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ID Foal Year Sex Name Sire Dam Current Owner Microchip Height
L122058 2021 Mare A Double Dose Oflazy Willys Flatlinen No Doubt About Her Barbie Stanley
L069695 2018 Gelding A Dream Edgednblack Chips Black Rodder Sonnys Angelic Dream Jim & Sandra Bledsoe
L134781 2018 Gelding A Dream Of Jeannie Born To Be Blazing Jeannie In A Bottle Finja Hoerich
L071135 2019 Mare A Dream To Ride VS Goodride Remember Im Hot Pam Costa
L072373 2019 Gelding A Dry Martini The Best Martini Zip Skip And Strut Susan Miner
L029774 2005 Stallion A Dynamic Asset Pure Dynamic A Fancy Asset Susan L Watkins
L044042 2010 Stallion A Dynamic Invite The Invitation Dynamic Fascination Stanley or Susan Scott LLC
L029775 2007 Stallion A Dynamic Machine A Good Machine Passin Deluxe Robin E Liebe
L001923 2002 Gelding A Dynamic Minute Do You Have A Minute A Dynamic Lover Jackie Perry
L057420 2013 Gelding A Dynamite Lover Man O Love Promise QS Timberly Palumbo-Turner
L065904 2017 Mare A Fabulous Felon Ultimately Fabulous Suddenly Behind Bars Kaia Bowden
L132750 2018 Gelding A Fabulous Knight Ultimately Fabulous Divit On The Green Eleanor Holman
L067322 2018 Mare A Fabulous Scandal Ultimately Fabulous Suddenly Behind Bars Kaia Bowden
L067181 2018 Stallion A Fabulous Sensation Ultimately Fabulous Red Classy Sensation Branson Buckalew
L029776 2008 Mare A Fabuluken Lady Fabuluke Whoopi Me Lauren Calhoun Smith
L005427 2006 A FAIRY TAIL Coats N Tails Tasha Special Tea Amy Wollowick
L066638 2018 Gelding A Faithful Machine Machine Made Faith In This Chip Josh Schulz/Amanda Wiemken
L005428 2006 A Famous Sensation Zippos Sensation Pass To Fame Isabella Applegarth
L078239 2018 Mare A Fancy Affair Almost Too Fancy Mrwasitgoodforyou Christina Guilfoil
L000777 2007 Mare A Fancy Franchise Openrange Principles Fancy Mac Karen L Heffernan
L000027 2007 Mare A Fancy Honor Signature Of Honor A Rare Fancy Dr April L Speyer
L062891 2017 Gelding A Fancy Martini The Best Martini A Fancy Honor Robin Allen
L000756 2004 Gelding A Fancy Ryder Potential Investment A Fancy Asset Nancy A Keegan & Donald Voelte
L005435 2006 A Fancy Scotch The Ultimate Fancy Slipper A Scotch Suzanne D Couch
L029626 2010 Mare A Fancy Signature Signature Of Honor A Run For My Money Christine Ann Bivens
L060033 2016 Mare A Fancy Signature All Time Fancy SIGNATURE PERFORMANCE Tamara S Takao
L003449 2010 Gelding A Fancy Ultimatum The Ultimate Fancy Skip So Slightly Caitlin Dunsmore Miller
L130469 2023 Mare A Favored Legacy Favored By All Zipposgoodinvitation Stanley Patton
L055091 2015 Mare A Favorite Cookie RL Best Of Sudden A Good Cookie Michelle B Favorite
L065143 2009 Mare A Fax Machine A Good Machine Fax Me A Choice Carly Forest
L002720 2008 Mare A Few Extra Goods Zippos Mr Good Bar Simple Expectations John S &/or Sondra J Narmont
L029777 2007 Stallion A Filthy Invitation The Invitation Carol Ann Dandy Garcia Quarter Horses
L119647 2021 Stallion A Fine Line Ziplining Deloway Grand Straw Dr Ted Zajac III
L029778 2006 Mare A Fine Yellow Rose Consider His Source Zips Fine Red Rose Nicole Mummah
L051363 2014 Mare A First Class Ride Hands Of A Hero Heidi Hunter Jessica Fale
L122461 2021 Mare A Flash In The Nite Nite Moves RL Molly Mae Flash Carol Kraus Russell
L005447 2007 Gelding A Flashy Invitation Hes Invited To Zip Flash Of A Lady Kaitlyn Bloom
L029779 2006 Stallion A Flashy Machine A Good Machine A Flashy Sermon Jess/Maureen Herd
L120735 2021 Mare A Fling In The South Its A Southern Thing Not So Sudden Gumz Farms Quarter Horses LLC
L029780 2005 Stallion A Fluid Invitation Invitation Only Fluidity Cindy Dunham
L029781 2008 Mare A Foolish Impulse MDR Impulsive One Hundred Assets Joseph and Susan Peed
L063622 2017 Gelding A Foolish Suggestion Open For Suggestion Pretty N Principled Kathy A Martino
L029782 2005 Mare A Fools Hotrod Hotroddin Zippo MWS Flashed N Gold Moira L Murty
L132568 2023 Mare A Freckle Wild Makin Me Willy Wild Slow Low And Lazy Debra L Trubee
L061707 2016 Gelding A Freckled Martini The Best Martini Ima Chunky Chip Susan B Harrill
L126059 2022 Gelding A Free Agent Batt Man A Certain Illusion Lane Kail
L123503 2017 Mare A Frosted Cowgirl Reggae Cowboy RCA Zip Tease Kimberly Dees
L027996 2005 Gelding A Frosty Touch Frosty The Goodbar Big Guys Maggie Jeanne Best
L127511 2020 Gelding A Gals Dream Magnum Chic Dream Watchitgalsgottagun Josette Kain
L051747 2014 Stallion A Gamblin Man Allocate Your Assets Playing Hearts Randal L Menscer
L070900 2019 Stallion A Game Of Roans Kissin The Girls Dont Skip This Award Mary P Ingerson
L126309 2014 Gelding A Gator Lurking Alota Gator Bait Regals Surprise Rebecca Ayotte and Elaine Haw
L029783 2006 Mare A Gem Of A Investment Arizona Investment Pets Break Randy Brinkley
L059811 2016 Gelding A General Consensus VS Code Red Ima Shady Amiga Kenneth or Laina Banks
L082065 2020 Gelding A Gentlemans Honor Signature of Honor Movin To Blue Skies Laurel Raffan
L062193 2017 Stallion A Gentlemens Legecy The Gentlemens Club Hidalgo Legacy Ellen Jost
L075980 2019 Gelding A Gentlmans Style A Winning Invitation KM Sweet Talkin Bo Sarah Bednar
L029784 2005 Stallion A Genuine Joe Zippos Shadow Watch Pepper Jo Jackie Annie M Craig
L072321 2019 Stallion A Ghost Machine A Good Machine Suddenly Easytoamble Jane Backes
L027789 2012 Mare A Gift For All The Gift Of Midas All Time Charisma Tracey Hehr
L001614 2008 Stallion A Gift Of Gold A Good Machine Bar Lights Lady Billie J Snip
L129089 2022 Mare A Gift Of Principles The Best Principles Willy A Diamond William or Karleen Best
L000516 2000 Mare A Gift So Good Zippos Mr Good Bar Burning Iron Tally A Collins
L072502 2015 Gelding A Gift So Good The Gift Of Midas No Rise Meredith Cluse
L061304 2017 Mare A Gift So Lazy Lazy Loper A Gift So Good Lauren Marie Wilson
L029785 2006 Mare A Gifted Detail Last Detail Fancey Gift Larry or Linda Whitaker
L044043 2009 Mare A Girl Like Me Blazing Hot Good Luck Girl Tiffani Dianna MacDonald
L048251 2013 Mare A Girl Like Me Charlie Hilfiger All For It Bauer & Gooding Show Horses
L058773 2011 Mare A Girl Named Charlie Charlie Hilfiger Aint She The Zip Patricia A Wagner
L130328 2022 Mare A Girl With Goals Good N Gold Mechanic My Sacred Zippo Carissa McGregor
L071239 2019 Mare A Glamorous Life No Doubt Im Lazy Life Is A Breeze Susan W Simms
L125966 2015 Mare A Glorious Nite Gunners Special Nite/Colonels Nite Special Glory B Whiz Casey L McCoy
L052296 2014 Mare A Glowin Dream A Dream Remembered Docs Glowin Asset Dana M Chapman
L068110 2018 Mare A Goddess Among Us What Matters Most Yourbluemightbegray Mark D Llewellyn
L065325 2012 Gelding A Gold Machine A Good Machine Zip Me Breathless Debora Jones-Young
L029786 2005 Mare A Golden Glance Zippos Old Gold DDS Inviting Glance Riverside Ranch/Cindy McCraw
L029787 2006 Mare A Golden Invitation Special Invitation Paint Me Gorgeous Jennifer Huizenga
L066763 2018 Mare A Golden Machine Machine Made Ima Golden Pleasure Wendy Taylor
L000388 2007 Gelding A Golden Oppurnity Zippos Old Gold Im A Neimans Girl Riverside Ranch/Cindy McCraw
L128209 2018 Gelding A Goldigging Machine The Lopin Machine Aintsaynshzagoldiger Sarah Hodgson
L126897 2022 Gelding A Good Amigo Good I Will Be A Certain Amiga Karma Equine LLC
L068269 2018 Mare A Good Bahama Mama Good Bar Rising Bobby Jo Pine Chexs David James
L003282 2010 Gelding A Good Bar Roan Ima Zippo Good Bar Grand Canyon Girl Cindy Howard
L077394 2020 Mare A Good Bit Southern Its A Southern Thing Cotton Pickin Good Trisha Heuser
L005473 2006 A GOOD BLUE BLAZER Blazing Hot Shes Good And Hot Scott Sherman
L001413 2008 Stallion A Good Cajun A Good Machine Smooth Talkin Cajun Robbie/Joan Schroeder
L005476 2005 A GOOD CALL Zippos Mr Good Bar Fancy China Kassi Williams Hoxmeier
L027728 2012 Mare A Good Call Girl Good I Will Be Girls Call The Shots Rodger L Call
L062143 2015 Gelding A Good Cash Deal Zippos Blue Goose Trulee Take A Look Chris Abrahamsen
L005477 2009 Mare A Good Celebration A Good Machine Customizedandnvested Lauren Danielson
L125491 2011 Gelding A Good Chevy OHK Krymsun Zip Shehasgoodprinciples Julie Hudson
L029788 2008 Stallion A Good Chex The Good Ranger A Chex By Holly J.R. Reichert
L134113 2020 Gelding A Good Code To Keep VS Code Red R U Good Like Me Gerald or Brenda Mansur
L005479 2007 Mare A Good Cookie Zippos Mr Good Bar One Classic Chip Bussing Performance Horses LLC
L027420 2001 Gelding A Good Decision Zippos Mr Good Bar Sheza Easy Decision Killian Leigh Mullen
L120199 2020 Gelding A Good Dream Alright A Dream Remembered Cant You See Im Good April Andrews-Sanford
L063125 2017 Stallion A Good Dreamer A Dream Remembered Sweet Talkin Machine Mark and Donna Keith
L005483 2000 Gelding A Good Fantasy A Good Machine Hobby Fantasy Sandy Brasier
L001625 2008 Mare A Good Fashion A Good Machine Dynamic Fashion Richard and Betty Jo Carr
L001792 2005 Mare A Good Flash A Good Machine JS Flashys Lil Lady Rebecca Marie Fazzina
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