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ID Foal Year Sex Name Sire Dam Current Owner Microchip Height
L029860 2009 Gelding A Sudden Machine A Good Machine RL Essence Gretta Baker
L029861 2010 Stallion A Sudden Mojo A Good Machine RL Essence Dianne/Randy Cantrell
L053002 2015 Gelding A Sudden Moonlite Only In The Moonlite Private By Impulse Megan Mathieu
L003552 2010 Stallion A Sudden Promis A Sudden Vantage Eye Promis Tobe Good Jerald/Darla Rutz
L001916 2006 Mare A Sudden Shadow RL Best Of Sudden Zippos Golden Shadow Teri Hoffman
L002268 2008 Mare A Sudden Starlet Hes Suddenly Famous Credit Me Good Richard P/Lisa M Lopez
L062363 2017 Gelding A Sudden Suggestion Open For Suggestion RL Essence Charity Burton
L002434 2009 Mare A Sudden Sweetness RL Best Of Sudden Sweet Susie Zippo FMH Inc. / Patty Roberts
L029862 2008 Stallion A Sudden Temptation A Touch of Sudden Invest N Temptation Ramona Caldwell
L071921 2019 Mare A Sudden Thing Its A Southern Thing Private By Impulse Jean Paul Cleroux
L029863 2006 Gelding A Sudden Touch A Touch Of Sudden Zippos Malbec Rose Randy Hawkins
L054039 2015 Gelding A Sudden Touch A Touch Of Sudden Alotta Faith Mallory Pohren
L050570 2014 Stallion A Sudden Ultimate The Ultimate Fancy A Lil Bit Of Pleasure Deanna Johnson
L108167 2021 Mare A Sudden Wonder RL Best Of Sudden Wonder Womann/My Wonder Womann Kathryn A Sneed
L071593 2019 Mare A Sugar Sensation Hesa Special Hotrod Dancin With Ladyluck Alexia N Heney
L112065 2021 Gelding A Sultry Good Story Required Invitation One Sultry Story Erica M Owen
L053619 2015 Mare A Sultry Invitation One N Only Too Joyful To Zip Debra Provence
L049739 2011 Gelding A Sultry Playboy Good N Sultry Dream Of Fancy Tracy A Billing
L046321 2011 Gelding A Sultry Pleasure Good N Sultry A Pure Pleasure Rana Salah Orsan
L070149 2016 Gelding A Sultry Sensation Zippos Sensation Good N Sultry Girl Sheila & JR Covell
L088276 2019 Gelding A Sunday Kind Of Love A Good Zippo Check Outmy Fancyride Jill Yerbic
L029864 2007 Stallion A Supreme Machine A Good Machine My My Charlene Thomas Stubleski
L029865 2007 Mare A Sure Invitation The Invitation Ima Cool Robin Stanley or Susan Scott LLC
L076318 2014 Gelding A Sweeping Sensation The Big Sensation Conclusive Lita Susan M Crouch-Weaver
L003617 2001 Gelding A Sweet Addiction Art I Sweet Ichis Prissy Katelyn Anna Schultz
L132125 2023 Mare A Sweet Aurora Outlaw Enterprise Al Be Your Sweet Art Dr Bridgett Benedict
L067324 2018 Mare A Sweet Invite A Winning Invitation O Sugar Me Sweet Amy VanDyke
L098949 2020 Gelding A Sweet Living Living Large The Sweet Escape Living Large LLC
L029866 2005 Stallion A Sweet Obsession Art I Sweet Dispatched Kandice L Oyler
L029867 2005 Mare A Sweet Persuasion Lethal Persuasion A Certain Melody Tim/Lou Petty
L130185 2022 Stallion A Sweet Talkin Loper Lazy Loper Two Times As Sweet Mark McFarland
L000518 2007 Mare A Swirl Of Krymsun One Hot Krymsun Zips Chocolate Swirl Rodney Sawyer
L029868 2005 Stallion A Tad Bit Rad Radical Rodder Zippos Goodgirl Cheryl Cardwell
L003034 2003 Mare A Tardy Version Good Version Too Tardy Dude Dixie Hollow
L059299 2016 Mare A Tarte With A Heart Hot N Blazing Nothin Like A Blue Katey Lynn Griffith
L033517 2010 Gelding A Tattle Tail Coats N Tails Refreshing Keirstin Bailie Sapp
L029869 2006 Stallion A Tempting Chip Chipin Bee So Tempting J.R. Reichert
L000760 2002 Gelding A Texas Revolution Invitation Only Zippos Desert Rose Patricia E Knowlton
L053722 2012 Mare A Time For Thanks Thanks For Com En Time To Go Platinum Ashley Iverson
L061911 2016 Gelding A Time Remembered A Dream Remembered RR Take Time For Me Judith M English
L005852 2005 A Timeless Hocus Hocus Pocus Hotrod Peach Of A Time DANA JONES
L076580 2020 Mare A Timeless Replica DGS Replicated Zippin On Scotch Catharine L Holland
L029870 2010 Mare A Timeless Sensation All Time Fancy Naughty Sensation Laurie Tolboom
L005854 2001 Gelding A Timely Version Good Version Docs Lil Misty Time McAuley K Ross
L128135 2022 Gelding A Top Gun Required Invitation Ms Silver Sensation Stephanie Mohindra
L002758 2004 Gelding A Total Asset Protect Your Assets Savannah Coosa Belinda Wilson
L054243 2015 Stallion A Totally Hot Deal Totally Hot Hunter One Darn Minute Kenny Greves
L063055 2017 Mare A Touch Chexy A Touch Of Sudden CJ Hot N Chexy Lanie Dove Gondor
L054085 2015 Gelding A Touch For Gab A Touch Of Sudden Gab Hot Shockolate Christopher Nelson
L068462 2018 Mare A Touch Ladylike A Touch Of Sudden Flashy Looking Lady Jamie Oakley
L060287 2009 Gelding A Touch Lazy Lazy Loper Touch Of Asset Angela R Krueger
L063054 2017 Mare A Touch Of Charming A Touch Of Sudden Big Bar Concluded Sherri A Banta
L005857 2007 Gelding A Touch Of Destiny A Touch Of Sudden Zips Destiny Ericka Bessey
L001107 2005 Gelding A Touch Of Excellence Modern Excellence Crowning Touch D.W. Register
L058675 2010 Gelding A Touch Of Fancy Mr Fancy Executive Hustling Necoia Amanda K Kaping
L060625 2016 Gelding A Touch Of Goodbar A Touch Of Sudden DDS Ms Lady Goodbar Sara J Ridgway
L133843 2023 Mare A Touch Of Goodness Good I Will Be Executive Touch Brunner/Beauvais LLC
L068169 2018 Mare A Touch Of Goodstyle A Touch Of Sudden Simply Good Style Julie and Curtis Cooper
L029871 2006 Gelding A Touch Of Iron A Touch Of Sudden Iron Heiress Barbara Feller
L044054 2012 Mare A Touch Of Krymsun The Krymsun Kruzer Executive Touch Brunner/Beauvais LLC
L127479 2018 Mare A Touch Of Lazy The Ultimate Of Lazy Easy Ta Touch James Wical
L056635 2015 Stallion A Touch Of Moonlight A Touch Of Sudden A Moonlight Moment Dr Dennis Whitsell
L068333 2018 Mare A Touch Of Platinum A Touch Of Sudden Huntin In The Night Joe and Kay Kimmel
L044055 2008 Mare A Touch Of Sassy A Touch of Sudden Danyels Sassy Moon J.R. Reichert
L074262 2019 Gelding A Touch Of The Blues VS Code Blue The Taylors Touch Wendy Lea Dinesen
L123904 2021 Stallion A Touch Of The South Its A Southern Thing Ima Winnies Dream Tom Vanbeckevoort
L133719 2023 Stallion A Touch Too Sleepy My Sleepy Valentine Made With A Touch April I Wooster
L072475 2019 Gelding A Touchdown Machine A Touch Of Sudden Born A Lopin Machine Joyce Hoff
L075939 2019 Mare A Trace Of Lazy A Trace Of Impulse Theres No Doubt About It Renee R Tordai
L098989 2016 Mare A Trashy Hit Gunnatrashya Da Tucker Light Karen Shedlauskas
L003565 2001 Mare A Tribal Treasure Indian Artifacts Jeridowny Kathleen R Zelnio
L126193 2022 Gelding A Trump Machine Trump Card Shez Good At This Debra Crow
L059288 2016 Stallion A Tuf Hand The Ultimate Fancy PS In The Cards Crystal Bowman DVM
L029872 2005 Gelding A Twlight Invitation Willy Be Invited TB Precious Metal Linda K Yoder
L125132 2012 Gelding A Ultimate Sensation The Ultimate Fancy Zip A Sip Of Scotch Tina R Jolliff
L028015 2006 Gelding A Unique Affair Black Sky Affair ML Super Imp Lass Susan Jacobs O'Connell
L044056 2007 Gelding A Unique Hotrod Unique In The Dark Zips Blazin Hotrod Sandy Beecroft
L000519 2006 Mare A Unique Mac Macs Good N Plenty Sassy Dandy Dee Marlys and/or Dean Adkins
L029873 2009 Mare A Unique Machine A Good Machine Bewitchin Investment R. Kendall Sands
L029874 2007 Mare A Unique Style Unique In The Dark Zippos First Page Sandy Beecroft
L029875 2006 Mare A Unique Zippo Unique In The Dark Zippos First Page Sandy Beecroft
L050832 2014 Stallion A Valid Appeal Allocate Your Assets A Moxie For Me Andrea Whitney
L029876 2005 Mare A Version For Me Good Version Zippo For Me Susan King
L062199 2013 Gelding A Version Of Battman Batt Man Version Sweet Center Anne Julia Strassburg
L059928 2016 Mare A Version Of Tuff Gotta Get Tuff Ms Moonlite Version George/Carolyn Meyer
L053898 2015 Mare A Very Simple Dream A Dream Remembered Shes Simply The Best Dean or Kathie Saul
L005872 2006 A VESTED ASSET Vested Assets Slipin Kinda Time Julie O'Connor
L044057 2007 Mare A Vested Melody Vested Pine No Risk Asset Susan L Watkins
L056096 2016 Stallion A Victorious Endeavor Double Up Investment Lethal Image Malisah L Moravitz
L053189 2014 Gelding A Victorious Legacy All Time Fancy Super Image O Victory Joan/Malisah Moravitz
L029877 2005 Stallion A Victory Party Talk Of The Party Twice In A Lifetym Sue Fisher
L125191 2022 Stallion A Vision In Gold Certainly A Vision Good N Classy Ranger Jessica Dove
L029878 2011 Mare A Vital Angel Invest N Vital Signs Hot Blazin Angel Waukegan Farms LLC
L071351 2019 Mare A Vital Breeze VS Code Red Exotic Breeze Lisa Graham
L123554 2021 Gelding A Vital Impulse A Scenic Impulse Check My Vitals Heather Hutchens
L122530 2020 Gelding A Vital Recall Required Invitation Sultry Vital Signs Brandy Keller
L066387 2012 Mare A Voodoo Doll Very Cool TGY Cajun Voodoo Karen Kay Martin
L005875 2000 Mare A Walk In The Sky Skys Blue Boy Frankly Im Hot Chuck Briggs
L125514 2022 Stallion A Warriors Ride CBS Whitecollar Ride Warrior's Shadow Mikayla P Spell
L131001 2023 Mare A Wee Bit Outta Line VS Flatline A Wee Bit Toasted Deborah M Spork
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