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ID Foal Year Sex Name Sire Dam Current Owner Microchip Height
L029960 2005 Stallion AGR Certain Goodtime Certain Potential For A Good Time AGR Breeding, Inc.
L029961 2006 Stallion AGR Certainly Unique Certain Potential Boxa Chocolates Michael/Judy Ovitz
L006036 2004 Mare AGR Emmy Invitation The Invitation Miss Boston Blue Ellen Francisco
L029962 2005 Stallion AGR Good Investment Good Asset Fancy Investments AGR Breeding, Inc.
L044064 2007 Stallion AGR Honey Chip Zips Chocolate Chip Honeys Country Girl Michael/Judy Ovitz
L006040 2005 AGR IMPULSIVEMYSTERY Impulsions Sheza Town Mystery Farley Wickre
L059901 2007 Gelding AGR Zippin Wisely Investing Wisely Ill Be Zipped Melissa C Turner
L002437 2008 Mare AGR Zippn Pas D Bar Impulsions Ill Be Zipped AGR Breeding, Inc.
L106069 2021 Gelding Ah Do Declare Its A Southern Thing Never Too Sleepy Wayne & Judy Davis
L004633 2011 Mare Ah Ha Moment Its All About Blue A Duplicated Star Paige Quarterman
L128932 2012 Gelding AH Wild Wizard Jac O Rima AH Dancing Wizard Vera Hansen
L079900 2011 Gelding Aiden Cassini II Clerece Mary Antonini & Jacob Brupbacher 991001001319825 17.0
L120573 2012 Gelding Aidi AC Z Aimar Van Het Poldershof Starlet De Papignies Michael Kaplan Robbins 967000001163071
L083276 2007 Gelding Aiko Z Arioso Du Theillet O'Neal De Presenne Madeline Anderson 982009105709217
L067128 2018 Mare Aim To B Lazy Lopin Lazy I Aim To B Fancy Linda L Smit
L060045 2016 Gelding Aint Dat Sweet Huntin For Chocolate So Sweet So Certain Vicki Gordon
L132653 2023 Mare Aint Ez Bein Me Easy On The Eyez Gotta Play To Win Randy A Botting
L063923 2017 Stallion Aint Goin Nowhere The Lopin Machine Zip Skip And Strut University of Findlay
L029963 2012 Gelding Aint Got It Yet Gota Lota Potential Zips Fancy Fashion Shelley Ruth Donovan
L028027 2010 Gelding Aint Gota Lot Gota Lota Potential Zips Fancy Fashion Courtney Archer
L003352 2010 Gelding Aint I Awilly Good I Will Be Aint I A Natural Ruth E Robinson
L048963 2011 Gelding Aint I Sumthin Repeated In Red A Latte Potential Nicole L Zabel
L054495 2015 Mare Aint I Sweet Zippos Mr Good Bar Two Times As Sweet Dr Ted D Filandrianos
L132262 2023 Mare Aint I Willy Sweet Makin Me Willy Wild Sweet Talk N Goodbar Terry Jackson
L061940 2003 Gelding Aint IA Dandy Dude Aint Broke Betty Crooker Mina Greenlee
L050992 2012 Gelding Aint In No Hurry HH Red Rock Misters Awesome Lady Susan Findlay
L063998 2017 Gelding Aint In Trouble Hez Only Trouble Zips Fancy Fashion Colton Shelton
L029964 2005 Mare Aint Lucy Artful Artful Investment Oh So Beautiful Cheryl Shaw
L029965 2005 Mare Aint Misbeblazin Blazing Hot Shes Good And Hot Robbie/Joan Schroeder
L131637 2023 Mare Aint No Diva RL Best Of Sudden If It Aint Dixie Roxanne Doogan
L130245 2019 Mare Aint No Remedy Aint It The Blues RH Little Reini Nadja Loinig
L075147 2020 Mare Aint No Stoppin Her Heart Stoppin/VQH Heart Stoppin A Vital Angel Big Rock Farms LLC
L120387 2021 Gelding Aint No Stoppin Us Heart Stoppin/VQH Heart Stoppin In Gypsys Image Rosciti Quarter Horses LLC
L070812 2014 Mare Aint No Wallabakgirl Walla Walla Whiz Ready Make Cowboy Jaime R Nelson
L066168 2018 Mare Aint Nothn To It Machine Made Shez Immortal Capital Quarter Horses LLC
L059093 2016 Mare Aint Nuthn But Fancy The Ultimate Fancy Alberts Jewel Alvin E and Susan S Ott
L129536 2016 Gelding Aint Over Yet Only In The Moonlite RR Just Simply Sue Brad A Jewett
L073519 2019 Mare Aint She Sumthin Lopin My Best You Made A Good Call Rhonda Davis Robinson
L029966 2009 Mare Aint Sister Hot One Hot Invitation Aint She A Flert Dennis W Robinson
L058884 2016 Mare Aint So Hott One Hot Krymsun BMQ Hunt For Roses Carol Lyn Fuller
L122326 2021 Mare Aint Stoppin Her Heart Stoppin/VQH Heart Stoppin Lillies Last Love Heather Stead
L118948 2019 Mare Aint Sugar Sweet The Sugar Daddy Maiden Machine Tracey Hoffman
L006065 2006 AINT TALKIN NO MORE Sweet Talkin Chip Jaguar Zip Bar Emiley Foster
L150712 2022 Gelding Aint That Sleepy Yet My Sleepy Valentine Upp Close N Personal Caylee Webb
L058172 2016 Mare Aint That Something Keeping It Good This Chics A Goodbar Kayla Cecelia Beige
L052996 2013 Gelding Aint That The Truth Truly Priceless Gracious N Fabulous Gabrielle Kostiuk
L051568 2014 Gelding Aint Too Lazy Lazy Loper Zips Fancy Fashion Marcy Lang
L131894 2023 Mare Aint Whistling Dixie No Doubt Im Lazy If It Aint Dixie Connie L Holtz
L068923 2018 Mare Aintflirtinimcertain Certain Potential Fifty Shades Of Grey Melissa Reynolds
L126488 2022 Stallion Aintgoingnowhere Florida Georgia Line Extremely Salty Ruth Marie Rowe
L122753 2021 Stallion Aintikindamightty Mightty Mouse PS Good Bars Chex Chelsea Bagby
L006067 2005 Gelding Aintlonesomenomore High Lonesome A Radical Invesment Ann Hermann
L124865 2013 Gelding Aintnoholywoodcowboy Hollywoodstinseltown West Coast Bay Sally Ann Durett
L105121 2020 Mare Aintnothinboutyou Its A Southern Thing Im Hot In Blue Rachel Grace Devet
L078140 2012 Gelding Aintree Z Andiamo Z Odeline Manuel Show Stables LLC 528210002560313
L003211 2010 Mare Aintsaynshzagoldiger Blazing Hot Sheza Town Mystery AGR Breeding, Inc.
L029967 2007 Mare Aintshe Gotpotential Gota Lota Potential Aint She Hot Carol Lyn Fuller
L052126 2014 Mare Aintshe Sofisticated Sophistication Only Quiteabitradical Laura & Jerry Bracken
L077586 2007 Gelding Air Arko Z Air Jordan Oxianne V Allison Johnson 981100002307107
L055320 2003 Mare Air Brushed Art I Sweet OC Sand Party Anne Marie Daugherty
L002358 2009 Gelding Air Guitar Hot N Blazing Mysterious Dream Kathie Crowley
L116321 2016 Gelding Air Max Castelano Grand Argentina Boží Samantha Brouillette 203010033020244
L123998 2022 Gelding Air Miiles The Mile High Club Ona Rockin Diva Allison Michele Reynolds
L125794 2022 Gelding Air Ride Equipped Totally Hot Hunter Chip Of Faith Lisa Berger
L054952 2015 Gelding Air Ryde Machine Made KM Hot Number Anita Wiescamp
L006071 2007 Gelding Air Zip Zippo Jack Bar Mysterious Dream Makayla R Flowers
L079903 2007 Gelding Airbrush Artani Cassie Larry Antonini 985154000417097
L115991 2007 Mare Airline R Avec Coeur Cindy Katie Eppinger 276020000437984
L121788 2012 Gelding Airo Dynamic Apiro Hazel Robyn Sawyers 981020019612410
L112824 2021 Mare Airplane Mode The Mile High Club Leave A Message Donna Marie Wyman
L080561 2009 Gelding Airstream Undocumented Undocumented Miami University 991001000331051
L079970 2010 Gelding Airway Semilly Diamant De Semilly Jaffna De Semilly Richard Cheska 250259700393892
L120536 2016 Gelding Aisle Be Good Aisle Return Good Bet Her Best Noelle Mumpower Davis
L101101 2012 Mare AJ Luidam Shawnee Emma Vivienne Sartor 372141405451312
L043828 2012 Mare AJ A Scenic Sweetie A Scenic Impulse JM Investers Candy Julia E Pezold
L002201 2009 Mare AJ Agood Blazn Daisy A Good Machine A Star Born Blazin Julia E Pezold
L126493 2022 Mare AJ Blue Barreta VS Code Blue Blazing Mustangsally Julia E Pezold
L067316 2018 Mare AJ Blue Vitals VS Code Blue Suddenly Invited Maryah Cugno
L004634 2011 Mare AJ Certainly Rageous Certain Potential Invited I Am Fritz Leeman
L050822 2014 Mare AJ Classic Martini Absolute Investment Shes Surely Good Julia E Pezold
L067315 2018 Mare AJ Cocoa Blue VS Code Blue Invest In Miss Blaze Julia E Pezold
L120136 2021 Stallion AJ Code Snapp VS Code Blue Potential Touch Julia E Pezold
L062987 2017 Mare AJ Daddys Girl Only In The Moonlite A Star Born Blazin Patti Greene
L057488 2016 Gelding AJ Dont Cross Me Dont Skip Zip Shes Surely Good Jenni Sohm
L050817 2014 Mare AJ Easy BN Me Ziprageous Herprinciplesrgood Julia E Pezold
L072150 2019 Stallion AJ Fireman On Duty Blazing Hot A Formal Duty Julia E Pezold
L054913 2015 Mare AJ Frecklalicious Ziprageous A Star Born Blazin Julia E Pezold
L057489 2016 Gelding AJ Hes Surelyradical Radical Rodder Shes Surely Good Amy R Ferguson
L054992 2015 Mare AJ Hunting For Dots Huntin For Chocolate PR Candlelight Deck Julia E Pezold
L050819 2014 Mare AJ Huntinwithmyheart Huntin For Chocolate PR Candlelight Deck Pamela DeVore
L047914 2013 Stallion AJ Ill Kickur Assets One Hot Krymsun Shes Surely Good Betty Allen
L057484 2016 Mare AJ Itsmydutyto B Hot These Irons Are Hot A Formal Duty Amanda Bloom
L004635 2011 Mare AJ Krymsun N Kandles One Hot Krymsun PR Candlelight Deck Julia E. Pezold
L047913 2013 Gelding AJ Lazy I Am Lazy Loper Invited I Am Julia E Pezold
L001294 2008 Mare AJ Lonesome Dove Openrange PR Candlelight Deck Emma Brown
L050823 2014 Mare AJ Mi Corazon Absolute Investment Shes Surely Good Julia E Pezold
L126460 2022 Mare AJ Now U Dun It The Best Martini JM Investers Candy Julia E Pezold
L067317 2018 Mare AJ Pennys Fromheaven Radical Rodder PR In Your Decks Ken Inchiostro
L054912 2015 Mare AJ Radical Eye Candy Radical Rodder PR In Your Decks Julia E Pezold
L057483 2016 Stallion AJ Remingtonrepeater Repeated In Red JM Investers Candy University of Findlay
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