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ID Foal Year Sex Name Sire Dam Current Owner Microchip Height
L003221 2010 Mare White Choco Latte Huntin For Chocolate Just Zippin Scotch Linda Carpenter
L080194 2020 Gelding White Claww/White Claw A Sudden Holiday Hot Cookin Cookie Morgan Miller
L112802 2021 Stallion White Collar Invite CBS Whitecollar Ride Supernatural Doll Christina L Wilson
L081794 2011 Mare White Diamonds Diamond K Shenandoah Mary Kate Reynolds 933000120120596
L110856 2021 Mare White Girl Wasted All Time Fancy Ima Good Diva Julie L Aldrich
L027312 2011 Mare White Hot Blaze Hot N Blazing Sugar Time Bear George J Stauffer
L034509 2005 Stallion White Hot Exclusive Kelvis Exclusive Obstacle Margaret A. Lawler
L065564 2017 Mare White Hot Spot Light Youdontknowjackzip Gypsical Rodder Katie Korsack
L070656 2019 Gelding White Invitation Invite The Artist Zippin Ellie May Rachel Hattendorf
L003507 2010 Mare White Liar The Ultimate Fancy Rockme Susan E Clayton
L085222 2015 Mare White Lies And Alibis A Dream Remembered A Splash Of Chips Harold Wayne Jumper
L120449 2015 Gelding White Oaks Joyride Hat Trick Pegasus Song Kristiane Pellegrino 981020029046601
L133307 2023 Stallion White On Ice Fiire N Ice/Mr Fiire N Ice Makin This Look Good Barbara R Clifford
L128602 2020 Gelding White Outt/Im Whited Out No Doubt Im Lazy Invite Cricket Dwain &/or Mary Jo Gold
L064773 2017 Stallion White Sox Kid Mr Touchdown Kid Nikki Mantle Jill A Schramm
L129322 2009 Gelding White Where I Want U Tommysspotstacle Scotchans Rockette Jenna Viaene
L052763 2015 Mare White Zin Lazy Loper Sensational Whiteout Jenna B Tolson
L002501 2009 Stallion Whitecollar Criminal Potential Investment Three D Jewel Sharla Mertin
L073454 2019 Stallion Whitecollar Felon CBS Whitecollar Ride Harmony Ina Minute Carolyn L Barnes
L109909 2021 Stallion Whitecollar Hot Rod CBS Whitecollar Ride Ima Lil Hot Annie Lord
L131669 2023 Mare Whitecollar Legacy CBS Whitecollar Ride Warrior's Shadow Annie Lord
L106832 2021 Stallion Whitecollar Warrior CBS Whitecollar Ride Warrior's Shadow Valorie/Brittany Carlberg
L122938 2018 Gelding Whitehall Hickstead White Olea Opening Bell Sporthorses LLC 276418189122218
L051195 2014 Mare Whitelegs N Promises Hot Ones Only IE Marecedes Jason P Hagberg
L057118 2013 Gelding Whitetrashmillionaire Special Invitation Sure A Red Hot Quete Alicia A Michel
L044672 2008 Stallion Whitewalls Certain Potential Dont Skip Ms Hotrod Stone Canyon Ranch
L120024 2010 Gelding Whitlock Undocumented Undocumented Curren Nevada English 933000320421064
L117215 2010 Gelding Whitman Juss For The Taste Win N Whitney Olivia Naja May 981020037254258
L101370 2003 Gelding Whittaker MVNZ Marlon Sereedom VDL Woodrun Farm 985170002724359
L086787 2018 Mare Whiz All Juiced Up Smart Like Juice Cloned By Whiz Jim Dudley
L127525 2020 Gelding Whiz Chic Whizlet Smart Chics Playgirl Bloomfield Farm LLC
L109772 2017 Mare Whiz Chic Grace Whiz N Crome Nicwhizmeplease Pam Troutman
L124754 2006 Gelding Whiz Good To Go Kid Whiz Fancy Fannin Solano Larry O McCollough
L025439 2005 Mare Whiz Jewels Topsail Whiz Hot Hollywood Jewels Bahn Quarter Horses LLC
L129804 2020 Gelding Whiz Like Flinn In Like Flinn Mizzen My Star Randi Stockdill
L133654 2021 Gelding Whiz Of An Einstein Spooks Gotta Whiz Lil Topsail Einstein Lallo Performance Horses LLC
L131182 2017 Gelding Whiz On Ice SG Frozen Enterprize Fancy Sailing Whiz Patty Marden
L130927 2016 Gelding Whizards N Smoke The Royal Whiz Miss Starlight Smoke Vicki Rose-Couturier
L125396 2019 Gelding Whizdom Joe Lil Joe Cash The Great Whiztress Allyson Busch
L128130 2016 Gelding Whizelgun Colonels Lil Gun Lil Meericle Whiz Jill S Matye
L078087 2012 Gelding Whizenboonsmal Peptoleap She Whiz A Star Madison Hayden Rafacz
L108857 2017 Gelding Whizes Do Come True Whiz Van Winkle Boogermint West Fork Ranch
L129507 2016 Gelding Whizin To Tinseltown Gunners Tinseltown Whizin Off Sparks Tracy A Billing
L106885 2018 Mare Whizkey Annie Whizkey N Diamonds Super Olena Chic Olivia Ruth Clary
L060117 2013 Mare Whizkey N Smoke Whizkey N Diamonds Smokys Lightning Hot Lisa Kowalewski
L108791 2016 Gelding Whizky Bent Whiz Van Winkle Miss Rascal Nic Isabelle Hildebrandt
L127530 2004 Gelding Whizpectable Conquistador Whiz Ms Red Hot Lena Stephanie M Diehl
L075001 2017 Mare Whizpurr Spooks Gotta Whiz Watch Me Purr Michell Anne Kimball
L102797 2008 Gelding Whizzen Shine Topsail Whiz Mizzen Shine Keane Katherine West
L057990 2013 Gelding Whizzin Banjo Banjo Whiz Uno Chex To Cash Four Star Quarter Horses
L086807 2017 Stallion Whizzle Blower Little Lena Playgun Smartest Kitty Garrett Tyler Ashby
L123070 1999 Mare Who Are You Wearing Undocumented Undocumented Providence Equestrian Center 985141004762290
L000478 2007 Mare Who Asked You Coats N Tails Larks Blue Sky Leigh C and Narda L Anthony
L125566 2015 Mare Who Colored My Chip Colored By Charlie Hot Zippin Chip Claude Champeil
L062564 2017 Gelding Who Could Resist/Covered N Smothered Iresistable Sudden Covered in Cashmere Marnie Thomas
L044673 2009 Stallion Who Da Boss UK Mito Boss Bobbie Oak Steven Gooden
L073667 2019 Gelding Who Dat Be Who To Invite Bootsies Hot Pine Kyla Lentner
L086947 2018 Gelding Who Dat Hottie Inferno Sixty Six Who Dat Hot Chic Regina Lykins
L034510 2010 Gelding Who Dat Sleepin Too Sleepy To Zip Zippin Fancy Flash Lou Ann Barnes
L059845 2016 Gelding Who Do U Think I Am Repeated In Red Kissed In The Dark Thad O'Boyle
L029202 2006 Gelding Who Do U Think U Are Hot N Blazing Nearcos Missy Denise Firth
L034511 2007 Mare Who Dressed Tracy Dress Western Tracy Tiger Molly Precourt
L107277 2016 Mare Who Fired The Made Machine Made Dirty Zip Zip Crysta L Kellar
L126001 2018 Gelding Who Gives A Hoo Hot Ones Only Kenne Raisem Courtney H Lang
L034512 2009 Mare Who Has A Minute Do You Have A Minute Whowantstoknow Capall Creek Farm LLC
L025446 2005 Gelding Who Invited Him Willy Be Invited Holly Zipp Bars Kaitlyn Bloom
L063853 2012 Mare Who Invited Lazy Lazy Loper Whos All Invited Mark and Natasha Webster
L025447 2009 Mare Who Invited Oprah Ok I Am Invited Dimensionalli Patricia A Walsh
L027579 2012 Mare Who Invited Pippa Macs Good N Plenty Lucky To Be Invited Lynn Carr
L098470 2013 Gelding Who Invited Rageous Ziprageous Whos All Invited Nancy A Krienen
L056286 2013 Gelding Who Invited RL RL Best Of Sudden Whos All Invited Ada G Hirschfeld
L121339 2021 Mare Who Invited Suzy Who To Invite Suddenly Suzy Oak Spring Ranch LLC
L033097 2010 Mare Who Is Invited Who To Invite Sallie Mae Flash Steve Martin
L069358 2018 Gelding Who Is Next The Next Detail Ever So Moxie Sarah A Bates
L034513 2007 Gelding Who Is With Me TY Crowd Chiller Delci Christensen
L054254 2015 Gelding Who Mmade Who Machine Made Whos Cheating Who Shona R Green
L001231 2008 Mare Who Proposed To Who Impressive Proposal Whos Foolin Who Kathy Miller
L104698 2015 Gelding Who Said Im Lazy No Doubt Im Lazy Shes Suddenly Hot Jeffrey T Stanley
L062177 2017 Stallion Who Said No Red The Krymsun Kruzer Just Like June Wayne & Judy Davis
L045897 2003 Gelding Who Sez HBF Iron Man Achy Breaky Zippo Barbara Messinger
L126371 2022 Mare Who Spilled Da Tea Who To Invite Sheza Lazy Loper Adrian Vaca
L057639 2014 Mare Who Wants A Kiss Hot Roddin Mr PR Corona Gold Robert Kent French
L077038 2020 Mare Who What When When In Chrome Mayihave This Dance Gerri Leigh Pratt
L062457 2012 Gelding Who Whiz Chico Who Whiz It Ha Nic A Chic Four Star Quarter Horses
L076116 2014 Mare Who Whiz Hickory Whodini Ms Hickory Playgirl Kandee Jones-Doetsch
L075040 2013 Gelding Who Whiz Hot Choclat Who Whiz It Chocolat Almond Chic Cameron Crenwelge
L069807 2016 Mare Who Willy Knew Winnies Willy Almost Good John R Thompson
L049867 2014 Mare Who Ya Callin Lazy Lazy Loper Accept With Pleasure Connie Nanney
L059080 2016 Mare Whoa Bay B RL Best Of Sudden Prettiest Chip Yet Sheryl Kissinger
L075911 2019 Mare Whoa Black Betty LB All The RAge Abdulls Almond Joy Pat or Janelle Burton
L047483 2013 Mare Whodoesntluvchocolat One Hot Chocolate Extremewintersports Carol A Kuchera
L085189 2018 Mare Whodothatvoodoo Shiners Voodoo Dr Starlenas Joy Tori Gillespie
L027537 2012 Mare Whoinvitedthecowyboy How Bout This Cowboy Whos All Invited Katelyn Scheiben
L080203 2020 Mare Whoinvitedthemouse Who To Invite Best Mouse Yet Rancho Verde LLC
L083547 2020 Mare Whole Lota Lopin Ionlylopeformoney Whole Lota Potential Mary Jones
L068312 2018 Stallion Whole Lota Money Ionlylopeformoney Whole Lota Potential Danica Jorgensen
L005233 2011 Mare Whole Lota Potential Potential Investment Choicetta Pine Jennifer Benfante
L130550 2023 Mare Whole Lotta Figuring Figured Im Invited No Doubt Im Invited Pamela J Switzer
L001275 2007 Stallion Whole Lotta Lazy Lazy Loper Lopin N Zippin Kathy Forsythe
L051146 2014 Mare Whole Lotta Spice Too Sleepy To Zip Spice Machine Christina Kendrick Miller
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