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ID Foal Year Sex Name Sire Dam Current Owner Microchip Height
L127179 2022 Gelding Achy Breakin Heart Heart Stoppin/VQH Heart Stoppin Invest In Platinum Victoria Wiersum
L132104 2023 Mare Achy Breaky Heartt Heart Stoppin/VQH Heart Stoppin I Luv Only Chocolate Evergreen Valley Farm & Stable
L130262 2018 Gelding Acool Affection Hes A Cool Lover Spirited Affection Linda M Smiley
L071926 2019 Gelding Acool Southern Dream Its A Southern Thing A Cool Looking Lady Amy Norris
L067011 2018 Gelding Acowboykindofaffair How Bout This Cowboy Absolute Affair Johnna Letchworth
L029949 2009 Mare ACR Blairley Dressed Dress Western Blairley A Clu Larry/Pati Casillas
L029950 2005 Stallion ACR Western Union Dress Western Blairley A Clu Larry/Pati Casillas
L067955 2018 Gelding Acrobatt Batt Man Sleepin Fancy Taylor Bates
L068256 2018 Mare Act Casual The Gentlemens Club The Best Actress Caila Menichella
L005989 2007 ACT ONA IMPULSE Hot Impulse Zips Pretty Woman Ann Jordan
L052318 2014 Mare Act Your Age Iron Age Go Go's Clementine Maria L Beyerstedt
L079738 2012 Gelding Actender PS Action Breaker Conpila Havens Schatt 276020000053009 16.1 1/2
L127051 2022 Gelding Actin Outta Impulse Impulsions Invite A Loper Alexis Gooding
L110599 2015 Mare Action Blue Action Breaker Chaccata's Girl Shannon Zik 276020000311366
L116172 2009 Mare Action Breaker Action Breaker Oderna Tillie Alexandra Hall 528210002449858 16.1 3/8
L083178 2015 Gelding Action Cover Altoona Pur Z Cover Girl Z Melinda A Cohen 528210004068163
L121315 2017 Gelding Action Directe Borsalino Day Star Astra Wallace 276020000594767
L108719 2012 Stallion Active X Van Z Allegro T'Olga Joan Van Gorkum 528210002984881
L000282 2007 Stallion Actscape Artist Artful Investment Actscape Diana L Fleek
L029951 2005 Mare Acurious Twist A Dynamic Curiosity Twister's Shadow Jarrett S Carter
L116537 2010 Gelding Ad Purrfectionist Undocumented Undocumented Paige Hamilton 981020029159759
L101789 2005 Gelding Adagio Accord II Leonie Lyda Winslow Denney 965000000360223
L108202 2004 Gelding Adagio Undocumented Undocumented Lilly M Medley 985111000932324 15.3 1/2
L101153 2012 Gelding Adalberto Audi Scappino Ugano Sitte Doha Du Houssoit Juan Manuel Gallego 981100002927270
L062407 2017 Stallion Addicted To Hoo Hot Ones Only Estee Be First Karen G Wood
L029952 2010 Mare Addicted To Moonlite Only In The Moonlite JDS Lil Script Sandra M Paris
L064655 2018 Stallion Addicted To Rock The Rock Shezaddicting Kim Semanisin
L001678 2006 Mare Addicting Dreams Addicting Sonnys Dreamin Image Nancy A Arhontes
L005998 2006 ADDICTING EYES Addicting Co-Stars Skyeyes Elaine Sullivan
L029953 2005 Mare Addicting Impulse Addicting Zippos Amblin Ruby Robin Riso
L029954 2005 Mare Addictions Addicting My Antique Lace Allan/Kay Neubauer
L125319 2022 Stallion Addictive Al Be Allocate Your Assets Hot N Addictive Sunny Nagengast
L083077 2013 Gelding Addison & Clark Hull Annie's Fuse Lauren Zaremski 981020023562948
L027546 2012 Gelding Additional Comments The Krymsun Kruzer White Hot Willie Karen/Gary Vance
L043826 2012 Mare Additude Just Me Only Ultra Radical Stumpf Stables LLC
L029955 2006 Gelding Addressinginvitation Dress Western Sonnys Messy Shawn Inman
L053805 2015 Mare Adeline Award VS Flatline Red Hot Award Paulette R Christen
L089274 2014 Mare Adeline Century Show Century Cire Mike's Show Jennifer Lynn Schmidt 985112009797847
L119650 2021 Mare Adeline LLC Ziplining Hands Off My Hunter Dr Ted Zajac III
L117292 2011 Mare Adelita Candillo Z Adeline 41 Lola G Head 705230000151876
L117500 2016 Gelding Ademaro Van Encanta Adagio De Talma Encanta Karin Martin 276020000518476
L111272 2005 Gelding Adico Andiamo Z Coup De Coeur Faith Ryder 985111000380316
L122847 2021 Gelding Adjustin The Rules Rules Of Justice Ivonna Invite You Alyssa Marie Waddell
L002435 2009 Stallion Admiral Dash Indian Artbeat Loving Cash Bar Sarah Ward
L089464 2005 Gelding Admiralty Royal Appearance Fabrielle Anne Dottore 981020019553829
L079806 2011 Gelding Admire The Dark Lord Loxley I Cassiopeya River Run Farm LLC 276020000197683
L057616 2016 Stallion Admired By All All Time Fancy Warren's Anan Shannon Everley
L128429 2022 Stallion Admit Im Heartstopin Heart Stoppin/VQH Heart Stoppin Admit Im Hot Mary Iris Webre
L006006 0 Stallion Admit It Im Good Zippos Mr Good bar Amigo Chip Mary Iris Webre
L130934 2017 Mare Admit Shes Special Admit It Im Good Iota Touch Heaven Alexandra Silvestri
L132526 2023 Mare Admitimheartstoppin Heart Stoppin/VQH Heart Stoppin Admit Im Hot Mary Iris Webre 981020045150423
L117219 2012 Mare Admittedly So Polytaire Contessa Dana Louise Kurrle 933000320111097
L123340 2013 Gelding Adobes Golden Acres Adobe Acres Blazingstarlenapoco Joanna Alvarado
L085998 2005 Gelding Adoctro Indoctro Gillkenney Madeline Schaefer 528210000696489
L118418 2011 Gelding Adolesco Undocumented Covergirl Lauren Jorgensen 203010033021299 17.1
L099123 2008 Gelding Adonis Argentinus Floriell Sarah Andrews 981000004476316 16.2 3/4
L101114 2009 Gelding Adonis Count Jolie Touching Moment Amber Moss 981020023210354
L120476 2015 Gelding Adonis Z Adagio De Talma For Pleasure Harrison Ford 981100004161093
L103682 2012 Mare Adora Red Cubito Donnabell Sophia Anne Mercer 981020019562896
L102714 2005 Gelding Adorable Heartbreaker Mon Cherry P Jill Taylor Alexander 528210000723995
L062239 2017 Mare Adorable For Certain Certain Potential Zippodorable Jane Backes
L003755 2010 Mare Adorable Impulse Impulsions Zippodorable Patti Greene
L072330 2019 Mare Adorable Machine A Good Machine Tender Art Sharon McLendon
L121470 2015 Gelding Adorado's Cantucci Adorado Cansakko Audrey Weeks 276020000372724
L103764 2010 Mare Adoration Bustique Boretta Donna Marie Lynch 528210002514775
L071017 2015 Gelding Adoubleshot Ofcrown Keeping It Good Rinse And Repeat Erica L Maletic
L071519 2019 Stallion Adreamin Out Loud A Dream Remembered Never On Impulse Barry Tarp
L047006 2013 Stallion Advance Capital Invitation Only Hot Flert Dennis W Robinson
L056640 2016 Mare Advanced Notice My Final Notice Name Your Pleasure Sally Saur
L069428 2019 Stallion Adventure Time All Time Fancy Sunny Blue Skys Samuel W Berg
L028021 2006 Gelding AE Hot N Sonny Sonnys Hot Jazz Chief's Flame Peter Andrew Sloane
L100562 2013 Mare AF Lima Blokum Af A Rodriguez Equestrian 981098108283678
L116473 2012 Gelding AF Strategy Vigo D'Arsouilles J Marvelous Isabelle Renee Moore 528210002828061
L073611 2017 Gelding Afabulousinvestment Invested By Far Miata Invest Gretta Baker
L072265 2019 Mare Afabulousvalentine Ultimately Fabulous Only In A Fairytale Wendy Armstrong
L003116 2008 Mare Afairytaleinvitation Invitation Only Romantic Gesture Jillian Garcia
L055603 2009 Mare Afancyrodder Chips Black Rodder Dont Skip Forever Cydnie Hotchkiss
L060777 2015 Mare Afavoriteinvitation Vested Invitation Chocolate Gucci Melissa & Randall Derbin
L002972 2008 Gelding Afew Good Margaritas Zippos Mr Good Bar One Potent Margarita Michael Stupak
L103845 2018 Mare Affair On The Rocks The Rock Certain Affair Linda Petrie
L052333 2007 Mare Affancy Flair Willy Be Invited Affancy Affair Stable Strides Farm Inc
L029663 2012 Stallion Afistfullofdollars Ziprageous Forafewdollarsmore Fonda R Nott-Powell
L004632 2009 Gelding Aflac Good N Plenty Macs Good N Plenty Zippos Snazzy Babe Brena L. Elwood
L029956 2007 Mare AFlashyChromeZipper MWS Ima Flashyzipper Carri Achrome Streak Joseph Edgar Brewer IV
L077922 2013 Gelding Afleeting Notion Afleet Alex Exquisite Beauty Amy Trout
L043827 2012 Gelding Afraid Inthedark Too Extremely Hot Chips Onlyafraid Inthedark Callie Davenport
L070682 2019 Mare After A Few Extremely Hot Chips Only Ever After Elisabet Irene Teagan
L081695 2013 Mare After All Aloha By Default Hailey Murdock 981020019560627
L077502 2007 Gelding After Dark Undocumented Undocumented Linda Diane Viens 985113001360503 15.3
L080821 2010 Gelding After De Breve Mylord Carthago Jeisha For Ever Monica Waters 250259701047925
L103205 2010 Mare After Eight Diarado Coco Laure Sudreau 977200008029981
L123079 2014 Gelding After Hours Elvis Ter Putte Century Star Robin Owens 276020000168337
L027648 2012 Mare After Hours Sensation Zippos Sensation HP Centerfold Simons Show Horses LLC
L001375 2008 Gelding After Midnite RL Best of Sudden Sweet Talkin Jeannie April E Brayton
L069868 2012 Mare Afternoon Your Honor Signature of Honor Sunny Tonight Lydia M Fisher
L134195 2023 Stallion Against The Laww Outlaw Enterprise Al Mine Amy Walls
L116217 2014 Gelding Agave El Salvador Undocumented Isabel Merie Harbour 528210004076903
L047889 2013 Stallion Age Before Lukes Iron Age Lukette Capall Creek Farm LLC
L027659 2012 Gelding Age Of Irons Iron Age Everybody Rides Molly L Craig
L132138 2023 Gelding Age Of Moxie Ima Moxie Leaguer Irons Got You Babe Lisa Ann Kroll
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