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ID Foal Year Sex Name Sire Dam Current Owner Microchip Height
L131306 2023 Stallion VS Your Fired Machine Made VS Lady In Red Morgan Miller
L128956 2017 Mare VS Yours Truly VS Flatline Truly Potential Nicole Blankenship
L066896 2018 Stallion VS Zipline VS Flatline classic chocolate chip Sarah Rules
L068218 2018 Gelding Vsblewmeaway VS Code Blue Very Chocolatte Devon Martin
L112955 2021 Mare VSblue Aint UR Color VS Code Blue Quarter Past Thehour Jessica R Hanes
L063719 2017 Mare Vscodemyinvitation VS Code Red Finally Got Invited Cheryl L Feldt
L112985 2021 Mare Vscountrygirl Atheart VS Total Heartthrob Dun N Country Carol Timke
L065320 2015 Mare VSCR Lady In Blue VS Code Red Tootsy Too Shoes Katelyn M Fox
L113411 2020 Stallion VSdoubleshot VS Goodride Hoo Dat Jeannie Amy Novacek
L125692 2022 Stallion VSheartofachampion VS Code Red Lexus Made Lady Anchored Soul LLC
L124024 2019 Mare VSL Spilled Perfume Kissin The Girls Betyourmoneyimgood Johnny R Caldwell
L059363 2016 Stallion Vsleaptntodamoonlite Only In The Moonlite Vital Signs Are Good Katherine K Tobin
L071657 2019 Mare Vsletthegoodtimeroll VS Goodride Crazy Good Time Jill S Matye
L054988 2015 Gelding Vsmessagemeinthedark VS Code Red Dark Tessa Dawn Melodie McGlamory
L068268 2015 Mare Vsradicallycontagius VS Code Red Wonit Ona RV Radical Kaidyn Sandi Goodwin
L088022 2018 Mare Vsshellmakeuflatline VS Flatline Ima Precious Asset Tracey D Rogers
L113412 2021 Mare VSslowsippin VS Goodride Hoo Dat Jeannie Amy Novacek
L075818 2020 Mare Vswhenthestarsgoblue VS Code Blue Tuff To B A Star Katherine K Tobin
L126282 2022 Gelding VT Lost My Stocking When In Chrome Whose Envious Virginia Tech Foundation Inc
L077488 2012 Gelding Vulcan Undocumented Undocumented Mary Ellen Sanders 276020000148037 16.3 1/2
L079255 2013 Gelding Vulcan Van Gogh Affection It's All Covered LLC 276020000166768
L102533 2009 Gelding Vulco Monaco Undocumented Undocumented Lionsway Farm 981098104755312
L119925 2016 Gelding Vulkano Vagabond De La Pomme Dawn Beautys Girl Canterbury Farm 276020000513734 17.0
L082958 2009 Mare Vynka D' Eole Norton D' Eole Kalynka D'Eole Zoubair Bennani 250001092269040
L130959 2022 Gelding Vyntage Iron DGS Vintage These Irons R Lucky Maya Wisdom
L088904 2014 Gelding Vyper Z Vigo D'Arsouilles Aqua Z Esme Melchior 981100004017737
L064184 2017 Mare W Coco Chanel No Doubt Im Lazy Extremely Stylish Aubrey Seliga
L103207 2016 Mare W.O. Moonstruck Undocumented Undocumented Winning Oaks 981020029163462
L003277 2006 Gelding Wa Ta Hot Invitation One Hot Invitation Extra Silver Lining Susie M Roncone
L117288 2011 Gelding Wabanaki Van Helsing Headline The Dawnland Syndicate 276020000047808
L079620 2015 Mare Waden On Spots Yellow Jersey Ima Smokin Doll Jenni Bradley and John Bradley
L103941 2008 Gelding Wadsworth Cambiato Undocumented Undocumented Punchestown Stables 528210002565441
L126932 2014 Gelding Waffle Quarterback Atlanta Jennifer Berdell 276020000412040
L113107 2020 Mare Waffle House The Born Legacy Bestseatnthehouse Karen G Wood
L077089 2019 Mare Waffle Machine Machine Made So Sweetly Chexed Colton E Smith
L122825 2012 Gelding Waffles Q Der Senaat 111 Sestimee Katherine Hauck 967000009434918
L034443 2009 Stallion Wait A Blazin Minute Hot N Blazing It Onlytakes Aminute Janna Imrie
L003450 2010 Stallion Wait A Darn Minute Do You Have A Minute How Bout Next Time George J Stauffer
L034444 2006 Mare Wait A While Last Detail Highly Qualified Tiffany A Raimonde
L087062 2020 Gelding Wait Andd See So Very Invited Art I Canadian Haley Plumb
L074822 2019 Mare Wait Dont Tell Me Theres No Telling Full Of Detail Morgan Graham
L129397 2022 Gelding Wait For A Minute Wait A Darn Minute Hot In My Long Johns Kelley Christy
L076291 2020 Gelding Wait For It When In Chrome Naturaly Captivating Norma M Streeter-Hamilton
L085214 2012 Mare Wait For Me Undocumented Undocumented Hinton LLC 981020023230287 12.1
L126726 2022 Mare Wait Ill Be Good Wait A Darn Minute Imagine Iwillbe Good Brenda Lindvall
L107302 2021 Gelding Wait N See Wait A Darn Minute They Call Me Sonny Jan Price
L126719 2022 Mare Wait N You Will See Wait A Darn Minute Scotchalua Brenda Lindvall
L081797 2020 Mare Wait Til You See Me Wait A Darn Minute Art I Somethin George J Stauffer
L005228 2010 Gelding Wait Until Midnight Invitation Only Angel Until Dark Sharon Baumgardt
L055495 2013 Gelding Wait Up Willi Im The One And Only Doubled My Pleasure Jane Ramsey
L132632 2023 Gelding Wait Ur Turn Wait A Darn Minute Time Is Of An Asset George J Stauffer
L113466 2021 Mare Waitforahotminute Wait A Darn Minute Hot Lexus Heather G Semler
L126346 2022 Gelding Waitin Wait A Darn Minute Time Is Of An Asset Natoshia M Kelly
L119679 2021 Gelding Waitin For A Hookup Wait A Darn Minute Shes Oh So Hot George J Stauffer
L132164 2023 Mare Waitin For A Minute Wait A Darn Minute Scotchalua Brenda Lindvall
L128052 2022 Mare Waitin For Details Wait A Darn Minute Detailed In White Kelly Jo Buhrandt
L071735 2019 Mare Waitin For My White Wait A Darn Minute She Turns The Page Kelsee Steenwyk
L059226 2016 Gelding Waitin For Somthin Wait A Darn Minute Art I Somethin Deanna Bailey
L131874 2023 Gelding Waitin For The Goods Wait A Darn Minute Imagine Iwillbe Good Julie McDonnell
L071730 2019 Gelding Waitin For You Wait A Darn Minute Bear Hot N Blazing Debra F Houser
L126174 2022 Gelding Waitin Fora Kruze The Krymsun Kruzer Darn Im Hot Brenda Lindvall
L132165 2023 Mare Waitin In The Bar Wait A Darn Minute Sleeping In The Bar Brenda Lindvall
L125158 2020 Gelding Waitin On A Blue Sky Wait A Darn Minute Sky Blue Waterline Julie O'Brien
L072366 2019 Gelding Waitin On A Ride No Doubt Im Lazy Good Pulsations Dax Atkinson
L066111 2013 Gelding Waitin On A Woman The Silver Kid SKH Sweet Decision Alison Marx
L133239 2023 Gelding Waitin On Fame Wait A Darn Minute No Rise Joelle Black
L003397 2010 Stallion Waitin On Heaven Heavenly Wrapt Zip Lady Leaguer Betty Beumond
L073489 2019 Mare Waitin On Karma The Lopin Machine Gota Be In Fashion Debra Hannewyk
L132637 2023 Mare Waitin On Me Wait A Darn Minute Bear Hot N Blazing Brenda Lindvall
L078685 2020 Mare Waitin On Romance Wait A Darn Minute Forever Romance Kellee E Ferguson
L048816 2013 Stallion Waitin On Ur Assets Allocate Your Assets Pleasant Wait Amanda Rohr
L076277 2018 Mare Waitin On You Wait A Darn Minute Gracefully Repeated Autumn Miller
L058106 2013 Gelding Waitin Ona RV Woman Radical Rodder Ill Be Dun Won It Jean M Davidson
L126846 2022 Stallion Waitin Ona Valentine VS Goodride Certain Valentine Becky George
L077526 2020 Mare Waitin Til Morning Wait A Darn Minute Sleeping In The Bar Brenda Lindvall
L067593 2018 Mare Waiting On A Kiss Kissin The Girls Zippopass Mnms To Me Melissa Riehl
L028979 2010 Gelding Waiting On A Woman The Good Ranger A Sudden Susie Tami Mekeel
L128000 2022 Mare Waiting On Gold Wait A Darn Minute Masquerade N Gold Sabrina Freter
L053451 2015 Mare Waiting On Moonlight RL Best Of Sudden Moonlight Mania Jennifer Lee Bluhm
L027783 2012 Mare Waiting On My Cowboy How Bout This Cowboy Zippos Cowgirl Sonja & Keith Hilburn
L128162 2022 Gelding Waiting On My Invite Invitation Only Ms Flashy Goodbar Barbara A Bouma
L001274 2008 Mare Waiting On Payday Protect Your Assets Ima Good Penny Kim Stonerock
L002811 2005 Mare Waiting On Sweetie Impulsions Sweetie Sabre Meredith Weaver
L051605 2014 Mare Waiting Ona Cowboy How Bout This Cowboy Who Could Be Certain Jody White
L069819 2016 Mare Waitn Ona Suggestion Open For Suggestion Fash On Charlie Christina Harris
L133878 2023 Gelding Waitt N See/Wait N See Certainly A Vision Shezgotaclassychassy Karen Elaine Devet
L087957 2020 Mare Waittellyouseemetrot Theres No Telling Trot On In Hannah E Means
L060130 2016 Mare Wake Up For Candy VS Flatline Too Sleepy For Candy Susan Juroe
L034446 2006 Mare Wake Up Miss Moxy Mr Moxie Man Awaken The Hero Jason/Jessica Stender
L059347 2016 Mare Wake Up To Strut Strutin On The Range HRZ Wake Up Suzy Brenda M Ackerman
L067023 2018 Mare Wakemeupbeforugogo The Rock Im Just More Fun Melodie Nelson
L063170 2011 Mare Walk Away Hocus Hocus Pocus Hotrod Dont Walk Away Partners For Progress NFP
L046828 2013 Mare Walk For Chocolate Huntin For Chocolate Dont Walk Away Doug J Jacobs
L062995 2016 Gelding Walk Hubbout The Sky Hubba Hubba Huntin A Walk In The Sky Alexandra J Hodson
L078624 2020 Mare Walk It Off Heart Stoppin/VQH Heart Stoppin As She Walkin Away Joe and Kay Kimmel
L132620 2020 Mare Walk Like An Angel Un Forgettable Medical Angel Madeline Johnson
L074958 2019 Gelding Walk N After Midnite Good Better Best A Walk In The Sky Jeffrey T Stanley
L125853 2022 Mare Walk On Bye Outlaw Enterprise Will Be Sky Walkin Ann Lapacinski
L128654 2022 Stallion Walk Out Wicked No Doubt Im Lazy Krymsun Truffle JKH Quarter Horses LLC
L076060 2020 Mare Walk This Way The Mile High Club Will Be Sky Walkin Rachel Wehner
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