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ID Foal Year Sex Name Sire Dam Current Owner Microchip Height
L004629 2011 Mare Absolutely Kyrianna Absolute Asset Futures Morning Mist John or Beth Pankratz
L059483 2016 Mare Absolutely Lazy Lazy Loper Absolute Invitation Amy L Engle
L029934 2005 Mare Absolutely Luxurious Absolute Investment Buckeye Pine Bar Dan/Carol McWhirter
L130061 2021 Gelding Absolutely Maybe John Simon Two Strait Whiskey Jayme Fleeman
L044061 2007 Mare Absolutely N Asset Absolute Asset Compromise Invested Ken and Jodi Gundersen
L005943 2006 ABSOLUTELY NO RISK Absolute Investment Protected Asset Renee Whitmore
L001305 2008 Gelding Absolutely Oliver Absolute Investment Forever Dazzling Deanna Lynn Holm
L048934 2013 Mare Absolutely Peachy Absolute Investment Assets Peaches Gumz Farms Quarter Horses LLC
L128195 2022 Mare Absolutely Prettiest The Krymsun Kruzer Absolutely Roxie James Gauthier Jr
L003686 2008 Gelding Absolutely Protected Absolute Investment Protected Asset Madeline Ashley Carter
L003618 2010 Stallion Absolutely Red Hot Absolute Investment Radical Rose Red Kimberly L Herr
L052395 2014 Gelding Absolutely Rockin Absolute Asset Lets Go Western Benjamin G Hirschfeld
L029935 2005 Gelding Absolutely Scotch Absolute Investment Scotch For Muriel Niels McDermott/Dan McWhirter
L029936 2010 Mare Absolutely Serena Absolute Investment Stylish Serena Dan/Carol McWhirter
L000088 2007 Mare Absolutely Sky Absolute Asset Sultry Sky Daniel D Balys
L029937 2005 Mare Absolutely Sky Blue Skys Blue Boy Absolutely Artful Valerie L. Fites Sturgeon
L029938 2007 Mare Absolutely So Good Absolute Asset Principles Tammy Te Dan McWhirter/Robert Miller
L029939 2007 Mare Absolutely Soft Absolute Investment Soft Investment Sharon Mohon/Carol McWhirter
L054439 2015 Mare Absolutely Southern Its A Southern Thing Absolutely Heirogant Gumz Farms Quarter Horses LLC
L029940 2005 Mare Absolutely Steady Absolute Investment Rockin Steady Dan/Carol McWhirter
L052430 2014 Mare Absolutely Too Cute Absolute Asset Bonafide N Hot Patricia A Vitari
L000523 2007 Mare Absolutely Too Good Absolute Investment Lacy Good Bar Jean Estill
L029941 2009 Gelding Absolutely Too Much Absolute Investment Zip Too Much Kathy A Martino
L126872 2022 Mare Absolutely Top Shelf Best Brew At The Bar Absolutely Luxurious Karen A Hurtgam
L029942 2005 Mare Absolutely Twistin Absolute Investment Zippin And A Twistin Bill Walker/Dan McWhirter
L048362 2013 Mare Absolutely Un Zipped No Doubt Absolute Elegant Zip Catherine Anisha Janssen
L046048 2013 Mare Absolutely Vital VS Code Red Absolutely Stylish Remington Brandel
L005946 2002 Gelding Absolutely Watch Me Absolute Investment Watch A Daisy Garrett and Shannon Johnston
L029943 2005 Stallion Absolutely Watched Absolute Investment Watch A Daisy Rich Erwin/Dan McWhirter
L003128 2010 Mare Absolutely Xcited Absolute Investment Xssential Asset Jason P Hagberg
L029944 2006 Stallion Absolutely You Bet Absolute Investment Good Miss Charlie Mike C Washburn
L044062 2008 Stallion Absolutely Yours Absolute Investment Betcha Bite A Chip Stanley or Susan Scott LLC
L103684 2012 Mare Absolutely! Ascot California Dreaming Naomi Marie Posa 981020019349980
L004630 2011 Stallion Absolutelygoingrogue Absolute Asset Please Us Linda M Smiley
L062685 2017 Mare Absolutelyimsouthern Its A Southern Thing Absolute N Roses Robin M Deck
L053524 2014 Stallion Absolutelynoticeable My Final Notice Absolute Socksappeal Shelley Kristin Grant
L068141 2018 Mare Absoluteontherocks The Rock Absolute Love Tiffany J Pattison
L029945 2005 Mare Absolutleyasweetdream Jollycostum Dream Absolutely Sweet Ted/Dawn Brooks
L062661 2017 Gelding Absolutly Not Willybuptonogood Absolute Write Off Brickham Quarter Horses LLC
L121126 2013 Gelding Abstract Cape Cape Blanco Oblivious Cheryl Stratos 985170002219644
L079251 2009 Gelding Abudabi Etnarhis Perfektna It's All Covered LLC 100000000100069
L086223 2010 Gelding ACA Carpion Cartogran Faretta Ava Sweeney 276098102680843
L086225 2016 Gelding ACA Locomotion Gaspahr Brilliante Ava Sweeney 528210004480874
L086224 2016 Gelding ACA Louis Dakar VDL Semmy Ava Sweeney 528210004437629
L027905 2012 Gelding Acacian Enterprise Iron Enterprise Acacian Song Shannon Roberson
L103048 2010 Mare Acacie Du Seminaire Nippon D'Elle Elisa De Brekka 6155 Property LLC 250259701029284
L101883 2011 Gelding Acalix Hero Z Aganix Du Seigneur Z Conteid Z Castle Rock Horses LLC 972270000052961
L089997 2012 Gelding Acapulco Santa Cruz Arliena Z Stefanie Portman 941000013552916
L103096 2004 Mare Acarina 4 Undocumented Undocumented Emilia Guthrie 981020015875507
L125934 2018 Gelding Acavallo Aromats Granada D Erin Morin 428001000004177
L044063 2007 Mare Accept It Im Good Artful Investment Charlies Angel Lace Kimberly M Roark
L057660 2015 Mare Accept It Im Lazy Lazy Loper Accept With Pleasure Looney Quarter Horses LLC
L063012 2017 Mare Accept It Im Sleepy Too Sleepy To Zip Accept It Im Good Kimberly M Roark
L060673 2016 Gelding Accept The Invite/Accept The Invitation Required Invitation Zipinvestment Wanda Hesse
L029946 2007 Mare Accepted Invitation Texas Invitation Zippos Paula Sauncie Romeo
L002045 2006 Mare Access Your Assets Allocate Your Assets Lady Victor James W McConkey
L001979 2007 Mare Accessories By Skip Dont Skip Zip Polished Elegance Cooper Quarter Horses LLC
L129385 2022 Mare Accident By Design Extremely Hot Chips Nickys Miss Zippn Tru Jeffrey J Nelson
L074753 2020 Gelding Accidental Assett Allocate Your Assets True Sixes Peyton Oakley Pelton
L123735 2017 Mare Accidental Hotrodder Quotes Spookycaper CHF Hotroddin Sarah Jennifer Bateman
L002063 2009 Gelding Acclaimed Invitation Invitation Only JR Zippin Lazy 2 Ranch / Karen D. Harris
L080663 2006 Gelding Accomplice Ohorn Unique Grace Asbury 528210000828663
L057776 2013 Mare Accomplished Irons These Irons Are Hot Accomplishment Hannah Dobert
L126628 2001 Gelding Accordance Acord II Hera XXIIX Jenny Booth 98517002316159
L029947 2012 Mare According To You RL Best Of Sudden Good All The Time John S Narmont
L029948 2006 Stallion Accountable Credit Investment Creditor Sheza Vested Maiden Judy Lee and Carol McWhirter
L083021 2013 Gelding Accuracy Stormy Atlantic Positivelycharming Olivia Roth
L109972 2001 Gelding Ace Is High Voltaire Undocumented Carma Ann Caughlan 985120005766960
L111761 2016 Gelding Ace Of Spades Diarado Zarina XIV Christopher Johnson 276020000520182
L127894 2022 Mare Acertified Hotti Hotti In The House Acertified Covergirl Lisa Ann Kroll
L076433 2010 Mare Aces Wild Edelweiss De Bonce Carousel Christine Miller 933000320260107
L061396 2011 Gelding Achargetorememberjls A Charge To Keep Greys Kia Maria JLS Jeffery L/Vicki G Stulce
L002884 2009 Gelding Achieva Blue Ribbon Achieva I'm No Secret Patricia Arnone
L002855 2009 Stallion Achieva La Vida Achieva Calico Princess Arthur and Kathleen Liberman
L117953 0 Stallion Achieve Undocumented Undocumented
L052090 2007 Gelding Achieve Only Blue Only Blue Sky Achieva Hope Leslie Ann Reynolds
L002793 2003 Mare Achieved By Grace Achieva Lucky Meg Wendy Alford Tousley
L005981 2003 Mare ACHIEVED BY GRAYCE Achieva Lucky Meg Carissa Lynn Lacson
L004631 2009 Gelding Achieven Revenge Achieva Queenie's Revenge Michele/Emily Keiser
L005984 2000 Gelding Achipofftheoldgold Chips Hot Chocolate Zee Zippin Gold Samantha Lind
L083615 2020 Mare Achromatic When In Chrome Natural Mead Looney Quarter Horses LLC
L127179 2022 Gelding Achy Breakin Heart Heart Stoppin/VQH Heart Stoppin Invest In Platinum Victoria Wiersum
L132104 2023 Mare Achy Breaky Heartt Heart Stoppin/VQH Heart Stoppin I Luv Only Chocolate Evergreen Valley Farm & Stable
L130262 2018 Gelding Acool Affection Hes A Cool Lover Spirited Affection Linda M Smiley
L071926 2019 Gelding Acool Southern Dream Its A Southern Thing A Cool Looking Lady Amy Norris
L067011 2018 Gelding Acowboykindofaffair How Bout This Cowboy Absolute Affair Johnna Letchworth
L029949 2009 Mare ACR Blairley Dressed Dress Western Blairley A Clu Larry/Pati Casillas
L029950 2005 Stallion ACR Western Union Dress Western Blairley A Clu Larry/Pati Casillas
L067955 2018 Gelding Acrobatt Batt Man Sleepin Fancy Nancy G Chapman TTEE NGC Trust
L068256 2018 Mare Act Casual The Gentlemens Club The Best Actress Caila Menichella
L005989 2007 ACT ONA IMPULSE Hot Impulse Zips Pretty Woman Ann Jordan
L052318 2014 Mare Act Your Age Iron Age Go Go's Clementine Maria L Beyerstedt
L079738 2012 Gelding Actender PS Action Breaker Conpila Havens Schatt 276020000053009 16.1 1/2
L127051 2022 Gelding Actin Outta Impulse Impulsions Invite A Loper Alexis Gooding
L110599 2015 Mare Action Blue Action Breaker Chaccata's Girl Shannon Zik 276020000311366
L116172 2009 Mare Action Breaker Action Breaker Oderna Tillie Alexandra Hall 528210002449858 16.1 3/8
L083178 2015 Gelding Action Cover Altoona Pur Z Cover Girl Z Melinda A Cohen 528210004068163
L121315 2017 Gelding Action Directe Borsalino Day Star Astra Wallace 276020000594767
L108719 2012 Stallion Active X Van Z Allegro T'Olga Joan Van Gorkum 528210002984881
L000282 2007 Stallion Actscape Artist Artful Investment Actscape Diana L Fleek
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