare Wanderer Cosar Falka Beth Shepherd 991001000333731
L088861 2009 Gelding Wanderlust Carpaccio Imagine That Julia Elizabeth JeBailey 981020023453836
L089190 2010 Gelding Wandoboyslew Wando Slew O' Platinum Alyssa Villanueva 952000001067091
L131556 2019 Mare Wanna B My Luvah Lazy Luvah No Time For Regrets Jeanette L Quinn
L002892 2009 Mare Wanna Bea Brass Chip The Miracle Chip Wanna Be Brassy Carla M Peacock
L102601 2005 Gelding Wanna Bet Wedderlie Maradonna Telynau Miss Regina Dakota Anne Zehler 981020025729439 12.1 3/4
L063786 2017 Gelding Wanna Get Lazy Lazy Loper Ms Glamour Bar James Gauthier Jr
L027825 2012 Mare Wanna Get Noticed My Final Notice Designed In The Dark Sandra Morgan
L088041 2020 Gelding Wanna Kruze The Krymsun Kruzer How Bout An Asset Michele McLaughlin
L115558 2021 Mare Wanna Make A Bet The Lopin Machine Id Bet On Her Todd D Yoder
L083475 2020 Mare Wanna Meet Sherlock Mr Sherlock Holmes RU Hot For Chocolate Mary Iris Webre
L131667 2022 Stallion Wanna No A Secret Vitalyzed/Vito Her Best Kept Secret Susan L Watkins
L053649 2015 Gelding Wannabe Cowboy Original Cowboy/The Original Cowboy Just Zip Her Tammie R Poser
L101790 2012 Gelding Wannabe CS Warrant Welite Petschenig Showjumping LLC 208210000378514
L028982 2008 Mare Wannabe Invited Invitation Only Sheza Vested Zip Bar Valerie J Morgan
L128252 2022 Mare Wannabe The Best The Best Martini Wannabe Invited Renee Whitmore
L062561 2017 Mare Wannabe Willy Good Winnies Willy Almost Good Debra L Trubee
L050753 2014 Gelding Want Me Dont Cha The Gift Of Midas Miss Shadow Page Brooke A Ketchum
L062409 2017 Mare Wanta Be Blue VS Code Blue One Sunny Winter Marlene A Kirsteatter
L034451 2012 Gelding Wanta Be Hot Zippo Hot Pine Invite Miss Scotch Gorman & Alice Barger
L044666 2007 Stallion Wanta Dance Natural Iron Diget Dancer Debbie Hoffmann
L062507 2013 Gelding Wanta One Nite Stand Nite Moves Sheza Classic Joy Jacki J Davis
L059033 2016 Gelding Wanted For Lopin Lazy Loper Last Invitation Angela M Basso
L067609 2018 Gelding Wanted Invitation Iresistable Sudden Zippin Invitation Teresa J Storm
L067262 2018 Mare Wanted Lazy Loper Lazy Loper Slow Dancin Zippo Peggy L Roberts
L000384 2007 Stallion Wanted Sensation Zippos Sensation Morning Whispers Raquel Graeve
L001191 2007 Mare Wantin Only The Best RL Best Of Sudden Invitationtothetop Angela Foor
L119214 2006 Mare Wapiti Cartani Nena Susan May 840003006011333
L109477 2012 Gelding War Machine Carrera VDL Umay De Olympica Loretta Sarah Patterson 752098100626967
L048165 2013 Stallion Warm Fuzzies Blazing Hot Ebony N Ice Jill Roraff-Warren
L119066 2010 Mare Warnike Eldorado Van De Zeshoek Carnike Elan Farm 528210002487764
L109867 2009 Gelding Warrington Undocumented Undocumented Elizabeth A Radebaugh 981020021784156
L117198 2013 Mare Warrior Princess Benny The Bull Samaritans Star Brittany Bonita McCarthy 981020033303997
L027958 2012 Gelding Was Meant To Be Good I Will Be This Is Why Im Hot Linda Lu Kosal
L115290 2007 Gelding Wasabi Rachmaninov Mi Ami Kristi Foltz 981020031371601
L119133 2013 Gelding Washington ODF Klotaire Du Moulin Ed Dakhla Christy Salyards 981020023296763
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