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ID Foal Year Sex Name Sire Dam Current Owner Microchip Height
L049673 2011 Gelding A Nite To Remember A Dream Remembered Glow Chippin Faren L Anderson
L122633 2017 Gelding A Notable Exception Kid Coolsified One Exceptional Miss Sandra Lynn Morgan
L074859 2010 Gelding A One Nite Stand Lousianasaturdaynite Misty Blue Legend Mackenzie Njoo
L101819 2003 Mare A Paige In Time Snowford Bellman Athena Emma Lynda MacDonnell 991001002433764
L073929 2004 Mare A Paris Odyssey A Chocolate Odyssey Ima Fancy Dreamgirl Angela M Basso
L003073 2010 Mare A Passing Cloud Inpassable Bonanza Classy Cloud Amber Keller
L117922 2021 Mare A Peace Of Cake/Peace Love And Cake Peace Out Man Galan's Gold Bright Futurity Horses LLC
L045730 2012 Mare A Peach For Certain Certain Potential Peach Of A Time Pathway Quarter Horses LLP
L068634 2016 Gelding A Perfect Compromise Never Compromise Whisper Flashy To Me Christopher Mark Stassi
L052873 2015 Gelding A Perfect Detail The Next Detail A Perfect Game Ainsley Pick
L003401 2010 Gelding A Perfect Exodus The Exodus Bay Lady Smooth Jennifer Richards
L068111 2018 Mare A Perfect Invite A Winning Invitation Perfection Shannon R Fisher
L067746 2018 Mare A Platinum Affair Im A Platinum Dream Huntin Devine Grace Beverly Gudakunst
L076132 2020 Mare A Platinum Beauty Im A Platinum Dream WW Shes Certain Matthew Hagee
L071572 2019 Mare A Platinum Brand Riginal Cinch Brand Certainty Platinum Jamie Lynne Falk
L071560 2019 Gelding A Platinum Express Im A Platinum Dream Wild Gypsy Soule Wendy Lea Pharo
L067738 2018 Gelding A Platinum Image Im A Platinum Dream Aviva For Certain Sonya King
L076219 2020 Gelding A Platinum Impulse Im A Platinum Dream Absolute Impulse Susan Renee Phillips
L076131 2020 Gelding A Platinum Legacy Im A Platinum Dream Sucessful Lady Kenny Hoffman
L071565 2019 Stallion A Platinum Patriot Im A Platinum Dream Wild Gypsy Soule Dale Livingston
L005661 2006 A Platinum Pine Vested Pine Im Platinum Gold MELANIE DERKSON
L067731 2018 Mare A Platinum Princess Im A Platinum Dream Aviva For Certain Matthew Hagee
L004617 2011 Mare A Platinum Sensation Zippos Sensation Paint Me N Invitation Katherine A. Demeyer-Callaway
L051130 2014 Mare A Platinum Touch Im A Platinum Dream Zippos Petite Lady Magnuson Farm LLC
L071568 2019 Mare A Platinum Vision Im A Platinum Dream Aviva For Certain Matthew Hagee
L105120 2017 Gelding A Pleasant Dream A Dream Remembered Pleasant D'Or Dalton Hauser
L002683 2009 Mare A Pleasure Kruze One Hot Krymsun Pleasure N Passion Rebecca Bailey Janna Imrie
L029835 2007 Stallion A Portrait in Black Arts Self Portrait KCS Lady Intimidator Caroline French-Campbell
L029836 2006 Mare A Potential Flower Potential Investment Docs Tiffany Flower Dr Roland Wohlin
L064323 2017 Mare A Potential Mechanic Mechanic Potential Diamond Marcia Kurcz
L029837 2006 Stallion A Presidential Rolex Zippos Gold Rolex Invested Preference Richard/Charlen McBride
L059768 2015 Gelding A Presidential Veto Presidential Order Touch Of Tuffy Kim &/or Nadine Hibdon
L078786 2020 Mare A Pretty Goodride VS Goodride Prettiest Image Yet Simons Show Horses LLC
L086906 0 Gelding A Pretty Nice Guy Pretty O K O Ima City Girl Margaret Hernandez
L064991 2017 Mare A Pretty Penney A Winning Invitation Shes Got Good Range Helmut F Lekschas
L073539 2017 Mare A Pretty Pink Escape The Only Escape Pretty In Hot Pink Rebecca Kopping
L000335 2007 Mare A Pretty Sensation Zippos Sensation Prettiest Image Yet Joseph F Mizzi
L062955 2017 Mare A Prima Diva RL Best Of Sudden Krymsun Diva Jean Paul Cleroux
L029838 2006 Mare A Principle Source Consider His Source Fistfula Principle Elizabeth Mason
L079052 2005 Gelding A Propos Artemis Bali Elizabeth Weschler 967000009587523
L089792 2000 Gelding A Propos Rubens Du Ri D'Asse Hekla Van Bellet Kathryn Elizabeth Dozier 981100000566309
L003647 2011 Mare A Radical Barbie Radical Rodder Sweet Talkin Barbie Katherine K Tobin
L000208 2007 Mare A Radical Career Potential Career So Radical Kenneth & Marilyn Masterson
L046822 2013 Mare A Radical Diamond/Diamonds RR Forever Radical Rodder Diamonds And Denim Diane Chilton-Harper
L054679 2015 Stallion A Radical Hobby Radical Rodder An Ultimate Hobby Alvin E and Susan S Ott
L044052 2010 Mare A Radical Invite Radical Rodder Invite Me Or Bite Me John S Narmont
L059133 2016 Mare A Radical Lady Wins A Winning Invitation Radical Ladies Only Dianne Whitehouse
L001897 2008 Gelding A Radical Machine A Good Machine Ms Radical Rita Joyce A Howard
L056063 2015 Stallion A Radical Moonlite Only In The Moonlite Valuable Radical Pamela K Russell
L029839 2006 Stallion A Radical Party Talk Of The Party A Radical Good Buy Sue Fisher
L046249 2012 Mare A Radical Sleep Too Sleepy To Zip Branded Radical Maggie Bowers
L126036 2022 Stallion A Radical Southerner Its A Southern Thing Radical Zippette Seaside Farm LP
L052792 2015 Stallion A Radical Suggestion Open For Suggestion Branded Radical Steven Corkum/Amy Walls
L004618 2012 Stallion A Rage In Good Time Ziprageous Good Timin Lucinda Kelley Martin
L029840 2008 Mare A Raging Difference Ziprageous A Different Glow Elizabeth A Knabenshue
L133247 2023 Mare A Real Chrome Run When In Chrome A Vegas Call Girl/Its Vegas Baby Kelly Lear-Mancinelli
L051726 2014 Stallion A Real Code Red VS Code Red Real Sensations Satin Don Myran
L085234 2017 Mare A Real Creation Im Gods Creation Real Sensations Satin Sheila M Beckett
L079188 2020 Gelding A Real Good Investor Blazing Impulsive Ms Vested Good Bar Bonnie Quance
L134329 2023 Gelding A Real Good Sign A Real Code Red A Facebook Babe Sarah Ryan
L051718 2014 Mare A Real Hot Deal Joses Real Deal Hugging A Hotrod Linda L Smit
L133383 2023 Stallion A Real No Doubter No Doubt Im Lazy Flirtin For Real Tamara A Kendrick
L029841 2007 Gelding A Really Hot Krymsun Blazing Hot Reallynoluckneeded Herb Best
L057495 2016 Gelding A Red Hot Impression Good Bar Rising Red Hot Jag Karen Tarbutton
L076044 2020 Mare A Red Hot Machine Machine Made Red Hot Promotion Alexandra Collin
L129958 2021 Gelding A Regal Invitation Dial My Hotline Savannahs Invitation Paige Nicole Fiume
L065157 2017 Gelding A Regal Ride Lifes A Ride Regal Mariah Olivia Baugh
L125785 2021 Mare A Rio Code Red A Real Code Red Scenic Rio Look Julie & Dave Evenson
L128870 2020 Mare A Rio Pandemic Scenic Rio Krymsun Real Impeccable Ashlynn S Ruppel
L029111 2012 Gelding A Rising Sensation The Big Sensation Company Time Chandra Janelle Hildebrand
L029842 2006 Stallion A Risky Pass The Ultimate Pass Risky Hotrodder Diane S Hubbard
L053860 2015 Mare A RL Machine RL Best Of Sudden Sweet Talkin Machine Superior Care Management LLC
L048026 2013 Gelding A Roan At The Bar Its A Zippo Good Bar Lopen For Ransom Angela Marshall
L002674 2009 Gelding A Rockin Radical Radical Rodder Seven S Semi Sweet Sally Bannon
L058040 2015 Mare A Romantic Frosty A Romantic Mister Ribbons Reddi Fox Ranch
L005707 2005 A ROSE FOR CERTAIN Certain Potential Pine Valley Rose Tim/Lou Petty
L052246 2001 Gelding A Royal Leaguer A Major Leaguer Hopeforroyalty Jana Christeen Barnett
L029843 2005 Mare A Royal Nite Nite Chip Pros Royal Velvet Stanley or Susan Scott LLC
L055976 2015 Mare A Royal Suggestion Open For Suggestion A Passing Fancy Kim Basterrechea
L029844 2006 Mare A Ruby In Time Do You Have A Minute A Nu Twista Riker Ann Lapacinski
L060108 2014 Mare A Rush Of Adrenaline VS Flatline IMA BAD INVESTMENT@ Garry Surratt
L130237 2022 Mare A Safe Bet Thebestbetyet I Am The Won Lesley Holland or James Scott Holland
L001414 2008 Mare A Sassy Classy Sweet Talkin Chip A Classy Pine Sherry Kern
L000517 2007 Mare A Sassy Krymsun One Hot Krymsun Sassy Topnotch Haden Garrett
L132572 2023 Gelding A Scene Stealer A Scenic Impulse My Investments R Good Brooke A Ketchum
L078609 2020 Mare A Scenesation A Scenic Impulse Complete Sensation Lisa Waltrip
L058105 2015 Mare A Scenic Heartbreaker A Scenic Impulse Paint Me N Invitation Lisa Clawson
L049458 2013 Mare A Scenic Imprint A Scenic Impulse Impressionable Gun Diana L Stubbs
L052482 2014 Gelding A Scenic Investment Scenic Rio Krymsun Vested Ebony Kelly Thommes
L004619 2011 Gelding A Scenic Irishman A Scenic Impulse JM Investers Candy Julia E Pezold
L129229 2020 Gelding A Scenic Payday A Scenic Impulse Sensational Lollipop Debi D or Loren G East
L047782 2013 Stallion A Scenic Ride A Scenic Impulse A Sensational Zippo Michele Martindale
L055036 2015 Mare A Scenic Temptation A Scenic Impulse A Sensational Zippo Stanley or Susan Scott LLC
L063120 2017 Gelding A Secret Love RL Best Of Sudden Shesa Cookie Leaguer Stumpf Stables LLC
L069740 2018 Mare A Sensational Cowgirl Original Cowboy/The Original Cowboy Sensationally Meredith Sands
L029845 2010 Mare A Sensational Dream Zippos Sensation Barpassers Gal Stanley or Susan Scott LLC
L029846 2005 Gelding A Sensational Hotshot Zippos Sensation Modern Hotshot Joseph and Susan Peed
L123393 2021 Mare A Sensational Luvah Lazy Luvah Miss Millenium Zippo Michele M Mertz-Terry
L064190 2017 Mare A Sensational Paint A Scenic Impulse A Sensational Zippo Kristen Seddon
L055037 2015 Gelding A Sensational Ride A Scenic Impulse A Sensational Zippo Mallory M Vroegh
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