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ID Foal Year Sex Name Sire Dam Current Owner Microchip Height
L034538 2005 Mare Wilmas Wee Zip Zippo Can Do Wilmas Wee Chip Paul W Lawrence
L111847 2011 Gelding Wilmington Stolzenberg Carlotta Helen Farrar 276020000057237
L069915 2016 Gelding Wils Sudd N Vision Wils Sudd N Decision Wils Pebble Beach Karen Workman
L028998 2009 Gelding Wils Suddenly Royal Suddenly A Sonny Wils Kid O Rita Susan Bunn
L081532 2007 Gelding Wilson Collin L Chiclana Joslin Davis 981020023467167
L131048 2014 Mare Wimpy Chics Rule Wimpys Little Step Smart Chic Aloha Matt Lantz
L066733 2013 Stallion Wimpy Mcclain Wimpys Little Step Shirleys A Gunner Bella Wells
L065276 2013 Gelding Wimpy Tejano Wimpys Little Step Tejana Chic Mariah Gipson
L127495 2015 Gelding Wimpys Buck BBB Blackburns Wimpy SF Krogs Hancock Cathy A Venema
L086897 2012 Gelding Wimpys Coded Chex Wimpys Little Step Hot Coded Candy Jessica L Husler
L126781 2019 Gelding Wimpys Color Code Electric Code Dixies Little Step Courtney Dobbs Clagg
L128315 2016 Mare Wimpys Gotta Dream Wimpys Little Step Honky Tonkin Dream Cheryl Lee Moore
L129074 2020 Mare Wimpys Lil Inferno Inferno Sixty Six Wimpys Lil Secret Carol A Dewrell
L129303 2007 Gelding Wimpys Little Jay Wimpys Little Step Doe Rey Rooster Danielle Lee Barker
L073959 2008 Gelding Wimpys Little Prize Wimpys Little Step Freckles Prize Karen Schankin
L077504 2013 Gelding Wimpys Little Slider Wimpys Little Step Tejana Whiz Vicki McDuff-Coates
L120710 2007 Mare Wimpys Littlediamond Wimpys Little Step Smokin Dixie Jo Deborah Ferreir
L057065 2009 Gelding Wimpys Major Affair Wimpys Little Step The Major Affair Nicole Quinn-Gato
L065381 2006 Gelding Wimpys Show Stopper Wimpys Little Step Pinesail Jack Medows
L129375 2019 Gelding Wimpys Spark O Lena Xtra Shiney Wimp Smart Lil Jacki Madison Couts
L074898 2011 Gelding Wimpys Terrysurprise Dun Being Wimpy Surprisemewithmoney Heather Smith
L125408 2019 Gelding Wimpysdunouttastyle Xtra Shiney Wimp Toscals Dun Stylish Tony Russell/Kelsey Ward
L027959 2012 Mare Win And Only One N Only Sleepin Up The Line Sandra Morgan
L074417 2015 Stallion Win Big Or Go Home Invitation Only Words Escape Me Karen Lynn Howe-Misko
L003132 2010 Stallion Win Dreams Come True A Dream Remembered She Knows Shes Good Patricia Blaine
L003452 2010 Mare Win It In A Minute Do You Have A Minute Was A Fine Time Rosemary Ogorchock Barber
L025554 2007 Gelding Win Me Blue Ribbons Pine Interest Jessicas First Page Terri S Kenney
L122045 2021 Gelding Win N Doubt/CQH Win N Doubt No Doubt Im Lazy She Kisses The Best Nancy Wheeler
L034539 2005 Gelding Win Pulsions Can Do Zippo Can Do Charm N Pulsions Paul W Lawrence
L034540 2011 Mare Win The Lites Go Out Coats N Tails Forsaken Skies John S Narmont
L034541 2006 Gelding Win With Willy Willy Be Invited Miss Zippo Win Fritz Leeman
L053666 2015 Stallion Win Your Dreams A Dream Remembered Ima Lucky Zipper Dennis D Hatch MD
L070066 2008 Gelding Winchester Dixon MHC Chips Ahoy Dixons Jenna Chelsea A Seegert
L059300 2016 Gelding Windblown What Matters Most My Ballet Class Annabelle Brown
L102024 2014 Gelding Windchase Starfire Brandenburgs Windstar Thursday Country Jacqueline Mars 933000320116050
L083238 2009 Gelding Windhover Limited Edition Hillcrest's Stars & Stripes Miss Congeniality Olivia S Murray 911001001503178 14.2
L086913 2010 Mare Windhover Ready To Dance Gayfields Comin Up Roses JP’s Ready Or Not Cassie Greiling 933000120118947 12.2
L103849 2007 Gelding Windhover Spotlight Undocumented Undocumented Claire Beloungea 985111001897557
L084715 2016 Gelding Windication Wild Dance Czara Kimberly Billquist 981020033079208
L116665 2014 Gelding Windsor Undocumented Undocumented Corinne Holman Elliott 981020000333724
L102145 2011 Gelding Windsor Grey Cristallo II My Calido's Girl Take Two LLC 276020000203009
L113204 2006 Gelding Windsor Knot Twice Friends Larusa Madison G Kinard 16.2
L105100 2012 Gelding Windys Kiss This Impulse KS's Red White And Nifty Justa Lil Impulse Stacey Robichaud 981020037811376
L104982 2012 Mare Windys Smokin Black Cat Two Eyed Ambition Luckey Black Cat Jason Williams
L065452 2018 Mare Wine After Whiskey Extremely Hot Chips Only Ever After Kenneth or Laina Banks
L062328 2015 Gelding Wine Call VS Flatline Strawberri Wine Kara Vickery
L078729 2020 Mare Wine Em And Dine Em The Lopin Machine Strawberri Wine Nancy Mowrey
L120356 2014 Gelding Wineport Rio Grande Colin Diamond Wineport Frontier Cristyan Serna 372414010050855
L111867 2021 Mare Wines All Gone Gone Viral Strawberri Wine Bruce Vickery & Anthony Montes
L124800 2018 Mare Winflinn In Like Flinn Win My Shine Lillian Grace Gorman
L066990 2018 Stallion Wing Mann Batt Man Invest N Your Dreams Birchwood Stud LLC
L111872 2014 Gelding Wingardium Leviosa Undocumented Undocumented Finn Keating 981020015425407
L119388 2016 Gelding Wingardium Leviosa KS Lotus T Ovation Victoria Zyskowski 981020045146798
L129666 2022 Gelding Winginitkrymsunstyle Wing Mann Krymsun Kopy Kat Laurie Estrada
L112890 2017 Gelding Wingman Ultograaf First Gravin Diana B Calligaro 528210004077963
L119813 2009 Gelding Wingman Cunningham Tell Me True Lilli Power 911001001503184
L081155 2003 Gelding Wings Goodtimes Iomara Melanie Ferrio-Wise 528210000630077
L128772 2022 Mare Wings N Roses Wing Mann Fleursyellowrose Jacie N Gray
L124431 2022 Stallion Wings Over Miami Wing Mann Got Good Karma Carly M Laughlin
L003139 2010 Gelding Wingtipss Coats N Tails Etched In Detail Leah Roehl
L025569 2006 WINK IF YOUR HOT Hot Diggity Joe Winken Wendi Jackie Schillinger
L033159 2009 Mare Winken Artfully Artful Investment Winken Taylor Wayne Sherman & Eva Veltkamp
L001115 2004 Gelding Winkin For Chocolate Huntin For Chocolate Zip N Wink Maria S Salazar
L052004 2014 Mare Winking At A Star Zippo Amegio Fashioned By Impulse Kenneth or Laina Banks
L132038 2023 Gelding Winme Sum Dirty Cash/Win Me Sum Dirty Cash Dirty Callahan Winners Always Flirt Becky Riemenschneider
L124179 2018 Gelding Winn Like Flinn In Like Flinn Prettiestfaceintown Lane Kail
L086308 2010 Mare Winnemucca Chex Nu Chex To Cash Winnemucca Tucker Linda K Hitt
L072582 2019 Stallion Winnie For Cowgirls Winnies Willy Wilbie Hot John R Gribble
L068455 2018 Gelding Winnie Invited Me Winnies Willy Invite Me For Brandy Robin H Stegall
L076607 2007 Gelding Winnie Take A Look Winnies Willy Jacks Sleepy Gal Alison Chimner
L115319 2007 Gelding Winnie The Pooh Undocumented Undocumented Lilly Wilson 616098200130012
L000280 2002 Mare Winnie Three Bars Zippos Mr Good Bar Winnie Pine Bar Kenneth & Marilyn Masterson
L025578 2009 Mare Winnies Good Impulse Hot Impulse Winnie Good Bar
L065313 2015 Gelding Winnies Hope To Win Winnies Willy Hope To Lope Marylin Rander
L069634 2014 Gelding Winnies Lopin By Winnies Willy Lopin By Stephanie L Redus
L051278 2014 Mare Winnies One N Only One N Only Winnies Good Impulse Johnny L Tart
L077538 2020 Mare Winnies Wilma Winnies Willy Blazing Betty Stuart or Karen Bandstra
L002875 2008 Gelding Winnin The Blue Hot Impulse Winnie Good Bar Sandy K. Zwick
L068658 2018 Gelding Winning All D Money A Winning Invitation Dee Money Side Up Ashlyn Cimochowski
L058367 2016 Stallion Winning Chocolatebar A Winning Invitation A Chocolate Streak Meagan B Benoit
L073737 2017 Mare Winning Details A Winning Invitation Delicately Detailed Delinda Bane Melvin
L034542 2005 Mare Winning For Certain Certain Potential Emily Supreme Tim/Lou Petty
L064065 2017 Stallion Winning In The Rain A Winning Invitation Good In The Rain John Carpenter
L050598 2013 Mare Winning Instincts Sudden Instinct Winners Always Flirt Shelby Cochran
L002647 2009 Gelding Winning Irons HBF Iron Man Hominey Nicole Sorgie
L067074 2018 Stallion Winning On Repeat Repeated In Red Willy Notice Me Ryan J Geiger
L058247 2016 Mare Winning The Bleus A Winning Invitation Skys Pearlly Girl John Carpenter
L075725 2020 Mare Winning Willy Wild Makin Me Willy Wild Make Me Win FairWinds Farm
L002965 2005 Mare Winning Wisely Investing Wisely Aprils Good Bar Sibyl Von Der Schulenburg
L081969 2003 Gelding Winninton Undocumented Undocumented Tulip Pond Farm 981020019573200 17.2 3/4
L132350 2023 Mare Winnrwinnrchikndinnr Machine Made Shes Suddenly Sexy Rex Studnicka & Crystal Johnson
L125335 2022 Stallion Winny For A Goodtime Winnies Willy Hip Chic Pam Ritcheson
L064042 2017 Stallion Winr Winr Chikn Dinr A Winning Invitation Tasteslikechicken Kevin Shawn Redman
L034543 2005 Stallion Wins All The Time All Time Fancy North Wins Kari Lee Dennis
L110028 2013 Gelding Winslow AB Whittier Floria Annabelle Seifert 981020029036935
L082784 2016 Mare Winslow Honey Winslow Homer Henny Betty Elizabeth Dietrich 981020017863370
L130099 2009 Mare Winsome Ona Princess Lucky Zip Princess Leona Ava Christina Palmeri
L098810 2003 Gelding Winston Orlando Ramona Isabella Buckley 528210000645813
L099824 2003 Gelding Winston Lancer II Hadette Kari Lynn Cummons 981020023300875
L111707 2012 Mare Winston Undocumented Undocumented Anabela Lynden 276020000209995
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