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ID Foal Year Sex Name Sire Dam Current Owner Microchip Height
L104066 2003 Mare Wassandra G Candidat Kassandra Hallie Anne Nelson 528210000768666 16.1
L126315 2022 Gelding Wasted On You Easy On The Eyez Socka Luke Tiffanie Burwell
L025240 2009 Gelding Wata Famous Chex Hes Suddenly Famous Whata Sweet Chex Larry Dale Russell
L043913 2012 Stallion Watch A Cool Blaze Watch My Potential Sheza Cool Blaze Susan J Marques
L043914 2012 Stallion Watch A Good Night Watch My Potential Kiss Me Good Night Susan J Marques
L025244 2005 Gelding Watch For Charlie Zippos Shadow Watch Love My Impulse Breana K Carsey
L001581 2008 Mare Watch For Gold Lace Zippos Old Gold Watch For Lace Winridge Farm
L043915 2012 Gelding Watch For The Roses Watch My Potential Red Wine N Roses Wendy Peterson
L062131 2016 Gelding Watch Him Go HBF Iron Man Ebony Air Ride Christina M Thode
L034452 2007 Mare Watch It Im No Lady Zippos Shadow Watch Vested Lady Deborah L Watts
L034453 2006 Mare Watch It Ima Lady Zippos Shadow Watch Vested Lady Deborah L Watts
L081546 2012 Gelding Watch Me Contano Scarlet Z Diane Monroe 276020000123603
L086648 2009 Gelding Watch Me Undocumented Undocumented Victoria Vandegrift Holmes 276098104658349 17.0
L109455 2021 Mare Watch Me Batt Batt Man Watch Me Work It Jessica Kopp/Nova Ranch LLC
L127433 2022 Gelding Watch Me Be Good/MD Watch Me Be Good Certainly A Vision Beckys Best Dwight G Wielenga
L099195 2020 Mare Watch Me Burn Rageous Blaze Faithful Persuasion Ashley Anthony
L080485 2009 Mare Watch Me Dance Undocumented Undocumented Sydney Nelis 991001001511027
L132124 2023 Mare Watch Me Do It Watch Me Im Special My Brothers Did It Hillary Howdle-Miller
L001871 2008 Mare Watch Me Exclusively Zippos Shadow Watch Exclusive Investment Natalie Conte
L034454 2006 Mare Watch Me Forever Zippos Shadow Watch Pepper Jo Jackie Mindy Kane
L034455 2005 Mare Watch Me Get Western Dress Western Watch For Shadows Annie M Craig
L034456 2007 Mare Watch Me Go Bye Zippos Shadow Watch Bye Bye Principles Annie M Craig
L124734 2022 Mare Watch Me Im Exquisite Watch Me Im Special Loots Fifty Shades Kelli Estes
L069190 2018 Stallion Watch Me Im Special One Special Asset Caughtchawatchinme Hillary Howdle-Miller
L064039 2017 Gelding Watch Me Kiss Kissin The Girls Watch Me Im Radical Deborah Smith
L005229 2009 Stallion Watch Me Repeat Repeated In Red Miss Melody Mount Heather Brower
L057921 2016 Gelding Watch Me Strut Strutin On The Range RR Certain Blessing Christina Farver
L132114 2023 Mare Watch Me Suddenly Watch Me Im Special A Sudden Cookie Hillary Howdle-Miller
L132099 2023 Mare Watch Me Win Roses Watch Me Im Special No Roses Send Goodies Hillary Howdle-Miller
L034458 2005 Mare Watch Mini Cooper Zippos Shadow Watch The Lil Deuce Coupe Annie M Craig
L034459 2005 Mare Watch Mosly Me Zippos Shadow Watch Rosymos Cora A Goodwin
L034460 2006 Mare Watch My Absolute Absolute Investment Watch A Daisy Melodie Nelson
L062531 2017 Gelding Watch My Cowboy How Bout This Cowboy Whata Classy Doc Vickie E Mills
L002607 2009 Mare Watch My Good Karma Watch My Potential WF Good Karma Susan J Marques
L034461 2012 Mare Watch My Irons HBF Iron Man Sheza Dime A Dozen Vanessa E Dahl
L034462 2011 Stallion Watch My Rainbow Watch My Potential Ive Got The Goods Susan J Marques
L002500 2009 Gelding Watch My Rhapsody Watch My Potential Rhapsody Inthe Breez Tamie L Richey
L034463 2012 Mare Watch My Surprise Watch My Potential Swirls Surprise Toni L Pulley
L110499 2010 Mare Watch Over Me Zapatero VDL Tendresse Z Anne Claridge Roberts 933000120165971
L034464 2007 Mare Watch Sally Ride Zippos Shadow Watch Sheza April Jet Annie M Craig
L130325 2018 Mare Watch That Fox Flit French Flit Fire Fox Nickie Courtney Rose Stanek
L081427 2012 Gelding Watch This Cartago Van't Molenbosch Paola Jenna Claire O'Day 528210002738044 14.0 1/8
L025272 2005 Watch This Blonde Sweet Talkin Chip Zip N Therapy Tifani P McDaniel
L061578 2014 Mare Watch This Chip Suddenley Sid Oh Chip Im Broke Mark Menke
L000896 2007 Stallion Watch This Kid Rock HH Red Rock With Love Amigo Kathy/Steve Horning
L150788 2019 Mare Watch This Kiss Kissin The Girls Watch Sonny Invest Darcie Faye Rittenberry
L058161 2016 Stallion Watch This Machine Good Machinery RL Good Time sudden Jane Backes
L025275 2019 Mare Watch What I Got All Up Honor Royal Desert Jennifer Hartmann
L067619 2018 Gelding Watch Yo Self Full Medal Jacket The Next Hot Thing Mitchell D Adkins
L073603 2017 Mare Watchanddlearn Allocate Your Assets Sounds Slo Haley Plumb
L073827 2019 Stallion Watchem Ride CBS Whitecollar Ride Gotta Fancy Dun Christina L Wilson
L050247 2013 Mare Watcher Rocktheblues Dynamic In Blue Whata Classy Doc Larry & Sunny Krugh
L043916 2012 Stallion Watchin A Sundance Watch My Potential Sundance Jet Phantom Susan J Marques
L043917 2012 Gelding Watchin A Wizard Watch My Potential Ive Got The Goods Russelle Graf
L034465 2005 Stallion Watchin For Hotrods Chipin Watch Me Hotrod J.R. Reichert
L005230 2011 Mare Watchin My Figer Charlie Hilfiger Be Dirty Yvonne Van Luttikhuizen
L044667 2010 Stallion Watchin The Rebel Watch My Potential WF Good Karma Susan J Marques
L057479 2013 Gelding Watchin Tv Watch My Potential Impulsive Della Jeff Rydalch
L088273 2005 Mare Watching For Me Te For Me Watch The Con Joni D Hunter
L001582 2008 Stallion Watching My Gold Zippos Old Gold Devine Selection Winridge Farm
L032983 2012 Stallion Watchit Im On It Gonna Wanna WatchIt Im Dressed To A Tee Pati Thomson Shaw
L050388 2014 Mare Watchoutforthisone One N Only Zipsaflowin Brianna C Clark
L120269 2009 Gelding Watchtower Disco Rico Mamma's Image Lauren Wentworth 981020031383932
L104044 2008 Gelding Watchusayin Le Matsjo Valentina Madison Elizabeth Moore 981020021896716 14.1 7/8
L130987 2016 Gelding Waterfords Luxor Waterford Undocumented Amy Ingram
L079394 2002 Mare Waterlily Hidden Creek Rain Fox Champlain's Good As Gold Jennifer Gehrisch Taylor 981020019622187 14.1 3/8
L089531 2010 Mare Waterlily Wilmington Monet Kirsten Tillotson 981020023297602
L109889 2021 Gelding Watermellon Crush Favored By All Iron Lady By Design Scott A Baumgartner
L073531 2019 Mare Watermellon Sugar Favored By All Invitation To A Te Shawn Manvell
L063469 2017 Mare Watermelon Crawll/Watermelon Crawl Favored By All Invitation To A Te Lacee Brown
L079368 2014 Mare Watermelon Sugar Quidams Quarz Konletta Madeline Brooks 276020000168155
L099918 2006 Gelding Watermill Time Watermill Rolex XX Georgina Maidensway 965000000335873
L110093 2014 Gelding Watson Hogholm's Cobra One Hala Reese Gilliam Manley 981020013530228
L126152 2019 Mare Watt The Fritz Mega Watt Shine French Fritz Peyton Rose Leiser
L088966 2020 Gelding Watts It To You How Bout This Cowboy Ima Fancy Affair Nancy G Chapman TTEE NGC Trust
L002234 2009 Mare Waves Of Valencia Indian Artifacts Valencia sol Sherry Marx
L001168 2006 Mare Way Beyond Basic Vested Pine Basic Bold Kent Alan Sommer
L074864 2016 Gelding Way Beyond Special Especially Vested Nevermind Thedetails Jenny M Drinkall
L051803 2014 Mare Way Fabulous Fabuluke Blazing Her Way Nancy-Sue Ryan
L064641 2016 Mare Way Outta Ur League Ima Moxie Leaguer Captivating Anna Hannah E Means
L071065 2019 Gelding Way Sophisticated Sophistication Only Coal Minrs Daughter Ella Miller
L126815 2022 Gelding Way To Go Red VS Code Red The Only Way I Know Katie Hudson
L000614 2006 Mare Way To Sudden RL Best Of Sudden Way To Zippo Kenneth & Marilyn Masterson
L083010 2016 Mare Way Too Foxy Blue Fox Jasmine Jennifer Wheeler-Winborne 981020035183099
L069159 2018 Stallion Way Too Lazy N Good Lazy Loper Cotton Pickin Good Trisha Heuser
L034467 2011 Mare Way Too Priceless Truly Priceless Theonly Wayto Travel Stephanie A Moore
L133510 2023 Mare Way West Winona Thewaythewestwasone Lopen Lola Brown Jane Cryderman
L111245 2007 Mare Wayfarer Undocumented Undocumented Sophie Lenihan 981020019618196
L115952 2010 Gelding Wayfarer Undocumented Undocumented Meredith C Mouney 933000220017243
L103888 2014 Gelding Waymaker Untouchable Bonna Tettie E Laura Barrett and Camryn Halley 528210004146020
L122216 2021 Gelding Waymakr No Doubt Im Lazy Lexus Made Lady Pickford Ranching
L127332 2022 Gelding Wayyy Too Eze Easy On The Eyez Toddy Makes Ya Sleep The Appendix Connection
L131845 2022 Gelding Wayyybackwhen When In Chrome Escapingwiththegoods Tracy R Harrell
L085006 2002 Gelding Wazies Prestige Wazie Wear Obvious Ellie Peg Zimmerman
L103407 2008 Mare WB Puffa Smoke Rosmel's Golden Wonder LS Elegance Julianna Kruder
L067962 2018 Gelding WBRjust A Littlefancy Almost Too Fancy A Little Bit Good Amanda Patricia Giombi-Lorenz
L129659 2020 Stallion WCR Mega Blue Genes Dream On A Mega Star Cats Blue Hickory Richelle Beene
L065895 2009 Gelding WD Aspercel/Aspercel Real Bonanz/Real Bonanza Pelican Point Tina Raether
L132588 2023 Stallion We Al Get By Good Better Best Al About My Assets Mallory Menard
L076258 2020 Gelding We All Keep Dreaming A Dream Remembered Shes Simply The Best Samantha Colwell
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