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ID Foal Year Sex Name Sire Dam Current Owner Microchip Height
L061951 2017 Gelding A Sensational Splash Zippos Sensation Shez Splashed Fancy John W Silva
L005727 2007 Mare A Sensational Zippo Zippos Sensation Cookie Leaguer MC's Dragon Ranch LLC
L059700 2016 Mare A Shade Darker RL Best Of Sudden Fifty Shades Of Grey Vicki Gordon
L132669 2023 Gelding A Shady Cowboy How Bout This Cowboy A Certain Amiga Karma Equine LLC
L074590 2017 Mare A Shiney Dream A Dream Remembered Shine My Haylo Dean or Kathie Saul
L029847 2005 Stallion A Shiny Blaze Hot N Blazing Counts Little Debbie Fred A Blair
L074553 2011 Gelding A Shocking Decision A Lucky Decision You Can Imagine Suzanne Mayo
L066304 2013 Mare A Shot Of Zip Zippos Scotch Bar Hot Chips In Motion Jorja Lerminiaux
L060407 2012 Mare A Show Machine Protect Your Assets A Winning Machine Arthur O or Mara M Kohn Jr
L131464 2021 Stallion A Sign Of Good Faith Radical Signs R Good I Do It Best Trisha K Wright
L074214 2019 Mare A Signature Impulse MDR Impulsified/Impulsified Shes Honor Roll Stephanie L Plote
L072206 2019 Gelding A Simple Kiss Kissin The Girls A Simply Hot Cowgirl Lynda L Balins
L052868 2014 Mare A Sinsational Cowgirl Original Cowboy/The Original Cowboy Miss Texas Sensation Kynlee Curry
L002870 2002 Mare A Sky Blue Lady Skys Blue Boy New Bride Cassi Anderson
L060242 2007 Mare A Sleepy Margarita Too Sleepy To Zip Scotch Margarita Meggen Morrow Baynes
L123251 2013 Gelding A Sleepy Sensation My Chevys Radical A Wild Sensation Jessica Spilman
L099532 2020 Mare A Sleepy Sunshine My Sleepy Valentine A Lazy Sunshine Anne or Brian Hatler
L033365 2011 Mare A Sleepy Trophy Wife Too Sleepy To Zip Whoz Been Good University of Fla Foundation
L000901 2007 Stallion A Slot Machine A Good Machine Tillys Zip Code Darla/Kyle McCain
L054533 2015 Mare A Slow Martini The Best Martini Slow Low And Lazy Jaida Elizabeth Lauren Dreyer
L044554 2012 Gelding A Slow Ride Chocolatey Hot Kisses Faith Dantona
L048114 2011 Mare A Smashing Sensation Zippos Sensation My Laydee Limo Nancy Carol Stanford
L053989 2010 Gelding A Smokin Cannon BCR Loose Cannon Gangsters Smokin Gun Nancy Ann Muchka
L087232 2016 Gelding A Smokin Dually TR Smokin Dually/Smokin Dually Fair Instant Margaret Clark Morgan
L086922 2018 Gelding A Smokin Royal Flush High Roller Whiz Lady Smoke Peppy Erin K McDonald
L029047 2012 Mare A Smooth Machine A Good Machine Majestic Oreo Crystal Atteberry
L059493 2016 Mare A Smooth Masterpiece No Doubt Im Lazy Amys Smooth Twice Al E and Amy L Prudom
L029848 2005 Gelding A Smooth Sensation Zippos Sensation Ms Special Effects Simons Show Horses LLC
L068977 2014 Gelding A Sneek Preview MDR Impulsive Invest It All Kaylie Anderson
L131913 2020 Mare A Social Martini The Best Martini Asocial Remembered Douglas R George
L029849 2005 Stallion A Sonny Investment Investment Terms Miss Cherry Seven Up Harold R Cunningham
L112814 2021 Mare A Sophisticated Bet The Only Impulse Bet On An Invitation Robyn D Berg
L104488 2021 Mare A Southern Blaze Its A Southern Thing Dream On Blaze Evergreen Valley Farm & Stable
L069842 2019 Stallion A Southern Blue Moon Its A Southern Thing Shez Next To Blue Brett A Cumberledge
L069836 2018 Stallion A Southern Cowboy Original Cowboy/The Original Cowboy Ms Silver Sensation Shannon D Newell
L062283 2017 Mare A Southern Cutie Its A Southern Thing Cutelicious Perry Glenn Jackson
L068281 2018 Mare A Southern Diva Its A Southern Thing The Prima Diva Melinda Miletta-Miller
L029850 2007 Mare A Southern Exposure Dont Skip Zip Ima Dandy Flasher Joseph Edgar Brewer IV
L052081 2011 Gelding A Southern Fancy All Time Fancy Evening League Brenda Tucker
L083107 2005 Gelding A Southern Gentleman Special D Tadanita Chloe Rose Adams 528210000738756
L126842 2022 Mare A Southern Hello Its A Southern Thing Hello Im Hot Steve W Jackson
L127161 2022 Mare A Southern Invite Its A Southern Thing Starlight Invitation Patrick Ramsey
L132133 2023 Stallion A Southern RL Its A Southern Thing A Prima Diva Jean Paul Cleroux
L126039 2022 Mare A Southern Scandal Its A Southern Thing KM She Knows Best Seaside Farm LP
L043820 2010 Mare A Southern Sudden Sudden Instinct Charisma Two Sherri Anderson
L131157 2023 Stallion A Southern Trust Bank On The Best Keepin It Southern Melody S Duncan
L105260 2021 Gelding A Southern Winter Its A Southern Thing One Sunny Winter Marlene A Kirsteatter
L052887 2013 Mare A Soxy Dream A Dream Remembered Roxie Soxy Angela H Wade
L128305 2022 Mare A Sparkly Requirement Required Invitation Sparkles In The Rocks Robert G Menke
L029851 2008 Mare A Special Blaze Blazing Hot Zippos Desert Storm Brad Evert Johnson
L063653 2017 Mare A Special Code VS Code Red Some Special Impulse Eddie Parker
L131721 2023 Mare A Special Doll One Special Asset Mister Im Lazy Mrs Patricia McKay
L004621 2003 Gelding A Special Invite Dee Invitation Senorita Hobby Christina Hansen
L099183 2020 Mare A Special Invite One Special Asset Invitation For Zippo Kimberly M Wahl
L054711 2015 Mare A Special Nite Nite Moves Shes Born Special Joan Logan Schroeder
L053859 2015 Mare A Special RL RL Best Of Sudden A Special Old Gold Hannah Long
L076017 2015 Gelding A Special Work Of Art Invite The Artist IB A Fancy China Doll Jeannie Joseph Gretz
L127122 2022 Mare A Spectacularmechanic Mechanic Alotta Chocolate Kimberly A Walsh
L001415 2008 Gelding A Speed Demon A Good Machine A Special Old Gold Gayle Scharf
L125584 2007 Gelding A Spicy Temptation Its A Zippo Good Bar Spicy Hot Temptation Olivia L Castillo
L053643 2015 Mare A Spot In Line VS Flatline Only Roses Will Do Alice L Brock
L051392 2014 Gelding A Spot In The Dark My Final Notice One Dynamic Spot Karla Ann Ness
L064896 2005 Mare A Spot Of Chocolate Chocolate Coosa Glowing Illusion Bobbie Jo Stanton
L132671 2023 Mare A Spot On Martini The Best Martini A Woman Witha Vision Karma Equine LLC
L050730 2011 Gelding A Spotless Blue Boy Skys Blue Boy Lukes Affair Janena Ciancio or Sophia Ciancio
L005793 2006 A SPUR OF THE MOMENT Invester Cluso Dont Ask A Blond Kaitlyn Stasell
L070941 2019 Stallion A Staar Is Born Look At This Star She Wraps Good Corey Taylor
L029852 2005 Gelding A Star For Certain Certain Potential Were Talkin Sweet Stephen Ballard
L004622 2011 Mare A Star N These Irons These Irons Are Hot Star Catcher Celeste Fender
L058175 2016 Mare A Star You Are MWS LaCremeDeLaCreme A Virtual Machine Doug Carter/Janet Harmon
L069556 2019 Stallion A State Of Awesome Awesome All Night A State Of Grace Anna Bentler
L102952 2020 Mare A Steady Asset Dun Goin Steady Precious Goods Cheryl Chatman
L028011 2008 Mare A Stellar Escape The Only Escape A Stellar Production Jacqueline R Jewell
L029853 2007 Mare A Stellar Invitation Extended Invitation Stell HavinFun Wendy Hausner
L075089 2015 Gelding A Step Closer Wimpys Little Step Whiz N Chexy Chic Tammy Velez
L029854 2005 Mare A Story Of Potential Potential Investment Tales of Chocolate Patricia A Moser
L060861 2011 Gelding A Strait Skipn Blond Zippo Strait To You LSS Blondngorgeous Michelle Mize
L063367 2017 Gelding A Strutin Machine Strutin On The Range Shes Insatiable Clara Palmer
L029855 2006 Stallion A Sudden Arrival RL Best Of Sudden Lopin On A Dime Christine Johanns
L130307 2019 Gelding A Sudden Artist Invite The Artist Suddenly Sweet Tera R Fauver
L044053 2007 Mare A Sudden Babe A Touch Of Sudden Ms Mac Babe J.R. Reichert
L003457 2010 Mare A Sudden Beauty RL Best Of Sudden Mac Dilemma Richard A Baumann
L005821 2009 Gelding A Sudden Billionaire RL Best Of Sudden Coorsa Investment Rebecca M Anderson
L051172 2011 Gelding A Sudden Celebration/Carolina Brew QH Fancy Deluxe A Sudden Exception Steve/Sharon Krentz
L125941 2019 Mare A Sudden Choice A Touch Of Sudden Huntin A Good Choice Makaylah Stibbe
L133650 2018 Mare A Sudden Dipped Chip A Sudden Surprise Barely Dipped Chip Melissa Johnson
L046770 2013 Mare A Sudden Diva RL Best Of Sudden Krymsun Diva Lynne Cleroux
L112867 2021 Mare A Sudden Diva RL Best Of Sudden Krymsun Diva Jean Paul Cleroux
L005823 2010 Mare A Sudden Echo RL Best Of Sudden Echos Zippo Dianne/Randy Cantrell
L029856 2006 Mare A Sudden Elegance RL Best Of Sudden Effortless Elegance Holly Thompson
L065233 2014 Gelding A Sudden Extreme Extremely Hot Chips RL Suddenly Rich Jackie Brown
L029857 2006 Gelding A Sudden Flash A Touch Of Sudden Crystal Heirogance Barbara Feller
L029858 2006 Stallion A Sudden Goodbar Zippos Mr Good Bar A Sudden Tigress FMH Incorporated
L088074 2020 Gelding A Sudden Heartthrob Lopin My Best Suddenly Righteous Taylor Rowan
L029859 2011 Stallion A Sudden Holiday RL Best Of Sudden Shes On Holiday Buckalew Show Horses LLC
L001591 2008 Gelding A Sudden Illusion RL Best of Sudden Tales Of Chocolate Victoria Ingstad
L131207 2014 Gelding A Sudden Kiss A Touch Of Sudden Ima Good Kisser Traci Scott
L050372 2014 Mare A Sudden Lady Loper RL Best Of Sudden A Lopers Good Bar FMH Incorporated
L005826 2004 Gelding A Sudden Legacy A Sudden Impulse Zippos Satin N Lace Deneen King
L068329 2018 Stallion A Sudden Legacy The Born Legacy RL Sudden Investment Kimberly D Wheatley
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