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ID Foal Year Sex Name Sire Dam Current Owner Microchip Height
L029823 2010 Gelding A Macho Machine A Good Machine Coutessa Dee Bar R. Kendall Sands
L067199 2018 Gelding A Made Man Machine Made Justa Bit Of Impulse Tracey A Rich
L044020 2011 Mare A Magical Filly Huh Good Huh Mitos Magic Moment McGrath Quarter Horses LLC
L059717 2016 Gelding A Magical Sensation Zippos Sensation Good Enchantment Ely Taylor
L128745 2017 Gelding A Magnum Spark Magnum Chic Dream Still Sparklin Mary K Randolph
L044050 2011 Stallion A Majestic Moonlite Only In The Moonlite Majestic Oreo Bryan W Reger
L085068 2018 Gelding A Major Machine The Best Machine SPD Major JD Crystal Rachel N Wilson
L029824 2009 Mare A Malibu Barbie Zippos Sensation Unlaced Opinion Lacey Spinks Shelhorn
L005608 2008 A MAN ON A MISSION Coats N Tails Slew Of Grace Morgan Graham
L028007 2011 Gelding A Man To Reckin With Batt Man Zip Rap Rageous Philip M Blitz
L072325 2019 Mare A Mare In The Mirror Good Machinery Abby Pine Bar Anna Louise Prevost
L003835 2011 Mare A Margarita Invitation Goodcowboymargarita Accept My Invitation Ruth Ann Perkins
L065465 2018 Gelding A Margarita Machine Good Machinery Be My Zippo June Mohrland
L005609 2006 A MARTINI PARTY Talk Of The Party Twice In A Lifetym 95 SUE ANN FISHER
L004616 2011 Stallion A Masked Heiniken A Masked Asset No Place To Hide Linda/Kevin McFarland
L003837 2011 Gelding A Masked Impulsion A Masked Asset Cryin On Impulse Linda/Kevin McFarland
L064795 2018 Stallion A Masked Marauder A Masked Asset Cryin On Impulse Linda/Kevin McFarland
L047743 2013 Gelding A Masked Moo Shoo A Masked Asset Tigress In Iron Linda/Kevin McFarland
L003838 2011 Mare A Masked Peacock A Masked Asset Clear Npresent Danger Linda/Kevin McFarland
L000028 2007 Stallion A Match Made N Heaven Zips Heaven Sent Imagine Fancy
L078328 2020 Mare A Mechanics Dream Mechanic Grand Canyon Girl Robert Skip Howard
L073547 2014 Gelding A Megastar A Sudden Star AGR Charming Chip Arika Fell
L067864 2018 Gelding A Midnight Cowboy/My Midnight Cowboy Original Cowboy/The Original Cowboy Wish Me The Best Emma J DeJong
L047565 2011 Mare A Midnight Intuition Only Intuition A Good Bodacious Gal Joni L Gainey
L063159 2017 Stallion A Midnite Invitation A Winning Invitation O Sugar Me Sweet Kathryn Carlson
L106481 2010 Gelding A Mighty Dominate Clu A Mighty Sensation Prodominique Danielle Krieg
L085469 2013 Gelding A Million Dreams Undocumented Undocumented Reagan Eileen Hails 9.8102E+14
L104235 2012 Gelding A Million Dreams Lantana Mob Ms Clothes Hoss Madina Miller 9.8102E+14
L029825 2006 Stallion A Millions Plenty Macs Good N Plenty Good N Impulsive David Fairchild
L029826 2007 Mare A Mini Modern Mac Macs Good N Plenty A Modern Zipper Sue J Walsh
L075216 2003 Gelding A Minor Leaguer BSB Big Leaguer Impressified Lady Samantha Nyweide
L109932 2021 Mare A Minute For Drama Wait A Darn Minute Pleasantlytheatric Lara N Simmons
L000965 2006 Mare A Minute Indeed Do You Have A Minute I Am Miss Deeds Kay Stanek
L029827 2005 Gelding A Minute Of Class Do You Have A Minute Sheza Classy Kitty KDR Quarter Horses
L029828 2005 Mare A Minute Of Pride Do You Have A Minute Pride Of Minstrel Wayne Davis
L123604 2021 Stallion A Minute Only Hot Ones Only Broke In A Minute Madison Hallas
L065708 2014 Gelding A Mocha Latte A Blazing Impulse Chasengold Lacy Layton Louise Pettis
L029829 2005 Mare A Model Sensation Zippos Sensation Credit Touch Simons Show Horses LLC
L063905 2017 Mare A Modern Day Romance Peace Out Man Art I Too Pretty Mary Elizabeth Wise Sand
L060785 2016 Mare A Moonlight Bae Machine Made A Moonlight Moment Dr Dennis Whitsell
L005626 2007 Mare A Moonlight Moment Invitation Only Zippo By Moonlight Dr Dennis Whitsell
L003455 2010 Mare A Moonlit Bug A Moonlit Invitation Chocolate Illusions Billings Quarter Horses
L003456 2010 Gelding A Moonlit Goodbar A Moonlit Invitation Ms Flashy Goodbar Billings Quarter Horses
L001304 2008 Mare A Moonlit Impulse A Moonlit Invitation Graceful Impulse Sabrina Graham
L002506 2009 Mare A Moonlit Night A Moonlit Invitation Ms Flashy Hotrodder Billings Quarter Horses
L002507 2009 Gelding A Moonlit Sudden A Moonlit Invitation Graceful Impulse Stella Dorsey
L072176 2019 Gelding A Moonlit Walk Only In The Moonlite As Shes Walkin Away Brenda Gower
L062701 2015 Mare A Moonlite Drive Only In The Moonlite Scenic Ocean Drive Megan East Hogan
L126600 2020 Gelding A Moonlite Martini An Absolute Martini Ms Moonlite Version Jennifer M Ward
L027538 2010 Gelding A Moonlite Moon Only In The Moonlite Presented By Pro Jo Ann M Farrell
L049715 2014 Mare A Moonlite Serenade Only In The Moonlite It Must Be The Money Evergreen Valley Farm & Stable
L048804 2013 Mare A Moonlite Ty Ty A Moonlite Purchase Kim/Brian Brandriet
L054494 2015 Mare A Mothers Dream A Dream Remembered One Tuff Mother Dillon Hatten
L128287 2022 Stallion A Mouse In The House Certainly A Vision The Mouse Is Talkin Jamie Oakley
L000391 2007 Gelding A Movin Machine A Good Machine Graceful Principles Gayle Scharf
L059994 2016 Gelding A Moving Machine Machine Made Shesa Cookie Leaguer Christine E Hull
L051211 2014 Mare A Moxie For Certain Certain Potential Moxies In Motion Anita Darnell
L005629 2005 A Mystical Moonlight Invitation Only Zippo By Moonlight Dana Smith
L029830 2008 Mare A Native Investment Artful Investment Natives Brave Kenny and Angie Mantor
L005631 2007 Gelding A Natural Artist Artful Investment Aint It Ironic Jayne M Hickey
L029831 2005 Mare A Natural Babe Natural Iron Bal Harbour Babe Stanley or Susan Scott LLC
L044051 2005 Mare A Natural Buzz Natural Iron Jipi Japa Nancy Wilkerson-Ditty
L029832 2005 Mare A Natural Charmer Natural Iron Charcoal Charm Garrett Fait
L005632 2007 Mare A Natural Cover Girl Natural Iron Stormy Daisy Linda Widmar Ehret
L000507 2004 Gelding A Natural Dancer Natural Iron Lets Dance All Night Roberta A & Lily Richardson
L029833 2010 Stallion A Natural Guy Natural Iron Bal Habour Babe Stanley or Susan Scott LLC
L064325 2017 Mare A Natural Mechanic Mechanic Natural Indeed Deidre M Motto
L054133 2015 Mare A Natural Reason IE Reason Natural Indeed Dry River Rnch Stlln Station
L001626 2008 Gelding A Necessary Good Zippos Mr Good Bar Mitos Magic Moment Mary Ann Brandon
L029211 2001 Gelding A New Dimension Invested Dimension My Wheels Of Fortune Kenneth or Laina Banks
L029834 2005 Stallion A New Innovation Ovations Only Janies Bubble Glow Tena P Alcini
L051011 2014 Gelding A New Man Batt Man Zip Rap Rageous Debra Barnes
L052559 2015 Mare A Night of Lights All In Lights Movin In The Twilight Heather C Kutyba
L049673 2011 Gelding A Nite To Remember A Dream Remembered Glow Chippin Faren L Anderson
L122633 2017 Gelding A Notable Exception Kid Coolsified One Exceptional Miss Sandra Lynn Morgan
L074859 2010 Gelding A One Nite Stand Lousianasaturdaynite Misty Blue Legend Mackenzie Njoo
L101819 2003 Mare A Paige In Time Snowford Bellman Athena Emma Lynda MacDonnell 9.91001E+14
L073929 2004 Mare A Paris Odyssey A Chocolate Odyssey Ima Fancy Dreamgirl Angela M Basso
L003073 2010 Mare A Passing Cloud Inpassable Bonanza Classy Cloud Amber Keller
L117922 2022 Mare A Peace Of Cake Peace Out Man Galan's Gold Lisa Shockley
L045730 2012 Mare A Peach For Certain Certain Potential Peach Of A Time Pathway Quarter Horses LLP
L068634 2016 Gelding A Perfect Compromise Never Compromise Whisper Flashy To Me Christopher Mark Stassi
L054402 2015 Mare A Perfect Cowgirl Original Cowboy/The Original Cowboy Shez Pleasure Made Simons Show Horses LLC
L052873 2015 Gelding A Perfect Detail The Next Detail A Perfect Game Ainsley Pick
L003401 2010 Gelding A Perfect Exodus The Exodus Bay Lady Smooth Jennifer Richards
L068111 2018 Mare A Perfect Invite A Winning Invitation Perfection Shannon R Fisher
L067746 2018 Mare A Platinum Affair Im A Platinum Dream Huntin Devine Grace Beverly Gudakunst
L076132 2020 Mare A Platinum Beauty Im A Platinum Dream WW Shes Certain Matthew Hagee
L071572 2019 Mare A Platinum Brand Riginal Cinch Brand Certainty Platinum Jamie Lynne Falk
L071560 2019 Gelding A Platinum Express Im A Platinum Dream Wild Gypsy Soule Wendy Lea Pharo
L067738 2018 Gelding A Platinum Image Im A Platinum Dream Aviva For Certain Sonya King
L076131 2020 Gelding A Platinum Legacy Im A Platinum Dream Sucessful Lady Kenny Hoffman
L071565 2019 Stallion A Platinum Patriot Im A Platinum Dream Wild Gypsy Soule Dale Livingston
L005661 2006 A Platinum Pine Vested Pine Im Platinum Gold MELANIE DERKSON
L067731 2018 Mare A Platinum Princess Im A Platinum Dream Aviva For Certain Matthew Hagee
L004617 2011 Mare A Platinum Sensation Zippos Sensation Paint Me N Invitation Katherine A. Demeyer-Callaway
L051130 2014 Mare A Platinum Touch Im A Platinum Dream Zippos Petite Lady Magnuson Farm LLC
L071568 2019 Mare A Platinum Vision Im A Platinum Dream Aviva For Certain Matthew Hagee
L105120 2017 Gelding A Pleasant Dream A Dream Remembered Pleasant D'Or Dalton Hauser
L002683 2009 Mare A Pleasure Kruze One Hot Krymsun Pleasure N Passion Rebecca Bailey Janna Imrie
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