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ID Foal Year Sex Name Sire Dam Current Owner Microchip Height
L128911 2020 Stallion A Good Krymsun Thing Its A Southern Thing Good Hot Krymluv Silke Helmsauer
L044045 2011 Gelding A Good Luck Kiss Certain Potential Good Luck Girl Janis Simmons
L003733 2005 Mare A Good Madam A Good Machine Docs Arizona Pine Rayha J King
L060326 2014 Gelding A Good Made Machine CR Good Machine Dont Skip My Goodies Kaitlyn Ferguson
L068271 2018 Mare A Good Mai Tai Good Bar Rising Diversified Investin Molly Warnick
L072647 2019 Stallion A Good Martini The Best Martini Im Too Good For You Megan Avidano
L070655 2016 Gelding A Good Mechanic Mechanic This Is Good Sherri Rossmiller
L029792 2012 Mare A Good Muse Zippos Mr Good Bar Good Invested Miss Janel M Faust
L028000 2008 Mare A Good N Hot Machine A Good Machine Hot N Tempting Jesse Robinson
L005492 2006 A Good N Plenty Macs Good N Plenty Ima Pleasure To Zip Kim/Brian Brandriet
L128787 2011 Mare A Good OHK Krymsun One Hot Krymsun Good N Lacey Ann H Roberts
L044046 2009 Stallion A Good Old Machine A Good Machine A Special Old Gold Mark and Donna Keith
L027815 2010 Gelding A Good Order Presidential Order Four Socks Only Benjamin G Hirschfeld
L073425 2019 Gelding A Good Parkin Pass Pass The Legacy On Your Good Machine Tom and/or Gail Craun
L029793 2006 Mare A Good Peach Zippos Mr Good Bar Assets Peaches William/Tina Kaven
L058145 2016 Mare A Good Raya Sunshine Its A Zippo Good Bar Yur A Daisy If U Do Cassandra Hollingsworth
L071752 2015 Mare A Good Reason Lazy Loper Zipped In Time Laurie E Peterson
L046121 2011 Mare A Good Romancer The Good Ranger Invitemeforromance Heidi Seaverns
L062541 2017 Stallion A Good Sangria 17 Kissin The Girls A Good Sangria Christine & Charles R Parr
L029794 2006 Stallion A Good Scotch Zippos Mr Good Bar Sheza Scotch Delight Tammy Thompson Dyer
L029795 2005 Stallion A Good Smooth Scotch Good Asset True Timin Emma Kristina K Pratt
L064064 2017 Mare A Good Sudden Kiss Kissin The Girls Shes Hottroddin Good Michelle Lucas
L044047 2011 Mare A Good Sunset One Hot Invitation A Good Sunrise Terry Robinson
L003728 2008 Gelding A Good Swagger A Good Machine Sensational Sara Mack Show Horses Inc
L112884 2021 Mare A Good Tan Line The Offshore Account Elegant Goods Sarah Johnson Koning
L104232 2013 Mare A Good Time Mr Good And Plenty Skip N Te Air Force Nancy Hanning
L004613 2009 Gelding A Good Time Casanova A Good Machine Sweet Talkin Kate Kay Spicer Onofre
L128222 2011 Gelding A Good Time Guy A Good Machine The Vesters Lady Grace Heintschel
L082657 2020 Stallion A Good Time Impulse MDR Impulsified/Impulsified Takearideonmymachine Stephanie L Plote
L108160 2020 Mare A Good Time Lopin Lopin My Best Good Time To Tiger Kathryn A Sneed
L000729 2003 Gelding A Good Time Machine A Good Machine Little Bit O Miss Pamela G Harrison
L060076 2012 Gelding A Good Time To Win Its Oh So Good Sweet Spice Chic Sheldon W Soderberg
L064033 2017 Stallion A Good Tuff Version Gotta Get Tuff Shes Money Verson George/Carolyn Meyer
L063484 2017 Mare A Good Willen Women Red White N Good Willbezippin Don Willen
L059866 2016 Mare A Good Woman Keeping It Good Luxurious Goods Robin Ward
L053882 2015 Stallion A Good Work Of Art Good Terms Art I Sublime Kristi Hartzell
L068640 2009 Gelding A Good Zippin Scotch A Good Zippo She Sells Sea Shells Mary Ellen Stassi
L029796 2009 Mare A Goodbar For Izzy Zippos Mr Good Bar A Script Of Gold Mark/Cinda Meyer
L125214 2020 Gelding A Goodbar To Stoppin Heart Stoppin/VQH Heart Stoppin Agoodbartotreasure Andrea Kengis Foss
L004614 2011 Mare A Goodiva Machine A Good Machine Investina Paulette R Christen
L066517 2015 Gelding A GoodTime Flatline VS Flatline GOOD TIME ZIPPO JO Beverly K Baker
L107078 2021 Stallion A Goodtime Loper Lazy Loper Onlygoodtilmidnight Fritz Leeman
L029797 2005 Mare A Gorgeous Invitation Special Invitation Paint Me Gorgeous Jennifer Huizenga
L052211 2014 Mare A Graceful Gift The Gift Of Midas Fancy An Investment Christine Ann Gentile
L029798 2006 Stallion A Graceful Minute Do You Have A Minute Naturally Grays Full Leah Longhouse
L046387 2013 Gelding A Grammy Invitation Vested Pine Dottie Do Right Curtis or Priscilla Barnes or Cedar Springs Farm
L083273 2014 Gelding A Grand Gesture Rio Ricardo Espe Angel Romano 9.85112E+14
L000389 2005 Mare A Grand Slam Player Leaguers Grand Slam A Classy Pine Jim Dudley
L098839 2014 Gelding A Gray To Envy Make My Grey Envy My Potential Sheri Turnbow
L111088 2012 Gelding A Gunnin Affair Hes A Loaded Gun Jesses Affair Leslie R Kalbach
L070204 2019 Stallion A Hashtag Living Living Large Gracious N Fabulous Living Large LLC
L029799 2007 Stallion A Hawkeye Invitation Invitation Only Sonny Hawkette Jacque Murphy
L099184 2019 Mare A Heart Like Hers Mechanic Brown Eyed Bay Grace Layne Ranch LLC
L119686 2021 Gelding A Heartache Tonight Heart Stoppin/VQH Heart Stoppin Miss Savannah Lace Karma Equine LLC
L050566 2009 Mare A Heavenly Impulse Zips Heaven Sent Red Dee For My Heart Kenna Slater
L112924 2021 Gelding A Heavenly Martini The Best Martini Sheza Bradys Angel Kaitlyn Schols
L053179 2013 Mare A Helluva Good Ride Good I Will Be A Fancy Honor Scott and Kristie Lundgren
L052358 2014 Mare A Hidden Agenda Hot N Blazing Assets Agenda Jerry/Vickie Strickland
L127519 2022 Mare A High Stakes Game The Gamechanger Diva In A Blue Dress Nicole Marie Robosson
L027513 2012 Gelding A Higher Calling Skys Blue Boy Buck Nay Kid Courtney Billingsley
L029800 2007 Mare A Higher Force Natural Iron Highland Falls Savannah Hauer
L002982 2008 Gelding A Hocus In Time Hocus Pocus Hotrod Peach Of A Time Kelsey Gonzales
L108846 2018 Gelding A Hollywoodvalentine Mckinnon Hollywood Cody Tilly Jayla Smith
L051646 2014 Gelding A Hop Skip N A Lope Lazy Loper Skippen With Scotch Julie J Baker
L003283 2010 Mare A Hope And A Lope Lazy Loper Sassy Bar Skipette Julie A Chamberlain
L067989 2018 Gelding A Horsed Named Benny Kissin The Girls IMPULSIVE VICTORY Carrie G Riley
L001010 2005 Gelding A Hot Affair Hot N Blazing Artful Affair Lisa Luperini
L000390 2007 Stallion A Hot Bear Affair A Bear Spirit Jesse Lace Socks Boynton Farms
L051313 2014 Gelding A Hot Bet Blazing Hot Miss Surely Bars Stacy L Crawford
L029801 2007 Mare A Hot Blazing Lady Hot N Blazing Crystal Affair Steven and Susan Thompson
L043813 2010 Gelding A Hot Diggity Sound Hot Diggity Joe Mystical Sound Danielle Zaccheo
L109933 2021 Mare A Hot Good Nite Mr Zippos Good Bar Heat Of The Nite Lara N Simmons
L106721 2021 Stallion A Hot Good Time All Time Fancy Red Hot Dorsey Brandy R Rumford
L029802 2011 Mare A Hot Illusion Blazing Hot A Certain Illusion Michael & Barbara Hershberger
L074392 2018 Stallion A Hot Lenox Order Presidential Order Bee So Tempting Bo Pruitt
L044048 2011 Gelding A Hot Lopin Machine A Good Machine Hot Lopin Louise Brooke Mekomi Garcia
L073284 2015 Gelding A Hot Lopin Moonlite Only In The Moonlite Simply Hot And Slow Lesa L Morris
L044049 2009 Mare A Hot Melody Born To Be Blazing A Radical Melody Robbie/Joan Schroeder
L073160 2014 Mare A Hot Summer Detail Just Like Detail Summer Born Hot Beverly M Stewart
L052756 2015 Stallion A Hot Tadee Hot Impulse BV Movin My Assets McNair Farm LLC
L029803 2012 Mare A Hot Tequila Kiss Hot Impulse Ima Cool Magic Star McNair Farm LLC
L120484 2021 Mare A Hot Time In Paris Wait A Darn Minute Ms Hot N Blazing Jillian Smith
L067818 2018 Stallion A Hot Transaction One Hot Krymsun Good Transaction Mary Iris Webre
L050571 2010 Gelding A Hot Vodka One Hot Vodka Bobcat Fever Jessica S Wyrosdick
L029804 2006 Gelding A Hot Young Ranger Openrange Young N Hot Maria P Tracy
L000595 2008 Mare A Hotrod Heart Radical Rodder Ease Alee Addicting Jane Cryderman
L005528 2005 A HOTROD INVESTMENT Investment Terms Bobbies Hotrodder CYNTHIA/JAMES F ROSBOROUGH
L000087 2007 Gelding A Hotrod Sensation Hotroddin Zippo Ima Bear Lee Movin Mackenzie Boone
L003551 2010 Mare A Hotrodderforjoe Radical Rodder Goodbye Norma Jean Dr Joni J Hegel
L029805 2011 Mare A Hotroddin Swayz Hot Impulse JR Fancy Can Zip McNair Farm LLC
L002505 2009 Stallion A Hotroddin Thriller Hotroddin Zippo My Favorite Hotrod Olivia Hoecker
L004615 2010 Gelding A Hug For Walter Potential Career Hug Me Zippo Kim Kaase
L029806 2006 Stallion A Hunk Of Potential Chipin Zmpressa Potential Preston's Creek Perf Horse Inc
L029807 2007 Stallion A Huntin Machine Huntin For Chocolate Lovin Machine Janice Clevenger
L083482 2020 Mare A Infamous Cowgirl Goodcowboymargarita I Iota Be Famous Mary Iris Webre
L029808 2012 Stallion A Jellybean Impulse A Scenic Impulse Sensational Lollipop Debi D or Loren G East
L051219 2014 Gelding A Joyful Gift The Gift Of Midas Joy To The Lark Elizabeth Herzberg
L000633 2007 Mare A Joyful Sensation The Big Sensation CL Im Never Lonsum Regan Baumgarner
L073469 2019 Mare A Joyful Thing Its A Southern Thing Vitalism David Shane & Darla Leavell
L029809 2010 Mare A Juicy Love Affair Zippos Mr Good Bar The Good Kind Dawn York
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