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ID Foal Year Sex Name Sire Dam Current Owner Microchip Height
L029753 2007 Mare A Certain Memory Certain Potential Invitation Deluxe Nancy M Bullock
L029754 2007 Stallion A Certain Occasion Certain Potential Zips Amazing Grace Petty Quarter Horses
L029755 2005 Mare A Certain One Certain Potential Chips Sparklin Star Thomas C Mechenbier
L109334 2021 Mare A Certain Party Girl I Am The Party UF Certainly A Priss Michele M Welch
L000839 2004 Gelding A Certain Patriot Certain Potential Chips Original Cooki Kay Spicer Onofre
L029756 2005 Mare A Certain Phantom Certain Potential Crystal Investment Tim/Lou Petty
L076222 2015 Gelding A Certain Platinum Im A Platinum Dream My Time For Certain Catherin Blackmon
L005329 2006 Mare A Certain Purchase Certain Potential Impulsive Purchase Isabella Cross
L053503 2011 Gelding A Certain Red Vette Certain Potential Zips Red Cora Vette Walter Hulse
L005330 2006 Gelding A Certain Revolution Radical Revolution Certainly A Lady Quinn Kats
L000207 2007 Gelding A Certain Rockstar Certain Potential Impulsions Hobby Joy Jones
L004609 2007 Gelding A Certain Sensation Certain Potential Only When Invited Abigail Buckwalter
L005331 2005 Gelding A Certain Step Certain Potential Right Crossed CAROLINE HAMEL
L074847 2017 Gelding A Certain Sundi Certain Potential Hotroddin On Sundi Alessandra Megan Ehrle
L029757 2007 Mare A Certain Sunshine Certain Potential Chips Sparklin Star Maria or Bob Tracy
L069361 2016 Gelding A Certain Tallent The New Tallent RR Certain Sensation Angela & Steven Gewondjan
L029758 2010 Mare A Certain Tee Certain Potential Im Sophisticated Sue Tracy Mills
L005332 2006 Mare A Certain Valentine Certain Potential Luxury Goods Ann C Hards
L004610 2003 Gelding A Certain Vino Certain Potential Dotevita Lee M Reeve
L001590 2008 Stallion A Certain Vintage Certain Potential Good N Soxy Johnny L Tart
L029759 2012 Gelding A Certifiable Iron These Irons Are Hot Certifiable Oprah Michael Jay Love
L067346 2018 Mare A Certified Tale Coats N Tails Acertified Covergirl Todd D Yoder
L002682 2009 Stallion A Champagne Occasion Willy Be Invited Champagne Chocolate Fritz Leeman
L004611 2006 Gelding A Chance For Romance Luke At Me Miss Patricia Lark Donna Mervine
L056315 2004 Gelding A Chance Romance Coosas Classic Bonnett Dee Bar Janet Rowley
L068362 2018 Gelding A Chance To Sleep Too Sleepy To Zip Dynamic Mac Isabella Rose Torres
L078791 2020 Gelding A Change Of Scenery A Scenic Impulse Miss Dun Sensation Candace E Lowry
L072586 2019 Gelding A Cherry On Top No Doubt Im Lazy Moonlite Ventures Patricia M Avila
L069875 2015 Mare A Chic In A Jersey Yellow Jersey Chic In A Millionn Sandra C Petrie-Forgey
L128451 2022 Mare A Chilly Margarita Mr Sherlock Holmes She Looks Expensive Mary Iris Webre
L029760 2009 Mare A Chip Machine A Good Machine Miss Trophy Chip Brad and Corrine Borton
L134191 2012 Gelding A Chip Of Rick Painted With Chips Ro Black Cherry Nomo Toby S Brown
L047969 2010 Gelding A Chip Of Sudden Suddenly A Sonny Zips Sugar Cookie Leslie Goolsby
L049414 2014 Gelding A Chip Shy Hes Lopin Supreme Carmella Chip Stacie Petrenchak
L053062 2015 Gelding A Chip So Smooth Boot Scootin Chip Ms Smooth Silhouette Billie J Snip
L029761 2005 Stallion A Chipof Assets Sweet Talkin Chip Elegant Equity Jerry Edington
L029762 2006 Stallion A Chippin Pleasure Our Pleasure Chip Rosies Posie Molly K Miller
L002719 2009 Mare A Chococua Sensation Chocolua Artsie Jocassee Carmen E Phillips
L128485 2022 Mare A Chocolat N Town A Hot Time In Town inspired by chocolat Mary Iris Webre
L128794 2019 Mare A Chocolate Chanel Hezan Okie Array A Chocolate Reverie Charlene Shingleton
L003154 2010 Gelding A Chocolate Oh Henry Chocolatey Mistyeyed N Paradise Curtis & Priscilla Barnes
L029763 2005 Gelding A Chocolate Surprise A Sudden Surprise Top This Chip Donna Grosse
L113327 2021 Mare A Chocolatey Asset Allocate Your Assets Chocolatey Special K Steven Jensen
L029764 2006 Gelding A Choice Allocation Allocate Your Assets A Choice Of Diamonds Betsy Olson
L029765 2006 Mare A Choice Decision Zippos Good Decision Shes A Social Chip Lisa L Feinberg
L029766 2006 Mare A Christening Party Talk Of The Party Christen Me Twice Sue Fisher
L029767 2011 Gelding A Chrome Cookie RL Best Of Sudden A Good Cookie Sarah Gordon
L066117 2015 Mare A Chromed Invitation One Hot Invitation Lotta Oreo Widocream Shelly Germaine
L119754 2018 Mare A Cinchy Cowgirl Riginal Cinch Brand Loves Legacy Margaux Anoush Defibaugh
L120468 2012 Gelding A Class HHF Quality Time Carola Caroline Zongor 752097800152519
L027503 2012 Mare A Classic Blue Jewel Spot My Blue Boy Lads A Minnie Jewel Rebecca M Hogan
L126886 2021 Stallion A Classic Heartthrob VS Total Heartthrob Hot Chocolot Miss Madison C Ritcha
L052091 2009 Gelding A Classic Iron These Irons Are Hot Deb's Delivery Pam Stubbs
L132522 2023 Stallion A Classic Sherlock Mr Sherlock Holmes Only Classic Max Mary Iris Webre 981020045092996
L002504 2008 Gelding A Classical Zippo Hotroddin Zippo A Classical Image Olivia Hoecker
L050940 2014 Mare A Classy Blaze Hot N Blazing Slow Legs James Gauthier Jr
L005356 2005 Mare A Classy Chex Zippo Pine Chex Classy Investments Roberta A & Lily Richardson
L051218 2014 Stallion A Classy Gift The Gift Of Midas Red Classy Sensation Sherry Marx
L001850 2008 Mare A Classy Hotrod RL Best Of Sudden Hotroddin Good Time Garcia Quarter Horses
L083566 2020 Mare A Classy VS Goodride VS Goodride One Hot Classy Barbara Walton
L001648 2008 Gelding A Close Escape The Only Escape A Closer Luke Kallie Burnash
L073236 2019 Gelding A Clue For Sherlock Mr Sherlock Holmes Good Sweet Chocolate Jessica Kopp/Nova Ranch LLC
L029071 2012 Gelding A Code Of My Own VS Code Red Dazzlin Em Terri L Shoemaker
L062234 2017 Gelding A Complete Machine Good Machinery Complete Pleasure Madelyn MacLarren
L004612 2009 Gelding A Complete Repeat Repeated In Red A Rosy Valentine Paige Fox
L064412 2017 Mare A Confidential Invite Invite The Dixie Effect Bobbie Matos
L049860 2014 Gelding A Cool Beat VS Code Red Cool Lookin Lady Diane Thompson
L056159 2015 Gelding A Cool Berry Blazin Hes Berry Blazin Sevens Are Cool Sundancer Horses, LLC
L065744 2016 Gelding A Cool Escape These Irons Are Hot Sneaky Escape Melissa N Blake
L049342 2011 Gelding A Cool Invitation Invitation Only Goodbars Glamourgirl Nicole McAllister
L068109 2018 Mare A Cool Lazy Lazy Loper One Lady Lookin Cool Sara Oler
L047425 2013 Mare A Cool Looking Lady Certain Potential Cool Lookin Lady Darol or Karen Rodrock
L051500 2014 Mare A Cool Margarita Goodcowboymargarita How Cool Is That Claudette P Sowers
L003237 2010 Stallion A Cool Ride A Beautiful Ride Luke Whoo Hayley Riddle
L057296 2010 Gelding A Cowboy Casanova To/A Cowboy Casanova RH Mr Imprint Sheeza Tara Too Christy Matsukawa
L073560 2019 Gelding A Cowboy For Certain Certainly A Vision One Famous Blonde Jodie Janssen Distad
L067642 2018 Gelding A Cowboy For You VS Code Blue Huntin For A Cowboy Brooke Ingstad
L051499 2014 Stallion A Cowboy Version Goodcowboymargarita A Version To Invy Roger and/or Robin Gollehon
L029639 2012 Mare A Cowgirl Margarita Goodcowboymargarita Its Certainly Time Tom & Dominique Powers
L001412 2008 Mare A Credit Card Machine A Good Machine Smart Silvie Kenneth Hobbs
L029768 2005 Mare A Credit She Is Investment Creditor A Little Too Salty Karen Ann Mueller
L081919 2020 Gelding A Crescent Moon Batt Man A Diva By Moonlight Jeri Kay Lockwood
L005383 2007 A CRUSIN VP Vested Pine Cruisin Air Annie Robert E Goecker
L003454 2010 Gelding A Custom Silver Asset A Masked Asset Watch Silver Shine Terri Settle
L109187 2012 Gelding A D Reed AD A Big Boy Pennsylvania Elle Haymond 528210006113898
L001817 2008 Mare A Dandy Machine A Good Machine DZ Blonde Veronica J Stephens-East
L057067 2009 Gelding A Dark Nite Lousianasaturdaynite Sky Willow Jessica Laine Martin
L029769 2006 Stallion A Dark Revolution Radical Revolution Im Sweet In The Dark Judy Carlile Stong
L000594 2008 Gelding A Day At The Beach Repeated In Red Ginger Rodders Jane J Cryderman
L055085 2015 Gelding A Day To Remember A Dream Remembered The Chances Are Good Terri L Layer
L029770 2005 Mare A Deal Breaker Potential Investment Intangible Asset Brent/Marla Sherrod
L059312 2016 Mare A Delightful Machine A Gift Of Gold Chips Lady Delight Hannah E Cain
L029771 2009 Mare A Detailed Blaze Blazing Hot Shining Detail Tiffani Dianna MacDonald
L062675 2015 Gelding A Diamond Ofa Loper Lazy Loper Diamonds Madam Pamela K Davis
L058029 2006 Gelding A Diggin Hot Time Hot Diggity Joe Boston Scotch N Roxs Courtney Winter
L001302 2008 Mare A Diva By Moonlight Only In The Moonlite Potential Diva Jeri Kay Lockwood
L001303 2008 Mare A Diva By The Hour The Radical Hour Potential Diva Steven and Susan Thompson
L029773 2011 Mare A Doll For Certain Certain Potential Good Doll Michelle Keegan
L005412 2005 A Dose Of Sudden Hes Suddenly Famous Radical Dozer Shelli Ann Smith
L073587 2017 Gelding A Double Agent Batt Man She Loves To Win Julia Peters
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