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ID Foal Year Sex Name Sire Dam Current Owner Microchip Height
L063054 2017 Mare A Touch Of Charming A Touch Of Sudden Big Bar Concluded Sherri A Banta
L005857 2007 Gelding A Touch Of Destiny A Touch Of Sudden Zips Destiny Ericka Bessey
L001107 2005 Gelding A Touch Of Excellence Modern Excellence Crowning Touch D.W. Register
L058675 2010 Gelding A Touch Of Fancy Mr Fancy Executive Hustling Necoia Amanda K Kaping
L060625 2016 Gelding A Touch Of Goodbar A Touch Of Sudden DDS Ms Lady Goodbar Sara J Ridgway
L068169 2018 Mare A Touch Of Goodstyle A Touch Of Sudden Simply Good Style Julie and Curtis Cooper
L029871 2006 Gelding A Touch Of Iron A Touch Of Sudden Iron Heiress Barbara Feller
L044054 2012 Mare A Touch Of Krymsun The Krymsun Kruzer Executive Touch Brunner/Beauvais LLC
L127479 2018 Mare A Touch Of Lazy The Ultimate Of Lazy Easy Ta Touch James Wical
L056635 2015 Stallion A Touch Of Moonlight A Touch Of Sudden A Moonlight Moment Dr Dennis Whitsell
L068333 2018 Mare A Touch Of Platinum A Touch Of Sudden Huntin In The Night Joe and Kay Kimmel
L044055 2008 Mare A Touch Of Sassy A Touch of Sudden Danyels Sassy Moon J.R. Reichert
L074262 2019 Gelding A Touch Of The Blues VS Code Blue The Taylors Touch Wendy Lea Dinesen
L123904 2021 Stallion A Touch Of The South Its A Southern Thing Ima Winnies Dream Tom Vanbeckevoort
L072475 2019 Gelding A Touchdown Machine A Touch Of Sudden Born A Lopin Machine Michelle and Sheila Bauer
L075939 2019 Mare A Trace Of Lazy A Trace Of Impulse Theres No Doubt About It Renee R Tordai
L098989 2016 Mare A Trashy Hit Gunnatrashya Da Tucker Light Karen Shedlauskas
L003565 2001 Mare A Tribal Treasure Indian Artifacts Jeridowny Kathleen R Zelnio
L126193 2022 Gelding A Trump Machine Trump Card Shez Good At This Debra Crow
L059288 2016 Stallion A Tuf Hand The Ultimate Fancy PS In The Cards Crystal Bowman DVM
L029872 2005 Gelding A Twlight Invitation Willy Be Invited TB Precious Metal Linda K Yoder
L125132 2012 Gelding A Ultimate Sensation The Ultimate Fancy Zip A Sip Of Scotch Tina R Jolliff
L028015 2006 Gelding A Unique Affair Black Sky Affair ML Super Imp Lass Susan Jacobs O'Connell
L044056 2007 Gelding A Unique Hotrod Unique In The Dark Zips Blazin Hotrod Sandy Beecroft
L000519 2006 Mare A Unique Mac Macs Good N Plenty Sassy Dandy Dee Marlys and/or Dean Adkins
L029873 2009 Mare A Unique Machine A Good Machine Bewitchin Investment R. Kendall Sands
L029874 2007 Mare A Unique Style Unique In The Dark Zippos First Page Sandy Beecroft
L029875 2006 Mare A Unique Zippo Unique In The Dark Zippos First Page Sandy Beecroft
L050832 2014 Stallion A Valid Appeal Allocate Your Assets A Moxie For Me Andrea Whitney
L029876 2005 Mare A Version For Me Good Version Zippo For Me Susan King
L062199 2013 Gelding A Version Of Battman Batt Man Version Sweet Center Anne Julia Strassburg
L059928 2016 Mare A Version Of Tuff Gotta Get Tuff Ms Moonlite Version George/Carolyn Meyer
L053898 2015 Mare A Very Simple Dream A Dream Remembered Shes Simply The Best Dean or Kathie Saul
L005872 2006 A VESTED ASSET Vested Assets Slipin Kinda Time Julie O'Connor
L044057 2007 Mare A Vested Melody Vested Pine No Risk Asset Susan L Watkins
L056096 2016 Stallion A Victorious Endeavor Double Up Investment Lethal Image Malisah L Moravitz
L053189 2014 Gelding A Victorious Legacy All Time Fancy Super Image O Victory Joan/Malisah Moravitz
L029877 2005 Stallion A Victory Party Talk Of The Party Twice In A Lifetym Sue Fisher
L125191 2022 Stallion A Vision In Gold Certainly A Vision Good N Classy Ranger Jessica Dove
L029878 2011 Mare A Vital Angel Invest N Vital Signs Hot Blazin Angel Waukegan Farms LLC
L071351 2019 Mare A Vital Breeze VS Code Red Exotic Breeze Lisa Graham
L123554 2021 Gelding A Vital Impulse A Scenic Impulse Check My Vitals Heather Hutchens
L122530 2020 Gelding A Vital Recall Required Invitation Sultry Vital Signs Brandy Keller
L066387 2012 Mare A Voodoo Doll Very Cool TGY Cajun Voodoo Karen Kay Martin
L005875 2000 Mare A Walk In The Sky Skys Blue Boy Frankly Im Hot Chuck Briggs
L125514 2022 Stallion A Warriors Ride CBS Whitecollar Ride Warrior's Shadow Mikayla P Spell
L050502 2014 Mare A Wee Bit Toasted RL Best Of Sudden Goodbars Perfection Deborah M Spork
L000046 2007 Gelding A Weekend Moneymaker Iron Enterprise Weekend Odyssey Debby Brehm
L001736 2008 Gelding A Well Dressed Man HBF Iron Man Exclusive Obstacle Sarah Elder Chabot
L000797 1999 Gelding A Well Oiled Machine A Good Machine SL Olive Oil Lily Caroline Corbin
L047719 2013 Gelding A Western Joy Ride Diesel Only Shez Pretty Spendy Adair R Walker
L000336 2007 Gelding A Western Sensation Zippos Sensation A Passing Fancy Sharon Bell
L029879 2011 Gelding A Whisky Wish Hot Impulse BV Movin My Assets McNair Farm LLC
L029880 2005 Mare A Whole Bitta Hot Hot N Blazing Haley Star Colette Chase
L029881 2007 Mare A Whole Latte Luv Vested Assets Luv This Chip Glyn Cole
L029882 2005 Stallion A Whole Lotta Hocus Hocus Pocus Hotrod Ima Sneaky Investmet Doug J Jacobs
L046937 2013 Stallion A Wicked Cookie Certain Potential A Good Cookie Michelle B Favorite
L104204 2017 Stallion A Wicked Shine Shine Big Time Bound To Cash Chex Scott/Pamela/Bailey Troutman
L077663 2020 Stallion A Wild Sensation All The Wild Details Zippos Litl Candy Leonard Farms
L064989 2017 Mare A Willy Big Deal By Appointment Only Will Raise U Up Lori Hanson
L120169 2021 Mare A Willy Good Kiss Kissin The Girls Willa Be Invited Rebecca A Johnson
L064037 2017 Gelding A Willy Good Version Winnies Willy Prinzzipled Version Petra Van Roode
L072537 2019 Gelding A Willy Good Vino Winnies Willy Another Certain Vino Marvin Wanders
L110129 2021 Mare A Willy Wild Request Makin Me Willy Wild Bestbyspecialrequest Jeanne Kavanaugh
L108531 2020 Mare A Willy Wild Thing Makin Me Willy Wild Annie Thing Natural Robert E Weiss
L059234 2016 Stallion A Winning Goodbar A Winning Invitation Expect Somethin Good Helmut F Lekschas
L067330 2018 Mare A Wise Dirty Martini The Best Martini Hope Invested Wisely Angie Rigdon Cannizzaro
L002843 2006 Mare A Wise Inclination Investing Wisely Whata Inclination Melissa (Missy) Neill
L072584 2019 Gelding A Wise Old Cowboy How Bout This Cowboy Hope Invested Wisely Lindy Terry
L047667 2010 Mare A Wish Right Now Certain Potential Vested Charity Albert and Pamela Keller
L064151 2017 Mare A Woman Witha Vision Certainly A Vision Flashy Looking Lady Karma Equine LLC
L058349 2016 Gelding A Wonderful Dream Im A Platinum Dream Malice N Wonderland Diane Marra Williams
L103836 2012 Gelding A World Class Storm An Intense Storm My Elusive Valentine Nathan J Miller
L029883 2005 Mare A Zipped Affair Zippos Old Gold Dark Illusions Sandy Beecroft
L029884 2005 Stallion A Zippen Hotrod Hocus Pocus Hotrod Miss Zippin Doug J Jacobs
L064098 2017 Mare A Zipper Snipper CR Good Machine Zippos Zipper Snipper Dustin Stapleton
L002508 2009 Gelding A Zippin Hotrod Hotroddin Zippo Zip Your Jacket Bob or Kathie Kennedy
L001011 2006 Mare A Zippo Obsession Zippo Hot Pine Amiga Leaguer Gorman & Alice Barger
L005895 2005 A ZIPPO TO CONSIDER Consider His Source Factory Surplus Nadine Marie Joaquin
L029885 2012 Gelding A Zizzlin Impulse Gettin Impulsive Zizzlin Heather M Hoyt
L101241 2005 Gelding A.J. Guidam Peggy-Anne Chloe Schlam 2.67098E+14
L079594 2010 Gelding A.K.A. MTM Cassito Lovely Katherine MacLeod Huffstutler 2.7602E+14
L117302 2017 Gelding A$AP Rocky Tangelo Van De Zuuthoeve Coline Kika Duffy 9.811E+14
L118859 2015 Gelding A$AP Rocky Flex A Bill Norrira ARose Farms LLC 3.72414E+14
L003284 2010 Gelding AA Certain Charlie Certain Potential Charlie In Disguise Brianna N Merklin
L122376 2015 Gelding AA Geta Load Of This Tesign Cremor Quincys Skip To Gold Darlene Cook
L029886 2005 Stallion AA Lost Captive The Last Captive Center Strip Dianna Brenner
L050378 2014 Gelding AA My Lazy Valentine Lazy Loper PF Valentine Amy Boudreau
L046342 2013 Gelding Aaflac VS Code Blue Hotroddin Zippo Babe Shelby Lenhart
L119957 2010 Gelding AAgaardens El Capitan C-Indoctro Zarina Olivia D Loheac 2.08224E+14
L077838 2000 Gelding Abacus Undocumented Undocumented Kaci Loveland 9.91001E+14
L085297 2005 Mare Abalia Tenerife VDL Nobalia Debi Batz 5.2821E+14
L116373 2010 Mare Abalia Armitage Elfenklang Natalie Grace Pedley 2.7602E+14
L109197 2010 Gelding Abandawe Undocumented Undocumented Claire Burke 9.85112E+14
L075210 2018 Mare Abattasticinvestment Batt Man Fancy Red Investment Samantha Nyweide
L081502 2005 Gelding Abazu BSM Locarno 62 Great Love II Elise McKenna Newton 9.58E+14
L049616 2013 Stallion Abbrakadabra Open For Suggestion Strutnontheopenrange Allen/Marilyn/Greg/Jamie Wade
L083366 2010 Mare Abby Dabby Doo Undocumented Undocumented Juliette Edwards-Bishop 9.8102E+14 12.1 3/4
L029887 2005 Mare Abby Pine Vested Pine Cookie Love Tommie J Prichard
L073979 2016 Gelding ABC Another Vice Another Blue Cookie Oh Lord Im Flashy Payton Anderson
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