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ID Foal Year Sex Name Sire Dam Current Owner Microchip Height
L102740 2018 Mare Willi Vanilli Winnies Willy Marilyn Monrageous Johney Reeves
L048236 2013 Gelding William Grant All Hands On Zip My Zips Too Sleepy Michael Shepherd or Holly Janak
L102542 2005 Gelding William Sound Texas Glitter Silk Petticoat Genevieve Elizabeth Hummel 981020031471743
L107352 2016 Gelding Williams Atrashtalkr/Williams A Trashtalkr Gunnatrashya Ritas San Jo Aubrey Jacobs
L069664 2017 Gelding Willie Be A Battboy Batt Man Good Baby Hotrod Megan &/ Dyan Snavely
L060049 2016 Gelding Willie Be Special Winnies Willy Special T Chip Stan &/or Mary Kay Steyskal
L057969 2016 Mare Willie Hot Lady Winnies Willy Ladys Stylin Legacy Ann Hawes Schroeder
L075858 2020 Gelding Willie Nelsen Machine Made All Fancy Knapp Quarter Horse Farms LC
L058306 2016 Mare Willies Lilly Loper Winnies Willy Invite Destiny Beth Mallett
L067987 2018 Mare Willies Winnie Winnies Willy Jacks Sleepy Gal Carrie G Riley
L034527 2005 Stallion Willing In Chocolate Zips Chocolate Chip My Private Jet Stanley Sims
L065272 2013 Gelding Willing To Iron Iron Age Will Be Asoul Sister Verna Lum
L050890 2000 Gelding Willionaire Will Spot Ya Ocean Klisti Abbey Kay Horine
L109876 2021 Gelding Willionheir Willy Be Invited Absolutely Heirogant Claire-Lewis Quarter Horses LLC
L062763 2016 Mare Williwanna Kiss This Winnies Willy Kiss Me If U Can Sue Fox
L129341 2021 Stallion Willmakinmegoodtimes Makin Me Willy Wild Knights Good Time Manuela Berg
L054408 2007 Gelding Willomatic The Will To Do Hot For Zippin/Hot to Zip Bernice Conner
L081542 2009 Mare Willow Bay Harmony Bay Willow Elizabeth P Simons 981020023408594
L124350 2021 Mare Willow In Th Wind Dust In Th Wind Invite Her Only Michelle Rothhaar
L104632 2015 Mare Willowby Undocumented Undocumented Lilianna Mae Tucker 981020033776315
L084200 2013 Gelding Willpower Empires Power Ruby Red Samantha Roper 981020029019683 13.2
L034528 2006 Mare Wills Show Time Radical Rodder Ms Good N Willing John R Grabski
L075171 2013 Mare Willshe Be Dynamic/Will She Be Dynamic Dynamic Breeze Please Invite Me Too Brianne A Mathews
L054337 2015 Mare WillSheBeHumbleNKind Willy Be Invited Erin's Grape Halli Patricia Seanor
L046975 2013 Stallion Willsson Good I Will Be Lacious Jason C Ducharme
L074180 2019 Gelding Willubmyvalentine My Sleepy Valentine I Will Be Invited Cathy Guest
L044679 2008 Stallion Willucountonme Good I Will Be JDZ Madison County United States Of America
L104144 2008 Gelding Willy Undocumented Undocumented Molly K Smith 985113002320175
L055166 2015 Mare Willy A Breeze Winnies Willy KT Lucky Breeze Lindsey Brown
L048819 2013 Mare Willy A Diamond Winnies Willy Im Rich N Diamonds Anna Ingram
L112969 2021 Mare Willy Alota Diamonds Makin Me Willy Wild Sheza Diamond Loper Steve &/or Tanya Relander
L067125 2018 Stallion Willy Always Be Mine Winnies Willy Always The Lady Julianne B Hornig
L130603 2022 Mare Willy Artrageous Willys Flatlinen Artrageous Hotrodder Barbie Stanley
L034529 2006 Mare Willy Ask Me Willy Be Invited Jacks Lucketta Sharon Baker
L073180 2019 Gelding Willy B A Gentleman/Willy Be A Gentleman Winnies Willy Potential Cupcake Lana Marie Brooks
L076293 2020 Stallion Willy B Available Winnies Willy Shes Not Available Janeen R Schackel
L068545 2017 Gelding Willy B Lazy Lazy Loper Willys Red Chip Ruby Gunderson
L087953 2020 Gelding Willy B Lopin Makin Me Willy Wild Lazy Lost Her Chrome Shannon Timm
L056074 2014 Mare Willy B Stylin Winnies Willy Envy My Style John H Sparks
L127248 2022 Mare Willy B Sweet Willy Be Invited Sadies Only Roan Samantha M Swart
L060753 2017 Stallion Willy Back In Black Willy Be Invited Artifactually A Star Samantha T Columbus
L129510 2022 Mare Willy Bad And Boujee Makin Me Willy Wild Moonlite Design Meghan Tierney
L112944 2019 Gelding Willy Be A Good One Winnies Willy Chipulsion Janet Sandvick
L071722 2019 Gelding Willy Be A Goodbar Winnies Willy Jackie Goodbar Lowell W Osterbur
L105127 2012 Gelding Willy Be A Hot Time Willy Be Tempted Smooth Time Dixie Katharine Driver
L003176 2010 Gelding Willy Be A Machine A Good Machine Lucky To Be Invited Mike and/or Lynn Carr
L034530 2008 Stallion Willy Be An Ace Willy Be Invited Good Fun R. Kendall Sands
L002691 2009 Stallion Willy Be Certain Certain Potential Sweet On Willy Fritz Leeman
L029720 2004 Gelding Willy Be Chipped Willy Be Invited Completeley Chipped Beth Thomas
L070248 2019 Gelding Willy Be Da One One N Only Willy Diva Michele McLaughlin
L001692 2008 Stallion Willy Be Fine Willy Be Invited Fine Details Lindsay Kostal DVM
L034531 2005 Mare Willy Be Global Willy Be Invited Global Attitude Elite Farm
L076078 2016 Gelding Willy Be Invested Invited To The Dance Glendale Farms Maria Mary F Richard 933000320172809
L063610 2017 Stallion Willy Be Lopin The Lopin Machine Lucky To Be Invited Mike and/or Lynn Carr
L075894 2019 Mare Willy Be My Valentin Willy Be Invited Valentino Minute Pam and Mike Catlin
L063804 2017 Gelding Willy Be Rockin Winnies Willy Rockin Radical Rose Erica Renkert Fryburger
L034532 2006 Stallion Willy Be Sheik Willy Be Invited Sheiks Bodys Hot Kenneth & Marilyn Masterson
L000480 2007 Gelding Willy Be Sleepy Too Sleepy To Zip Willy Maid Me Alexis Hobbs
L126912 2022 Gelding Willy Be Sudden Makin Me Willy Wild RL Artful Angel Dennis Langley
L127117 2022 Mare Willy Be Zippen Makin Me Willy Wild zippen county girl Dennis Langley
L120381 2016 Gelding Willy Bet My Assets Allocate Your Assets Shes Willy Dazzling Judith J McInnis
L060335 2016 Gelding Willy Big Dreams Willy Be Invited Anotherdreamydetail Jessica Stremich
L071539 2019 Mare Willy Blazin Hot Willy Be Invited Blazin Hot Rose Stephanie M Simpkins
L112966 2021 Stallion Willy Blue Movin Winnies Willy Arts Blue Move Amanda Rohr
L126414 2022 Mare Willy Boujee Nite Moves Willy B Stylin Michelle L Walters
L071813 2019 Gelding Willy Break My Heart Winnies Willy Im Invited To Zip LuAnn L Orchowski
L126121 2022 Stallion Willy Buckn Wild Makin Me Willy Wild Bronze Loper Alexandra C Barnes
L053804 2015 Mare Willy C Me Cmon Winnies Willy Miss Uno Zippo McKinze Moler
L065319 2016 Mare Willy Cant Miss Winnies Willy Miss Slot Machine Tammy B Freilich
L003834 2011 Mare Willy Cant Mizz Me Willy Be Invited Chip N Zziple Fritz Leeman
L027933 2006 Gelding Willy Cee A Lady Willy Be Invited Zippos Teakwood lady Elaina McCarthy
L110146 2021 Mare Willy Chatty Winnies Willy Mega Hot Deborah Marie Cook
L062281 2016 Mare Willy Crazy Bout You Winnies Willy Good Lopin Miss Lola Linda Frederiksen
L089947 2020 Stallion Willy Creepin Justa Creepin Ill Have A Cupcake Debbie Wadds
L034533 2006 Mare Willy Dance With Me Willy Be Invited Call Me Snuggles FMH Inc. / Patty Roberts
L127338 2022 Stallion Willy Daydreamin Willy Be Invited Anotherdreamydetail Jessica Stremich
L005239 2011 Mare Willy Diva Good I Will Be Thumbkinda Debut Michele McLaughlin
L071113 2018 Gelding Willy Divine Winnies Willy Divines Miss Goodbar LuAnne Coleman
L105723 2020 Stallion Willy Dominate Makin Me Willy Wild Dominate On Sunday Rafter P Quarter Horse Ranch
L002184 2009 Mare Willy Done Dunit Good I Will Be Miss Whiz Done Dunit Thomas Humphrey
L109985 2021 Gelding Willy Dont Letmedown Makin Me Willy Wild Sudden Lee Radical Kay C Sullivan
L099124 2018 Mare Willy Dream Of Me Winnies Willy Certain Dreams Page Pratt
L072026 2019 Stallion Willy E Z Winnies Willy Invited Forever Debra L Trubee
L077853 2020 Mare Willy Envious Winnies Willy Envy My Style Jessica Lang
L083579 2020 Mare Willy Essential Winnies Willy Remember The Blond Kathryn M Boggetta
L055869 2015 Gelding Willy Famous Winnies Willy Chipalua David Shane & Darla Leavell
L123389 2022 Gelding Willy Fancy Makin Me Willy Wild You Batt Im Fancy Mary M Wilkosz
L060336 2016 Mare Willy Fine Wine Willy Be Invited Erin's Grape Eugene Joseph Castellitto
L061590 2017 Gelding Willy Freakn Awesome Winnies Willy Akin To Awe Madison V Johnson
L067578 2018 Stallion Willy Gonna Be Good Winnies Willy This Chics A Goodbar Gretchen Marie Richter
L055280 2015 Gelding Willy Gonna Want Me Winnies Willy Its Chip To You Kimberly A Kriesel
L059691 2016 Gelding Willy Good Breeze Willybuptonogood Endless Breeze Brickham Quarter Horses LLC
L034534 2011 Gelding Willy Good Cookie Willy Be Invited Trail Of Cookies Cindy L Nelson
L072979 2019 Stallion Willy Good Dancer Winnies Willy Erin's Grape Amanda Rohr
L067013 2018 Gelding Willy Good Design Willy Be Invited Designed By Goodbar Lisa Finkel
L003398 2010 Mare Willy Good Gurl Good I Will Be Elite Detail United States Of America
L060723 2016 Gelding Willy Good Horse Winnies Willy Chipalua David Shane & Darla Leavell
L028996 2011 Gelding Willy Good Investmnt Winnies Willy Investment A Ward Dr April L Speyer
L072565 2019 Gelding Willy Good Job Winnies Willy Impulsive Debutante Tina R Kern
L054752 2015 Gelding Willy Good Machine Good Machinery Willy Notice Me Angie Saxton
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