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ID Foal Year Sex Name Sire Dam Current Owner Microchip Height
L002843 2006 Mare A Wise Inclination Investing Wisely Whata Inclination Melissa (Missy) Neill
L072584 2019 Gelding A Wise Old Cowboy How Bout This Cowboy Hope Invested Wisely Lindy Terry
L047667 2010 Mare A Wish Right Now Certain Potential Vested Charity Albert and Pamela Keller
L064151 2017 Mare A Woman Witha Vision Certainly A Vision Flashy Looking Lady Karma Equine LLC
L058349 2016 Gelding A Wonderful Dream Im A Platinum Dream Malice N Wonderland Diane Marra Williams
L103836 2012 Gelding A World Class Storm An Intense Storm My Elusive Valentine Nathan J Miller
L029883 2005 Mare A Zipped Affair Zippos Old Gold Dark Illusions Sandy Beecroft
L029884 2005 Stallion A Zippen Hotrod Hocus Pocus Hotrod Miss Zippin Doug J Jacobs
L064098 2017 Mare A Zipper Snipper CR Good Machine Zippos Zipper Snipper Dustin Stapleton
L002508 2009 Gelding A Zippin Hotrod Hotroddin Zippo Zip Your Jacket Bob or Kathie Kennedy
L001011 2006 Mare A Zippo Obsession Zippo Hot Pine Amiga Leaguer Gorman & Alice Barger
L005895 2005 A ZIPPO TO CONSIDER Consider His Source Factory Surplus Nadine Marie Joaquin
L029885 2012 Gelding A Zizzlin Impulse Gettin Impulsive Zizzlin Heather M Hoyt
L101241 2005 Gelding A.J. Guidam Peggy-Anne Chloe Schlam 267098100707208
L079594 2010 Gelding A.K.A. MTM Cassito Lovely Katherine MacLeod Huffstutler 276020000072159
L117302 2017 Gelding A$AP Rocky Tangelo Van De Zuuthoeve Coline Kika Duffy 981100004348328
L118859 2015 Gelding A$AP Rocky Flex A Bill Norrira ARose Farms LLC 372414005960408
L003284 2010 Gelding AA Certain Charlie Certain Potential Charlie In Disguise Brianna N Merklin
L129517 2021 Mare AA Colonelsvalentine Colonel Cody Joe Bellalena Haythorn Jillian G Anthony
L122376 2015 Gelding AA Geta Load Of This Tesign Cremor Quincys Skip To Gold Darlene Cook
L029886 2005 Stallion AA Lost Captive The Last Captive Center Strip Dianna Brenner
L050378 2014 Gelding AA My Lazy Valentine Lazy Loper PF Valentine Amy Boudreau
L046342 2013 Gelding Aaflac VS Code Blue Hotroddin Zippo Babe Shelby Lenhart
L119957 2010 Gelding AAgaardens El Capitan C-Indoctro Zarina Olivia D Loheac 208224000229393
L077838 2000 Gelding Abacus Undocumented Undocumented Kaci Loveland 991001001208295
L085297 2005 Mare Abalia Tenerife VDL Nobalia Debi Batz 528210000758345
L116373 2010 Mare Abalia Armitage Elfenklang Natalie Grace Pedley 276020000022108
L109197 2010 Gelding Abandawe Undocumented Undocumented Claire Burke 985112007996576
L129620 2022 Mare Abat Tazz Investment Batt Man Fancy Red Investment Samantha Nyweide
L075210 2018 Mare Abattasticinvestment Batt Man Fancy Red Investment Samantha Nyweide
L081502 2005 Gelding Abazu BSM Locarno 62 Great Love II Elise McKenna Newton 958000001821525
L049616 2013 Stallion Abbrakadabra Open For Suggestion Strutnontheopenrange Allen/Marilyn/Greg/Jamie Wade
L083366 2010 Mare Abby Dabby Doo Undocumented Undocumented Juliette Edwards-Bishop 981020023207308 12.1 3/4
L029887 2005 Mare Abby Pine Vested Pine Cookie Love Tommie J Prichard
L073979 2016 Gelding ABC Another Vice Another Blue Cookie Oh Lord Im Flashy Payton Anderson
L029888 2012 Mare Abeautiful Promise The Big Promise Thumb Beauty Meredith A Westbrook-Knotts
L100912 2010 Gelding Aberjoe Aberjack Pacific Treasure Caroline Zongor 981020029788269
L117760 1963 Mare Abiza Maharadscha Abendrot
L062201 2017 Mare Ablaze N Grace Hot N Blazing Certainly A Lady James L Lamoreau
L005291 2005 Mare Ablazin Gracie
L029889 2005 Mare Ablazing Hot Pastime Hot Fudge Chip Ms Pretigious Passer Judy Woodward
L027712 2012 Mare Ablazing Ohk Krymsun One Hot Krymsun Krymsun Pine Impulse Herb Best
L027808 2012 Gelding Ablazinhotinvestment Hot N Blazing Little Good Gossip Maggie Lanham
L102699 2008 Mare Able Mable Espirit Van De Hoenderheide Fanad West Albert Cruise Jessica Benjamin 372141405026043
L066692 0 Mare About Last Knight Repeated In Red Count Every Knight Libby Trucco
L079275 2007 Gelding About Time Sergeant Pepper I Atlanta Talli Elizabeth Wallin 981020019603785 16.1 7/8
L054973 2015 Gelding About To Flatline VS Flatline Shes For Certain Stacy H Abbott
L127088 2022 Gelding Above All Rumors Rise Above Sensational Rumor Angel Baer
L050340 2012 Gelding Above Awl This Jag Is Hot Lopin Lucille Rodger L Call
L047683 2013 Gelding Above The Best Truly Priceless Sky Blue Blondy Andrea Whisler
L065160 2017 Gelding Above The Limit Only Blue Sky Anny Get Your Guns Kathleen Kohl
L128587 2021 Gelding Above The Limit Rise Above Im Just Sweet Tralee Sholey
L101096 2011 Gelding Above The Mist Undocumented Undocumented Zoey Clontz 528210002399807
L118716 2006 Mare Abracadabra Undocumented Undocumented High Hopes Farm LLC 981020007030023
L078445 2015 Gelding Abracadabra Van Overis Z Aktion Pur Z Delphine Van Overis Z Stefano Baruzzo 981100004134684
L109543 2008 Mare Abracadabra WKT Casall Famousgirl II Monica Hanks 981020019193429
L131723 2023 Gelding Abrew That Says I Do Vitalyzed/Vito My Vested Valentine Susan L Watkins
L113058 2014 Gelding Abril Jagger Cometa Carnaval Du Rouet Astronave Z German Roosen 981032100012090
L119131 2006 Gelding Absalon Undocumented Undocumented Ashley Hayden Morrison 968000000404773 17.3
L109598 2008 Mare Absaluut Annabelle Saluut II Larkspurr Otterbein University 933000320111717
L053343 2010 Mare Absolut J Woww Hes Absolutely Sure Love That Chip MNM Stoneridge LLC
L089383 2012 Gelding Absolut K Diamond K Pacific Energy Mya Stollery 528003199209999
L001054 2003 Mare Absolut Martini Girl Absolute Investment Shes Surely Good Roger Hill
L065693 2017 Stallion Absolut On The Range Was There Any Doubt Watch My Open Range L Gene E Schenk
L005911 2005 Mare Absolut Perfection Jacks Are Lucky Too Atouchofperfection Eileen Hughes
L089841 2000 Mare Absolut Risk Risky Conclusion Hanna's Delux Montverde Academy 985140000220627
L000520 2007 Mare Absolut Stella Absolute Investment Jazzle Bo Dazzle Monte Short
L029890 2006 Mare Absolute A Chipin Chipin Im Alexis Too Charles/Elayne Frese
L029891 2005 Gelding Absolute Acquisition Absolute Investment Good Luxury Dan McWhirter/Mike Young
L000145 2007 Stallion Absolute Addiction Absolute Investment Park Upon A Star Dan/Nora Hillary
L029892 2007 Mare Absolute Alibi Absolute Investment Party Town Asset Dan/Carol McWhirter
L029893 2007 Mare Absolute Allure Absolute Investment Ima Fancy Principle Dan McWhirter/Robert Miller
L029894 2005 Stallion Absolute Ambition Absolute Asset Maker Expensive Rae Ellen 'Shelli' Webster
L029895 2005 Mare Absolute Artist Artful Investment Absolutecopy Lori Walker
L002707 2009 Stallion Absolute At The Bar Absolute Asset Jacs Spanish Peach Julie and Curtis Cooper
L029896 2006 Stallion Absolute Barr Code Absolute Asset Barr Maid 234 Duane/Donna Queen
L002883 2008 Gelding Absolute Best Asset Absolute Investment No Risk Asset Elizabeth Brown
L074755 2019 Mare Absolute Best Sister Absolute Investment Chromed Machine Elizabeth Brown
L055384 2013 Gelding Absolute Big Deal Absolute Playboy Shawne Treasure Dana Rieu
L000997 2004 Mare Absolute Captivation The Last Captive Absolutely Artful Valerie L. Fites Sturgeon
L002383 2009 Mare Absolute Chippa Rose Absolute Investment Love That Chip Tim & Carol Selinsky
L004625 2007 Gelding Absolute Contender Absolute Investment Shes Always Good Bright Star Stables
L045952 2010 Mare Absolute Cover Girl Absolute Investment Chips Cover Girl Jada Lowery
L029897 2005 Stallion Absolute Cowboy Bar Absolute Investment BP Investor Bar Danny Thomas, Jr.
L058042 2010 Mare Absolute Cranberry Absolutely No Doubt Della Deluxe Jan R Little
L029898 2005 Mare Absolute Credit Investment Creditor Absolutely April Dan/Carol McWhirter
L000521 2007 Mare Absolute Darling Absolute Investment Flashy Hobby Tim & Carol Selinsky
L029899 2005 Mare Absolute Dee Absolute Asset Wind Dee Mint Chicle Jerry N Duff
L029900 2005 Mare Absolute Diva Absolute Investment Luxury Asset Dan McWhirter/Mike Young
L029901 2006 Mare Absolute Diversity Absolute Investment Vannies Diverse Deck Larry Reynolds
L005913 2005 ABSOLUTE DOC Absolute Investment Ima Dun Doc Graham Ranch
L001416 2008 Mare Absolute Dreammaiden Absolute Investment Barr Maid 234 Duane/Donna Queen
L029902 2006 MAre Absolute Enchantment Absolute Asset Dew Invest Dan/Carol McWhirter
L029903 2007 Mare Absolute Essentials Absolute Asset Dynabright Dan/Carol McWhirter
L004626 2011 Gelding Absolute Fabuluke Fabuluke Got The Blues In My Sky Nancy-Sue Ryan
L046240 2010 Gelding Absolute Fabuluke Fabuluke Huntress Toni J Sandridge
L002384 2009 Mare Absolute Fancy Kat Hes Absolutely Sure Sheza Fancy Zippo Dr Katherine A Draughon
L029904 2007 Gelding Absolute Genius Absolute Asset Impulsive Foxy Diana Conrad
L005916 2005 ABSOLUTE GEORGIA LEE Absolute Investment Pretty Sencoosa W. Norm Williamson
L029905 2005 Mare Absolute Good Assets Absolute Asset Brook's Belle Elizabeth Robidoux
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