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ID Foal Year Sex Name Sire Dam Current Owner Microchip Height
L057489 2016 Gelding AJ Hes Surelyradical Radical Rodder Shes Surely Good Amy R Ferguson
L054992 2015 Mare AJ Hunting For Dots Huntin For Chocolate PR Candlelight Deck Julia E Pezold
L050819 2014 Mare AJ Huntinwithmyheart Huntin For Chocolate PR Candlelight Deck Pamela DeVore
L047914 2013 Stallion AJ Ill Kickur Assets One Hot Krymsun Shes Surely Good Betty Allen
L057484 2016 Mare AJ Itsmydutyto B Hot These Irons Are Hot A Formal Duty Amanda Bloom
L004635 2011 Mare AJ Krymsun N Kandles One Hot Krymsun PR Candlelight Deck Julia E. Pezold
L047913 2013 Gelding AJ Lazy I Am Lazy Loper Invited I Am Julia E Pezold
L001294 2008 Mare AJ Lonesome Dove Openrange PR Candlelight Deck Emma Brown
L050823 2014 Mare AJ Mi Corazon Absolute Investment Shes Surely Good Julia E Pezold
L126460 2022 Mare AJ Now U Dun It The Best Martini JM Investers Candy Julia E Pezold
L067317 2018 Mare AJ Pennys Fromheaven Radical Rodder PR In Your Decks Ken Inchiostro
L054912 2015 Mare AJ Radical Eye Candy Radical Rodder PR In Your Decks Julia E Pezold
L057483 2016 Stallion AJ Remingtonrepeater Repeated In Red JM Investers Candy University of Findlay
L062986 2017 Mare AJ Repeatdncinnamon Repeated In Red JM Investers Candy Julia E Pezold
L062983 2017 Gelding AJ Royal Crown Its A Southern Thing Invest In Miss Blaze Kristine A Duncan
L057487 2016 Gelding AJ Savannah Burning Blazing Hot Savannah Chocolate Jodi L Ferguson
L062991 2017 Gelding AJ Seeking The Truth Blazing Hot PR In Your Decks Maren D Jaeger
L072151 2019 Mare AJ Seeknagoodride VS Goodride PR In Your Decks Becky Harms
L054991 2015 Mare AJ Shes Surely Foxy One Hot Krymsun Shes Surely Good Milana Elizabeth Rowe
L057486 2016 Stallion AJ Sleepin Til 8/AJ Sleepin Til Eight Too Sleepy To Zip Invited I Am Julia E Pezold
L132341 2023 Mare AJ Smoke Sheaux VS Code Blue AJ Radical Eye Candy Julia E Pezold
L133197 2009 Mare AJ Spark O Rima Flamees O Rima Texas Moon Doll Kari Kallonen
L048746 2013 Stallion AJ Spot On Impulse A Scenic Impulse JM Investers Candy Bobbie James
L050821 2014 Gelding AJ Tall Tale PR Tells A Tale PR In Your Decks Craig Andrew
L050814 2014 Mare AJ Theseironsrformal These Irons Are Hot A Formal Duty Elise S Burrows
L067318 2018 Gelding AJ Top Of The Rock The Rock A Formal Duty Unie Brechbuhler
L047915 2013 Gelding AJ Whatdoesthefoxsay One Hot Krymsun Shes Surely Good Jennifer A Rabe
L070157 2017 Mare AKA Invitational A Winning Invitation Intense Romance Amber Dreyer Hansen or Lindsey Kreier
L090870 2020 Gelding AKA The Accountant AKA With Intent To Win Macs Sweet Susie Kimberly Matthews
L098830 2020 Stallion AKA The Mob Boss Ima Stylish Gangster Tas Blue Hustler Molly Wege
L081136 2008 Gelding Akadian Abke Casablanca Eric Lamon 276098102290435 17.0 1/4
L131297 2017 Gelding AKD Rein A Loosa Badgers Smart Peppy Stormaloosa Kelly Wilson
L120363 2015 Gelding Akimbo Eastwood Dwerse Hag Angie-154 Lauren Belliveau 620098100776556
L086000 2013 Gelding Akrobat Apollo Cleo Melanie Dixon 958000009012502
L044066 2008 Mare Akrysum Gift One Hot Krymsun A Gift So Good Kenneth Saywell
L082609 2005 Stallion Aksai Chin VDL Chin Chin Sancara VDL Crooked Willow Farms 528210000747660
L115374 2008 Mare Akuna Mattata Quinar SRF Dragonfly Silver Raven Farms 981020019590787
L058728 2016 Mare Al About It Allocate Your Assets Your Arts Desire Sara Jackson-Vance/David Vance
L002243 2009 Gelding Al About Luv Allocate Your Assets Luv To Zip Mary Lou Searles
L003029 2010 Mare Al About Me Allocate Your Assets Zippin Artbeat Jim R Searles
L065355 2015 Mare Al About My Assets Allocate Your Assets Regal Mariah Mallory Menard
L051362 2014 Gelding Al About That Bass Allocate Your Assets Detailed In White Melissa Raye Leach
L002235 2009 Mare Al About The Bling Allocate Your Assets Zippin Artbeat Jim R Searles
L055411 2015 Mare Al About The Blues VS Code Blue All About Me Rockin Bill/Melissa Heis
L125870 2022 Stallion Al About This Cowboy Allocate Your Assets Ona Good Ridecowgirl Katherine K Tobin
L048215 2013 Mare Al Act Classy Allocate Your Assets Zips Classy Act Looney Quarter Horses LLC
L071912 2019 Mare Al Always B Invited Allocate Your Assets Willys Invitation Jennifer Cahoon
L049672 2014 Mare Al Always Be Good Good I Will Be Miss Allocations Searles & Liska
L132207 2023 Mare Al Always Have Faith Allocate Your Assets My Favorite Minute Kimberly L Whaley
L049868 2014 Gelding Al Amaze You Allocate Your Assets Captive Investment Jennifer Clark
L050362 2014 Mare Al American Girl Allocate Your Assets Jazzy Details Tera Gore
L062933 2017 Gelding Al American Hero Allocate Your Assets Skyline Boulevard Tracy Reed
L113459 2021 Gelding Al B Good Allocate Your Assets Ultimatepersuasion/Ultimate Persuasion McClure Land & Cattle LLC
L050763 2014 Mare Al B In Good Company Allocate Your Assets In Good Company Samantha Gardner
L004636 2011 Mare Al B Luking Lovely Allocate Your Assets Lovely Luking Katie Jo Jones
L056509 2015 Gelding Al B Making Memories Allocate Your Assets Foxy Leaguers Shadow Leena Volmer
L064279 2017 Stallion Al B Ur Superman Allocate Your Assets Shes Willy Tricky Sonja Hilburn
L045988 2013 Mare Al B Your One N Only Allocate Your Assets Starlite Invite Kristin Layher
L063373 2017 Mare Al B Your Sweet Art Allocate Your Assets Sweet On Art Lisa C Blake
L003736 2011 Mare Al B Your Valentine Allocate Your Assets Isle Of Rachel Johnny L Tart
L002085 2009 Mare Al Be A Barbie Doll Allocate Your Assets Sweet Talkin Barbie Kaitlyn Bloom
L131256 2020 Gelding Al Be A Hot Mess Allocate Your Assets Shes A Hot Mess Molly C Russell
L060425 2017 Mare Al Be Addictive Allocate Your Assets Hot N Addictive Shannon S Mancino
L112826 2021 Stallion Al Be All Right Allocate Your Assets Reddy All The Time Michelle and Sheila Bauer
L048060 2013 Gelding Al Be Alright Allocate Your Assets Silkn Jet Audrey Solvesky
L067914 2018 Gelding Al Be An Artist/Caliente Invite The Artist Debit Your Assets Rachel Mottet
L106607 2021 Mare Al Be An Asset Allocate Your Assets Well I Decklair Debbie L Hodde
L067076 2018 Stallion Al Be Appointed All Time Fancy one hot espresso Brad Perkins
L062255 2015 Gelding Al Be At The Bar Allocate Your Assets HSH Princess Grace Addison Mae Krause
L057804 2013 Gelding Al Be Automatic Allocate Your Assets Automatically Jessie Kristy Drew
L006076 2009 Stallion Al Be Back Allocate Your Assets Sea Mart Sarah P Nimigan
L123883 2022 Mare Al Be Barbie Allocate Your Assets IE Maliblue Barbie Jean Brooks
L004637 2011 Mare Al Be Beautiful Allocate Your Assets Maid For Luke Nancy-Sue Ryan
L099744 2020 Gelding Al Be Best Good Better Best Al Be Beautiful Kelsey Bell
L072172 2019 Gelding Al Be Better Good Better Best Al Be Beautiful Michelle Petrovsky
L058250 2016 Gelding Al Be Bleu Allocate Your Assets Makin The Boys Blue Tali N Terlizzi
L068451 2017 Gelding Al Be Blue Allocate Your Assets Blue Thru N Thru Kelsey McArthur
L111525 2021 Mare Al Be Bluetiful Allocate Your Assets Makin The Boys Blue Katie L Ekovich
L043830 2012 Mare Al Be Celebrating Mr Big Time Fancy/R Big Time Fancy Myassetsaredetailed Jadyn Elizabeth Miller
L003646 2011 Mare Al Be Desirable Allocate Your Assets Your Arts Desire Taylor M Searles
L126581 2022 Mare Al Be Exhotic Allocate Your Assets Exhotica Marilyn G Alkire
L058878 2016 Gelding Al Be Expensive Allocate Your Assets Certifiable Expense Erin L Cymerman
L074155 2019 Mare Al Be First In Line Allocate Your Assets Theres No Other Stephanie A Moore
L055182 2015 Gelding Al Be Good Allocate Your Assets Lukin For Love Allison/Justin Samuel
L123656 2021 Gelding Al Be Good For Ya Allocate Your Assets Will Be A Natural Morgan Miller
L071297 2019 Gelding Al Be Good To Go Good Better Best Withoutyoualbeblue Elizabeth M Baker
L001241 2008 Mare Al Be Graceful Allocate Your Assets Polished Grace Cathrin Gutmann
L068937 2013 Gelding Al Be Hot For You Allocate Your Assets Sonnys Hot Bunny Carey Dill Knapper
L122312 2021 Mare Al Be Hot N Chrome When In Chrome Scare The Crows Darcy Plummer
L076330 2020 Stallion Al Be Huntin Hubba Hubba Huntin Al By Myself University of California
L051967 2013 Gelding Al Be Huntn Assets Allocate Your Assets Sheeza Huntn Choclate Anne L Connolly
L027723 2012 Stallion Al Be In Bon Ton Allocate Your Assets Zu Bayou Kelley Christy
L044067 2012 Stallion Al Be In Bow Ton Allocate Your Assets Zu Bayou Kelley Christy
L110673 2021 Mare Al Be In First Class The Mile High Club Al Always Be Good Amanda Nicole Smith
L060831 2016 Mare Al Be In My Crystals Allocate Your Assets Covered In Crystals Blake Britton
L053289 2015 Stallion Al Be In The Money Allocate Your Assets Only The Invited Julie Beverly
L066548 2017 Gelding Al Be Invited Invite The Artist Debit Your Assets Ann C Murray
L059603 2016 Stallion Al Be It Allocate Your Assets Dance With Me Charly William B Wharton
L051798 2014 Gelding Al Be Jamun Allocate Your Assets The First Ride Julia Rose Ray
L046895 2013 Mare Al Be Joyful Allocate Your Assets Too Joyful To Zip Mia Haskins
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